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Wednesday 08 April 2009

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28th March 2009   International Daily News
Melbourne's Catholic Church is planning to test potential priests for homosexuality, and turn away applicants who seem gay. The head of the Vatican committee has stated that even celibate gays... Read more

27th March 2009   International Daily News
Apple's popular iPhone has been flooded with thousands of possible applications to its users to download - some of them useful, many of them not - and now a gay... Read more

26th March 2009   International Daily News
Priscilla Queen of the Desert is "tired old showbiz camp" and "sort of stinks", according to some critics in London, where the stage show premiered this week. "It's gaudy and... Read more

25th March 2009   International Daily News
A probing interviewer for US magazine AARP has asked country music legend Dolly Parton if she and her best friend Judy Ogle are actually lesbian lovers. "We're absolutely, totally honest,... Read more

24th March 2009   International Daily News
The BBC says it has dealt "swifty and firmly" with a well-known radio DJ who mocked openly-gay singer Will Young on his radio show. Back in January, BBC Radio 1... Read more

23rd March 2009   International Daily News
Film critics are panning new British comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers, labeling the "lads' mag" film "unsexy, unstylish and unfunny". The movie shows two hapless young men who spend the night... Read more

21st March 2009   International Daily News
Two men are on trial in London after one of their ex-boyfriends was doused with kerosene and set on fire. Charlie Davies, 23, died 12 days later in hospital. His... Read more

20th March 2009   International Daily News
TV's no-nonsense Judge Judy Sheindlin has told CNN interviewer Larry King her impassioned views on California's gay marriage debate. "I was saddened by the vote," said Sheindlin of the state's... Read more

19th March 2009   International Daily News
Hollywood actress Natasha Richardson has died following a skiing accident which left her brain-dead. She was a prominent activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Richardson leaves behind her actor husband Liam Neeson... Read more

19th March 2009   International Daily News
A 14-year-old Arizona student says he's been told by his principal to stop wearing his rainbow wristband to school. Chris Quintanilla says it's the latest incident of several anti-gay experiences... Read more