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Thursday 09 April 2009

Opinion: Pride '09 - What's with the choice of charities?

Posted in: Events
By TJ from Mount Eden - 3rd February 2009

In a letter to, TJ from Mt. Eden wonders why many Auckland Pride '09 Festival events aren't supporting local LGBT organisations:

I printed the 2009 Pride festival programme the other day and was bemused to read some of the information in it.

There are a total of 21 events listed – and more to come – BUT what is very confusing is the choice of charities or groups that events are planning on donating funds to!!

Most events aren't being run for charity – there isn't any criteria that states that events have to raise funds and it's very clear in the advertising. We all know that in reality it can be hard enough getting an event to break even let alone have some funds left over to give away. I admire anyone who gets out there and runs an event.

In fact reading the programme only 5 out of the 21 events listed have any funds being donated to charities and these are the ones I am writing about. I have a bit of a problem with Pride 09 and event planners... don't we have any charities or organisations that are crying out for funds?? Reading the programme I can only presume that Rainbow Youth, Body Positive NZ, Positive Women, The Aids Foundation, Cartier Trust, OUTLine etc are all rolling in funds and don't need a helping hand from events held during Pride 09 – the annual festival for the GLBT community.

What about Wigs on the Waterfront going to Breast Cancer Foundation – that one is kind of ironic really. I can't think why that charity was chosen. Even if it is for a personal reason it still doesn't make sense - I personally give every year to Cystic Fibrosis for family reasons but when running a function I look for a charity from within the community to benefit - it makes sense. The whole of NZ helps support the Breast Cancer Foundation but there aren't that many lining up to help out Rainbow Youth or Body Positive - SO WHY WOULD WIGS ON THE WATERFRONT CHOOSE THE BREAST CANCER FOUNDAION – it is so wrong.

How about the other 4;

Heroic Gardens – Hospice NZ – AGAIN WHY!!!!! And why have they changed from giving to the 3 groups within the GLBT community they gave to last year. It wasn't so long ago that Hospices wouldn't accept HIV+ people. I've been to the Heroic Gardens for the last three years and had a ball but I don't think I will go this year – I like the gardens but I also like the groups they support - I've bought a ticket for that reason in the past even if I couldn't get to the gardens.

Girl-Love - Giving to Positive Women (Fantastic), I'll be supporting this event.

Sceening of MILK - Giving to OUTLine NZ – again good on them.

Drag Aerobics and singalong to Mamma Mia with Buffy & Bimbo proceeds going to help the show get to Wellington well I guess that isn't so bad as long as the Wellington show raises funds for the same beneficiaries as the Auckland show did. But it is still a bit of an odd reason to raise funds as surely that is all built into the ticket sales – but hey if I can believe that it will put more funds into places of need then fine.

So in summary OUTLine and Positive Women are going to benefit from Auckland's GLBT community celebrating Pride 09 – fantastic!! I'm so glad this is a community with very little need of support. Thank you to the people and organisations who make a difference to the lives of those within the community – you are doing a grand job as no-one seems to think you need to benefit from fundraising during Pride 09.

TJ from Mount Eden - 3rd February 2009