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'Bud' theatre shows will be live on internet
By Daily News Staff
6th April 2009 - 11:12 am

A new gay-themed play on now at Wellington's BATS Theatre will be streamed live via the internet twice this week.

Bud performer Louis Solino and writer/director Ronald Nelson talk through a scene

Written by gay playwright Ronald Nelson, Bud is a one-man show containing nudity, performed by veteran actor Louis Solino. "In between the shadows of McCarthy America, Bud stumbles upon Jean Genet's long banned homoerotic film Un chant d amour," reads the play's blurb. "On a bright Sunday afternoon he pulls down the blinds of his three-room apartment and all his unnamed and unclaimed desires come to light within a 16 MM frame."

The live-streaming production offers a unique GLBT perspective about our community and our place the wider world, says Nelson.

Running for approximately 40 minutes, Bud will be live streamed from 8:30pm (NZ time) on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th of April. Sign in on the website linked below to view the production at those times. A video preview of Bud is shown below.

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