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Thursday 09 April 2009

 Rhubarb Rouge, Wellington's Next Top Drag Queen
Posted in: Hall of Fame  25th January 2009
Rhubarb earned herself the prestigious title of Welly's Next Top Drag Queen at The Garden Club recently. We got to know the glam girl a little better...

 "Coming out is depressing after all"
Posted in: Family Matters  17th January 2009
'An enchanted warrior' told us of his misfortune since coming out to his mum, so our panel now offers him their sage advice.

 My Vinegar Hill diary
Posted in: Events, True Stories  6th January 2009
Calum Bennachie reports back with notes and gossip from his eventful stay at the Manawatu's annual LGBT New Year's camping hotspot.

 Oh my blog!
Posted in: Community  5th January 2009
Welcome to the weird and occasionally wonderful world of LGBT blogs. A warning, though – this article may lead to serious time-wastage…

 Damned if they do, damned if they don't?
Posted in: Community  3rd January 2009
Here are the people and organisations we weren't sure how to categorise when compiling our New Year's Honours and Dishonours.

 New Year's Dishonours 2008/09
Posted in: Community  2nd January 2009
Welcome to the dark side, as we name the villians of 2008. Thankfully, it's a short list.

 New Year's GLBT Honours 2008/09
Posted in: Community  1st January 2009
We salute the folk who have done more than most in the past year to enrich and enhance our glbt lives.

 What you picked as the Best of 2008
Posted in: Community  31st December 2008
We asked our readers to choose their favourite things of the past year, and the results are in!

 Online dating: "Why I deleted myself"
Posted in: True Stories, Safe Sex  24th December 2008
The world of internet dating didn't work for James Warke, who decided to log off and attempt to meet guys the 'traditional' way...

 Jade Neale – Mr. Gay Wellington 2009
Posted in: Hall of Fame  22nd December 2008
"I really didn't expect to win, I was about to walk out in registration when I saw some of the other contestants."

 "I'm 90% sure I want to get into sex work"
Posted in: Family Matters  13th December 2008
19-year-old student Ax is considering sex work. We sought advice from a gay counselor and a coordinator at the NZ Prostitutes Collective.

 More LGBT stories join online TV archive
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, True Stories  10th December 2008
Two episodes of Maori TV's LGBT programme Takataapui join docos about well-known gay Kiwis newly added to NZ's online TV archive.

 Finding NZ's gay bars on Google's Street View
Posted in: Community  2nd December 2008
Google's new Street View guide to NZ launched today. We wondered how their photographers made our LGBT community drinking hotspots look...

 World AIDS Day: Why bother with condoms?
Posted in: Community, Safe Sex  1st December 2008
Scratch the surface of HIV prevention campaigns and you'll reveal a nagging problem.

 A cycle of persecution
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  27th November 2008
"I grew up Mormon, and to have something which formed such a large part of my early life now fighting against my rights makes me nauseous."