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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Oh my blog!

Posted in: Community
By Matt Akersten - 5th January 2009

Studies show gay websurfers have embraced the 'blogosphere' even more than most. We asked around and found some local and overseas gay & lesbian blogs worth your click…

Naturally, some of the world's most famous, popular and notorious blogs are created by gay guys. Perez Hilton's cruel celeb-watching blog has made him a household name across America – well at least with people that read the gossip magazines, which Perez always beats to the latest news. Trent's Pink Is The New Blog is along similar lines, but he's more inclined to feature photos of hot guys amongst the paparazzi shots.

Staying with American blogs, you Towleroad and Queerty is updated daily with gay news, more hot guys, and some mainstream political commentary. Towleroad in particular is very popular and updated often with all the latest stuff – their up-to-the-minute U.S. election coverage was outstanding recently. Queerty also features gossip and news from America's gay media, which can sometimes make grim reading, as can the hilariously bitchy comments people leave under some of those posts.

Doug Ireland's blog Direland is a seriously political take on world-wide LGBT issues.

Also see AfterElton's blog about LGBT people and characters in popular culture – but fans of ongoing shows like Desperate Housewives should beware of spoilers…

Every day is perve day on the Aussies' popular DNA magazine blog, featuring lots of men wearing very little.

For the girls, Dorothy Surrenders is an award-winning American blog by a fan of The L Word and ladies in tank tops, and AfterEllen surveys Sapphic women in popular culture.

Stephen Fry
Celebrity blogs are always fun – and there are many LGBT ones. One of Stephen Fry's latest blog entries (also available as a podcast) reveals interesting facts about his current trip to New Zealand! Outspoken out lesbian entertainer Rosie O'Donnell interacts with her fans and shares poetry on her page, and tireless UK gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell keeps us well informed of his activites.

We asked the folks on's Forum about their favourite blogs – and one of them said headlines from their favourite ones were all put together on this page: Alltop LGBT news.

Another poster told us: "The novelist Dennis Cooper has a blog which, to me, is the most interesting 'gay' blog around because of its cultural range - it is one of the few blogs I bother reading the comments section because the commentators are themselves fairly interesting and often known people (Gus van Sant, John Waters, David Ehrenstein, etc).

"Cooper is 'eclectic' in his choices and what you get one day is no indication of what you'll get tomorrow. Sometimes he's definitely not work-safe. But he's always interesting and I have discovered lots of people and lots of music, art, and culture that I would never have known otherwise. I enjoy Cooper's excursions into porn and his semi-regular listings of slaves and rentboys. He frequently has 'curated' days where the blog commentators contribute posts."



It's wonderful to be able to say it – New Zealand has a great variety of LGBT bloggers – and please do contact us if you have one we should be featuring in this section! hosts a number of LGBT bloggers, and since they're a popular feature on our site, we're hoping to add a couple more this summer.

On Proclamations of the Red Queen, Craig Young posts mostly on politics, the Christian Right and the ratings of right-wing commentators (many of whom seem to check out his blog).

Our resident young lesbian Kitten Power types about the latest music and culture on Listen Up, food writer Campbell Stodart will wet your taste buds with his Sure to Rise blog, and Michael Stevens' frank opinions in The Gay Blade have earned him a many fans – and some enemies!


* In Wellington, Aaron and Andy work on their blog in their downtime from double-handedly running the capital's gay scene – at least that's what it seems like… and the bandwidth-hungry duo also have a radio show.

Felicity Frockaccino
* Wellington drag star Felicity Frockaccino has a wonderful pink-tinged blog called SnappedGlam, with some gossip and an events diary.

* Uroskin on Waiheke Island has been blogging for a few years on gay and mainstream politics and issues of the day – check it out on Put 'em all on an island.

* Auckander un-PC Lesbian says she's "deeply shallow and incredibly vain" but she's a fantastic blogger despite it.

* We think Aucklander Marshall's blog Extrafirmhold is hilarious – and his friend Blair's picture-heavy page Planet Tampon is also good no-holds-barred fun.

* And just when you thought it was safe to enjoy the internet, Waikato drag icon Miss Gloriousole is having a go at blogging – complete with a promotional video at the bottom of the page showing off her best frocks – who knew the seasoned star was so net-savvy?


Are there any good gay blogs we've missed? Which are your favourites? Let us know via our Forum on the link below.

Matt Akersten - 5th January 2009