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Thursday 09 April 2009

 What might a "Gay Brain" Mean?
Posted in: Comment  20th March 2009
"Watching TV3's 60 Minutes recently, I spotted a segment on advances in neurological imaging technology, which made me wonder..."

 "HIV still affects my life, every single day"
Posted in: Blogger Zone, HIV  20th March 2009
As HIV infection rates reach record high levels in NZ, long-time HIV+ researcher Michael Stevens says "believe me - it still sucks to get this virus."

 Bon voyage Andy Boreham!
Posted in: True Stories  19th March 2009
Wellington Proud festival co-organiser Andy Boreham is leaving NZ for a 3-month adventure in Cambodia, where he'll volunteer with Phnom Penh Pride.

 Uni's back, and so is UniQ
Posted in: Community  17th March 2009
As students are now beginning or returning to their studies, LGBT student groups around New Zealand are gearing up for another busy year of activities.

 Drama Central!
Posted in: Performance  16th March 2009
A certain city is now buzzing with fresh acting talent, as part of the Auckland Festival 2009 and beyond.

 Volunteer & Trustee Richard James
Posted in: Hall of Fame  15th March 2009
Long-time volunteer Richard James is always keen to be of assistance with a wide variety of LGBT organisations.

 Our cameras capture Sydney Mardi Gras
Posted in: Events  13th March 2009
Watch's Sydney Mardi Gras video, featuring Air New Zealand's Pink Flight landing and lots of Parade hotness!

 Scandal and Politics in New Zealand
Posted in: Comment  12th March 2009
NZ scores highly on transparency and freedom from political corruption amongst our elected representatives and officials. But we still have our scandals, writes Craig Young.

 Young gay men and eating disorders
Posted in: Living Well  12th March 2009
Are young straight women the only ones at risk from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and related conditions? No.

 Review: Amanda Palmer brings a killer show
Posted in: Music  11th March 2009
"It wasn't long before she was stripping herself down, whipping off her shirt to reveal an incredibly sexy bodice".