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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Joseph's new cocktail-mixing contraption

Posted in: True Stories
By Matt Akersten - 5th July 2008

Oops I did it again: Joseph Herscher
We were captivated and delighted by Joseph Herscher's fantastical egg-creaming machine back in April and since then, he's been busy in his garage working on a new contraption - this time working with kiwi liquor legends 42BELOW.

After two month's work, the gay Auckland's latest contraption is now unveiled on YouTube, below.

Joseph says: "For those who don't have access to such a machine as this, here is the recipe for the drink:

- 30mls (1Oz) 42BELOW Feijoa Vodka
- Ch'i or Lemonade
- Long slice of seedless cucumber
- Ice

Cut a long thin piece of cucumber on a diagonal.
Rest it against the inside of a Highball glass.
Fill the glass with ice, add 42BELOW Feijoa.
Top with Ch'i or Lemonade."

Sounds delicious. So here is how it's madeā€¦ presenting The Falling Water, on the screen below.

Matt Akersten - 5th July 2008