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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Murder in the Pacific
Posted in: Movies  2nd September 2008
In 2001, John Scott and his partner Greg were brutally murdered in Fiji. This doco on TV3 traces the wider story of the killings and their aftermath.

 Review: Apron Strings
Posted in: Movies  16th July 2008
Cultures collide and families clash in a new Kiwi feature film - where a coming out experience just adds to the drama.

 Rubbings From A Live Man
Posted in: Movies  15th July 2008
Performer, author, director, playwright, visualiser, poet and free spirit Warwick Broadhead has opened his mind and soul for an extraordinary new film.

 Six picks from the 2008 NZ International Film Festival
Posted in: Movies  9th July 2008
The NZ Film Fest starts in Auckland this week, and then heads across the country to 15 other locations. We spotted several LGBT stories in the schedule. Quick Quiz: The Movies
Posted in: Movies  6th July 2008
Ten quick LGBT questions to test your knowledge. No prizes, no awards, no public acclaim... just see how many you can answer correctly.

 Out Takes 2008: East Side Story
Posted in: Movies  10th June 2008
"Love thy neighbour... just don't get caught!" This sexy gay comedic romp is coming to cinemas for one night only in Wellington and Auckland.

 Out Takes 2008: Out at the Wedding
Posted in: Movies  9th June 2008
Out Takes' pick for lesbian film of the year is a comedy cocktail with a splash of southern comfort and a twist!

 DVD review: 9 Dead Gay Guys
Posted in: Movies  12th April 2008
"We don't have sex with guys for pleasure - we only do it for money. Try to remember that!" - Byron

 Ten things you didn't know about Brokeback Mountain
Posted in: Movies  4th April 2008
The Oscar-winning story of cowboy love is on TV One this Sunday night. Here's a few facts about one of the most popular movie romances of all time.

 LGBT movies in NZ's World Cinema Showcase
Posted in: Movies  21st March 2008
Film buffs with an interest in quality cinema - and gay and lesbian stories - will enjoy 2008's World Cinema Showcase.