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Wednesday 08 April 2009

What's up with NZ's gay media?

Posted in: Television
By TVNZ Media7 - 4th September 2008

Media7 host Russell Brown
Russell Brown's Media7 programme discusses how well New Zealand's gay media is serving its community.

Joining Brown are three panelists: NZ AIDS Foundation's National Campaigns Co-ordinator Douglas Jenkin, former Queer Nation Producer Johnny Givins and's Content Manager Jay Bennie.


An overview of the history of NZ's gay media, from Hudson & Halls through to Sparkle on Sunday, and the panel discuss the tricky state it's in today.


Simon Pound hits K' Road to get some drag queens' perspectives on gay media, and the panel discuss media's advocacy role, 'lurid' advertising, the pink dollar and funding for a new queer TV show.



Simon Pound talks to visiting Professor Judith Halberstam about Queer Theory in new animated movies, and the panel look at how accepting of diversity mainstream New Zealanders are, and the importance of good storytelling and journalism as they wrap up their discussion on the state of gay media.

What do you think? Your thoughts on the state of NZ's gay media are welcomed on's Forum, linked below.

TVNZ Media7 - 4th September 2008