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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Three poems by Leonard Foote

Posted in: NZ Writing
By Leonard Foote - 30th July 2006

A Wild Windy Night

Walking home at night
A wild wind was blowing
Coloured lights everywhere
As the moon shines above

My mind open to the wind
Feeling freely flowing
I can hear the trees
Rustling leaves busily talking

Rushing from head to toe
My soul expands ever outward
With my body ready to take fly
The unseen and I are one on
A wild windy night

Hearts Desire

On a strong foundation
A life's work is building
Slowly, steadily getting it right

From a holding of hands
To seeing a sunrise
together forever the final prize

Shey "A" Chen

Man child or woman child
In today's worldly form
MAle or female doesn't matter
Just like everyone else
Our souls cry out
One who loves one like one's self
A Shey"a"chen is born welcomes short-format writing based on the joy of being gay or lesbian, whether it be verse, essays, anecdotes or personal insights.
The format is not important, the joy is.

Email your contributions to us, acknowledging that copyright beyond the environment of remains with the author, that the work is original, and that is authorised to publish it.

Leonard Foote - 30th July 2006