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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Going krazy for Kylie!

Posted in: Music
By Matt Akersten - 5th December 2008

We've all come down with Kylie fever and must admit we don't know many people who aren't going to see the pop princess in Auckland on Monday or Tuesday.

Kylie's had a good week, wowing packed stadiums in China, and receiving a nomination for a Grammy in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category. She also released a collaboration track with Coldplay to support World AIDS Day, called (RED)WIRE – you can see the video for it here.

Thanks for the several offers we're had to review her Vector Stadium concerts for – we have that sorted, and remember we invite your Kylie sightings and comments about her show on our Forum. Also, some news journalists have asked us to find hard-core obsessed Minogue fans who can appear on TV or radio and rave about her – so if you Can't Get Her Out Of Your Head, get in touch with us please.

We rode the Kylie wave and ran a competition asking our readers to tell us IN ONE SENTENCE why they deserved to win a DVD & 2CD Ultimate Kylie pack. Most of the entries we got ignored the 'one sentence' bit and typed whole essays!

Here's some good entries:

From Vera:

I was lucky enough to see Kylie's show at the Victoria & Albert museum in London. It was fantastic and gave me a whole new respect for her work and a desire to see Kylie in a live show.

Now I have a lover who adores Kylie. We have front row tickets to the second show as we could not get up early enough for the first and thank goodness she did a second. To see her we are flying up to Auckland and staying a couple of days to really relax into the experience.

Owning these DVDs & CDs would be a fantastic momento of the occasion and one for which I would be truly grateful as I could gift them to my lover who would express her gratitude to me, so that would make me doubly grateful to you all at Gay NZ.

From Lesley:

Well.. what to say..

#1 Because she is an Aussie and I would like I was home (which would be ab fab cause I have been a bit home sick lately)

#2 Cause she is fab and sexy such the lovely gay icon

#3 Cause I work too much and it would be a real well deserved break

Anyway enough from me! Just PLEASE PLEASE pick me.

From Brandon:

Because I am a huuuuuge Kylie fan and have been since 1987.

I have stuck with her through thick and thin, I fondly recall when people thought she had stopped recording as she hadn't bothered the New Zealand chart in a few years.

She really helped me through my high school years, I would come home and play her and her music would make me feel so good.

To this day songs like Shocked, What Do I Have To Do and Step Back In Time are like old friends.

She is one of a kind, a true legend and a true friend of the gay community.

God Bless Kylie!

Congrats Vera, Lesley and Brandon. Enjoy your Kylie packs, which are in the mail today.

And while we impatiently wait for her concerts, here's what bloggers are saying is her gayest video yet. Kylie's The One is shown below – enjoy!

Matt Akersten - 5th December 2008