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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Homophobic? Or just having fun?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  13th January 2009
What's the dividing line between joking and offence? Is it all in the eye of the beholder, or are there objective standards we can measure by?

 History: Delayed Enlightenment
Posted in: Comment  12th January 2009
Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was a gifted liberal advocate of utilitarian philosophy. He supported feminism, antislavery activism, animal rights, divorce, faith/state seperation, free trade and the abolition of corporal and capital punishment. And gay rights.

 Survivors: The End of Whose World?
Posted in: Comment  2nd January 2009
The BBC has remade Survivors, the classic 70's series that dealt with the post-apocalyptic aftermath of a devastating mutant virus.

 The Pope's comments: Why we should be worried
Posted in: Features  29th December 2008
"This bloke has a big following and the ear of many. 'God' is seen to be on the side of queer bashers and they take his word as their cue for action."

 Who is Rick Warren?
Posted in: Comment  29th December 2008
US President-elect Barack Obama has courted controversy with his choice of preacher to deliver the sermon at his augural address next month. Why?

 2009 - what's next?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  29th December 2008
After an unexpectedly eventful few weeks for LGBT equality around the world, Craig Young wonders what the new year might have in store.

 Maxim Institute: Reviving the Same-Sex Marriage Debate?
Posted in: Comment  23rd December 2008
"Just when I thought that they were heading away from social conservatism, the Maxim Institute has invited Janet Marshall to address their acolytes."

 New gay MPs debut in Parliament
Posted in: Features  19th December 2008
New Zealand's two new gay MPs have made their maiden speeches as Parliament meets for the first time since the election.

 Whose Hip-Hop?
Posted in: Comment  16th December 2008
In December 2008's Attitude magazine, respected UK LGBT journalist Johann Hari asks some searching questions in the world of American hip-hop.

 Nations sign up for global gay law reform
Posted in: Features  12th December 2008
On the 60th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, a UN statement aims to defend LGBT citizens across the globe.

 What the Employment Relations Amendment could mean
Posted in: Comment, Blogger Zone  11th December 2008
National's ninety-day provisional employment legislation makes it possible to remove the rights of LGBT workers, writes Craig Young.

 Canada: Harper's Apocalypse?
Posted in: Comment  10th December 2008
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is probably doomed. How are Canadian LGBTs reacting to their nation's political crisis?

 Against Outrageous Propositions
Posted in: Comment  5th December 2008
It looks like the frustratingly narrow margin of defeat for opponents of the discriminatory Californian Proposition 8, which writes prohibitions against same-sex marriage into that state's constitution, has taken antigay organisations by surprise.

 The UK's gay blood battle
Posted in: Features, HIV  4th December 2008
Gay equality campaigner Peter Tatchell has crossed swords with the UK's leading HIV prevention agency over a continued blood donation ban on gay men.

 Jonathan Young is a cause for concern
Posted in: Comment  1st December 2008
National's rookie New Plymouth MP is a former fundamentalist church minister and is on the Board of Teen Challenge. Why should this worry us?