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Thursday 09 April 2009

 "I want more than just friendship"
Posted in: Family Matters  15th September 2007
'In Love' writes: "How do you tell someone who's a friend that you feel more for them than just friendship... without sounding like a complete twat?"

 "Should I come out?"
Posted in: Family Matters  28th August 2007
"Is there any real benefit of becoming open, given the fact that I have no need to meet more gay people and am comfortable with my life at the moment?"

 How can I tell if someone's gay?
Posted in: Family Matters  18th July 2007
A reader writes: "I live in a small town and I don't know any other gay people. How can I tell if a person is gay or not?"

 I need more than just sex
Posted in: Family Matters  3rd July 2007
“I can get sex so easily through using hook-up websites, but what I really want is a real partner I can share my life with. But I don't know how to meet him.”

 Son bullied because dad is gay
Posted in: Family Matters  13th July 2006
My 16-year old son is straight, and because I am gay he is getting bullied at a school with a homophobic headmaster which is being lazy about it.

 How do I relax my arse?
Posted in: Family Matters  8th June 2006
Martin is having difficulty relaxing during anal sex, and is relying on "a few puffs on a joint " to let things happen pleasurably.

 "Is my fiance gay?"
Posted in: Family Matters  26th May 2006
Amanda has discovered erotic pictures of teenage guys in her fiance's computer... does he have gay tendencies or is Amanda "just freaking out?"

 How could my otherwise intelligent friend get HIV?
Posted in: Family Matters  10th March 2006
Byron can't understand how an otherwise intelligent gay friend, in this day and age, could recently get HIV. He's losing respect for the guy.

 Trapped in an abusive relationship
Posted in: Family Matters  6th March 2006
Karen's young son is trapped in a violent, abusive relationship, alienated from his family. What can she do?

 Alternative wording to "Civil Union"?
Posted in: Family Matters  28th February 2006
Julie is looking for a warmer, less bureaucratic sounding alternative to "Civil Union Ceremony."

 Hairy bod problem
Posted in: Family Matters  24th December 2005
The first ever male love of Aaron's life has body hair and he finds it "rather foreign and off-putting."

 Praying for straightness
Posted in: Family Matters  10th December 2005
Luke's father wants him to attend a prayer group to turn him away from his attraction to men... Luke feels he should give it a try, for the sake of his family.

 A lover obsessed with sex with other men
Posted in: Family Matters  30th November 2005
Michael is in emotional and mental turmoil because the love of his life is obsessed with random sexual encounters with other men.

 Gay's the (insulting) word
Posted in: Family Matters  6th June 2005
Since when did "gay" become a bad word? Kids are using it all the time and now adults are using it too, notes Kerry.

 Dealing with "faggot" put-downs
Posted in: Family Matters  30th May 2005
Gareth often finds himself in homophobic environments where every second insult is 'faggot' or 'homo' which makes him really uncomfortable.