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FAANNZ launch @ S&M's, Wellington


FAANZ (Fabulous Arts Aotearoa New Zealand) launched at Cuba Street's S&M Cocktail Lounge.
About 100 people attended including heaps of celebs, politicians and GLBT theatrical supporters.
Hell Pizza Cuba Street supplied free pizza to feed 100 people - so support those who support
our community. The FAANZ website is

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FAANZ09 002
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FAANZ09 004
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FAANZ09 011
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FAANZ09 012
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FAANZ09 013
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FAANZ09 015
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FAANZ09 019
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FAANZ09 022
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FAANZ09 023
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FAANZ09 026
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FAANZ09 031
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FAANZ09 043
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FAANZ09 044
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FAANZ09 046
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FAANZ09 047
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