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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Seasonal Sounds
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  9th January 2009
"As the nation is sweating through a heatwave that has many of us cruising to the beach, it has left me with a new summer romance - a pop flirtation."

 Attention shoppers!
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Living Well  3rd January 2009
Have we become a pre-prepared, convenient and time-deprived community? A recent trip to the supermarket got our food blogger Campbell thinking.

 2009 - what's next?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  29th December 2008
After an unexpectedly eventful few weeks for LGBT equality around the world, Craig Young wonders what the new year might have in store.

 Kitten's Picks of 2008
Posted in: Blogger Zone  21st December 2008
As entries into our 'Best of 2008' poll pour in, blogger Kitten Power chooses her highlights of the year.

 What Comes Before a Fall?
Posted in: Events, Blogger Zone  20th December 2008
Michael Stevens: "Pride is nice, Pride is inoffensive, Pride is normal, Pride is suburban, boring, and dated."

 "Hello, I'm an Alien Sex Maniac..."
Posted in: Blogger Zone  16th December 2008
They survey our world with enormous glowing eyes. They abduct humans for their strange experiments. So why can't gay people see them?

 What the Employment Relations Amendment could mean
Posted in: Comment, Blogger Zone  11th December 2008
National's ninety-day provisional employment legislation makes it possible to remove the rights of LGBT workers, writes Craig Young.

 Review: Oscar's Books, by Thomas Wright
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Books  7th December 2008
Oscar Wilde scholar Thomas Wright has managed the impossible, providing a wholly new perspective on the perennial nineteenth century gay icon.

 Review: SOTO Japanese Garden Restaurant
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Living Well  30th November 2008
Our new food blogger Campbell Stodart tried Ponsonby's Soto Japanese Garden Restaurant - recently voted Metro's 'supreme winner'.

 The Far Right Vs. Common Sense
Posted in: Comment, Blogger Zone  27th November 2008
What's the latest the wide, wild world of religion and politics?

 A cycle of persecution
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  27th November 2008
"I grew up Mormon, and to have something which formed such a large part of my early life now fighting against my rights makes me nauseous."

 Be careful what you wish for...
Posted in: Community, Blogger Zone  25th November 2008
"There are now out LGBT people across Parliament, from the Greens to National. So what happens when we become just part of NZ's wallpaper?"

 CD Review: Lucinda Williams' Little Honey
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  19th November 2008
Louisiana's Lucinda Williams, named America's best songwriter by Time magazine in '02, has a new album out. Kitten Power goes on a country music journey.

 Femmes of Power
Posted in: Books, Blogger Zone  13th November 2008
If you asked every queer woman in NZ what it means to be femme, the answers would likely be as diverse as the women being questioned.

 Goodbye & good riddance, Marilyn Musgrave
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  10th November 2008
An anti-gay, pro-gun, corrupt Colorado Republician Congresswoman has lost her electorate, thank goodness.