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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Review: Another Gay Sequel - Dumbest Gay Movie Ever?

Posted in: Movies
By Matt Akersten - 21st January 2009

Crabs: No expense was spared in bringing these rubbery STI's to life...

As someone who "likes his beer cold and his homosexuals flaming" (to quote Homer Simpson) I was so happy when my Another Gay Sequel DVD arrived in my letterbox. Little did I know!

The original Another Gay Movie had been an outrageously sexy romp I'd enjoyed with friends, and although I'd heard nothing but dreadful things about the second 'outing' I wondered how bad it could really be.

OK, so the critics were right… things had gotten even more puerile, stupid and in some scenes, downright disgusting.

Four young fag friends wing their way to an exotic beach locale for their Gay Spring Break of sexy adventures - and this time, the guy with the most notches on his bedpost wins!

The 'Merman': Jail-bait pornstar Brent Corrigan puts on a brave face

The first mistake was obvious to me. Only one of the original four young actors from the original film returned for the sequel, so the other three characters were re-cast. Cringe. Why couldn't the one guy just go off by himself to the 'Gays Gone Wild' adventure, meeting new and interesting mates on the flight over? Instead, we get shock-blogger Perez Hilton's weird antics - we all love his website, but please, stay behind the keyboard and away from the cameras in future!

Arriving in Fort Lauderdale, it's a full-on cockfest with plentiful tanned and toned young guys to behold, undressed for beach frolicking.

Hmmm… how much should I reveal about the rest of the movie? It's fun to see glam drag queen RuPaul, tranny-wonder Amanda Lepore is amazing, and porn star Brent Corrigan is delectable as the 'Merman' - ironically he's the only guy in the movie who doesn't 'make it' with anyone, which just makes you adore him more.

On the downside though, oh boy, no lows are too low. Vomit (Bluggghhh!). Incest ("Dad, is that you?"). Singing genital crabs (STI Idol!). Genital close-ups (Not in a good way!). Lube replaced with glue (Don't go there!). Taboos are torn down scene by scene... until no-one has any shred of dignity left (except maybe the Merman, until he turns around). Oh and there's an orgy at the end, but not a sexy one, just a man-mountain.

Yes folks, this is the film that could bring out the inner homophobe in anyone - hide it from your family and even the dearest of your fag hags! Try Eating Out II instead.

Another Gay Sequel's official trailer is shown below.

Matt Akersten - 21st January 2009