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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 New 'Grim Reaper' ad targets gay Aussies
Posted in: Safe Sex  10th January 2008
20 years ago, the 'Grim Reaper' HIV awareness TV ad shocked Australia. Now the campaign's had a 'Glam Reaper' makeover for 2008.

 An STI has just rated you as "HOT"...
Posted in: Safe Sex  13th December 2007
The sexual landscape has changed. Gay and bisexual men who don't get real could soon get a nasty surprise...

 When porn 'fantasy' meets reality
Posted in: Features, Safe Sex  24th October 2007
Are Kiwi men seeing unsafe man-love on screen when they visit sex-on-site venues? We asked around at some of New Zealand's hook-up hot spots…

 Editorial: NZ Dating turns a corner
Posted in: Safe Sex  20th September 2007
"NZ Dating are to be congratulated for taking their first step along a journey the gay community started out on over 20 years ago"

 "Caution - This DVD depicts unsafe sex"
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th September 2007
NZ's Chief Censor Bill Hastings explains why he's concerned about the effects of freely-available condomless gay porn. Is it time for a law change?

 Editorial: How do we define "support?"
Posted in: Safe Sex  22nd August 2007
The owner of NZ Dating makes money out of horny gay men. It's time the site genuinely supported the safe sex awareness campaigns that seek to keep those New Zealand gay men alive and well.

 Porn debate: Bareback reality bites
Posted in: Safe Sex  27th July 2007
There's fierce debate over bareback porn – and now that you can rent bareback here in NZ, the controversy has come closer to home.'s juicy guide to sexual lubricants
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th July 2007
KY, Wet Stuff, Gun Oil, Durex, Eros, Ansell Lifestyles, Sylk, Probe, Crisco… and so many more, but which lube is right for you? Our reviewer gets pumping!

 Asian Gay New Zealanders – “Be proud and strong”
Posted in: Safe Sex, Community  6th May 2007
Several Asian countries condemn homosexuality, so many Asian gay men try to migrate to where they can be more free. New Zealand is a popular choice.”

 Gay porn DVD’s: Bareback Market?
Posted in: Safe Sex  16th April 2007
What are market forces doing to LGBT international solidarity? Unfortunately, when it comes to gay erotica market-driven orthodoxy has its casualties.

 The ten rules for managing open relationships
Posted in: True Stories, Safe Sex  15th April 2007
Having more than one guy or girl on the go at once needn’t be a drama… JACK magazine editor David Herkt shares his hints for non-monogamous relationships.

 Diving star in net sex shocker!
Posted in: True Stories, Safe Sex  30th November 2006
'Out Games' Kiwi gold medal-winning diver Simon Latimer has ditched his Speedos for an eye-catching new website featuring him in action 'going all the way' with a guy.

 Cruise Control, by Robert Weiss
Posted in: Books, Safe Sex  3rd October 2006
There's a recent new book that claims that some gay men suffer from "sex addiction." However, is the concept itself helpful to us?

 Getting his cock out for charity
Posted in: Safe Sex  26th April 2006
Grant explains why he felt it was important to expose himself to the world in the AIDS Foundation's 'Horny As' campaign.

 "Disgusting Deadbeat Maori Losers" for Safe Sex
Posted in: Safe Sex, Community  31st March 2006
Banks: "I've never seen so many deadbeat losers in one photo." Caller: "They class these homosexual Maoris as warriors... that's a blight... and disgusting."