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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 "And in just 7 days I can make you a man!"
Posted in: Features, Living Well  27th May 2008's personal trainer shares some exercise hints to help gay gym-goers tone up. Work it guys!

 Desperate Dinnerplates: Julz explodes some food myths
Posted in: Features, Living Well  9th May 2008
Fat-free snacks, carbohydrate-free meals, mega-magic vitamin supplements… Our gay fitness guru pleads: "Bring back real food!"

 A gay gal's guide to transforming your body
Posted in: Features, Living Well  22nd April 2008
Yo ladies! If your fitness and physique aspirations lean a little towards an androgynous style then this column is for you…

 Getting into shape: How to stay motivated
Posted in: Features, Living Well  7th April 2008
No more excuses!'s personal trainer has four tips to help you trick yourself into a great workout.

 Get into shape with Julz!
Posted in: Features, Living Well  24th March 2008
Summer is coming again (at the end of winter and after spring)… so get a head-start on a hotter body with our personal trainer's practical tips.

 Talk of new "Gay Disease" premature
Posted in: Living Well  6th February 2008
"Flesh-Eating Bug Spreads Among Gays" and "Experts Fear New Super-AIDS" ran headlines around the world - but what's the real story?

 The pleasure and pain of 'Aromas'
Posted in: Features, Living Well  21st November 2007
'Poppers'… 'Amyl'… 'Rush'… What are alkyl nitrites, why do gay men enjoy them, and how do you use them safely?

 Our drinking and drugging: Recreation or addiction?
Posted in: Living Well, Community  3rd July 2007
“NZ gays are chemical caners” screamed an internet headline last week, after a study showed higher use of alcohol and other drugs in our gay, lesbian and bisexual population…

 Overcoming Crystal Methamphetamine ('P') Addiction
Posted in: Living Well  21st March 2007
In a valuable book a New York doctor and addiction specialist gets into the minds of P/crystal meth users and addicts, and outlines treatment strategies.

 Syphilis: It's spreading in Wellington, its nasty, its curable
Posted in: Living Well  18th January 2007
The bad news is that syphilis is highly infectious and can lead to major health complications. The good news is that It’s curable and easy to test for.

 Checking up on your sexual health
Posted in: Living Well  15th January 2007
Turning 40, Christopher Cooke decided it was time for a full health 'Warrant of Fitness'. So it was off to his GP, dentist, dermatologist... and the Sexual Health Clinic.

 Online Dating: Pimpin' your profile
Posted in: Living Well, People  30th December 2006
When your thoughts turn to finding love… or just sex, here's some tips on how to make your dating profile more 'clickable'!

 Viagra and party drugs – a gritty ‘trial mix’
Posted in: Living Well  21st December 2006
The combination of Viagra with ‘party drugs’ like Ecstacy has overseas health officials concerned – and it’s starting to happen here.

 Facts about depression
Posted in: Living Well  6th September 2006
Have you lost interest in almost all your usual activities? Feeling down? Unhappy for no reason? Tired all the time?

Posted in: People, Living Well  31st July 2006
"There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to be a sexual or emotional person - we all have to find our own way of expressing ourselves"