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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Art show turns heads at Dot's Sister

Posted in: Events
By Matt Akersten - 27th March 2009

Dot's Sister bargals Vera & Doreen
Visit Dorothy's Sister bar on Ponsonby Road soon and you'll see Vera and Doreen as works of art - but watch out for the 'horned man' in the garden!

The bar is currently showcasing the art of contemporary expressionist Mark Scarlett. He's painted barmaids Vera, Doreen, and some of their customers in the style of the early 1900's Moulin Rouge posters from Paris.

The much-loved 'Ambassadors of Fabulousity' thought's readers might enjoy seeing them in a different light. We'd certainly never imagined Doreen as a hooker nun! But the most far-fetched part of the picture below is the Free Parking sign. In central Auckland? Yeah, right!


Meanwhile, 'Viva Vera' is an explosion of colour, a bit like the lady herself:


And there's many more:


"Aside from the paintings there is a fabulous sculpture in the back yard of a horned man done by the same artist," says Doreen. "This picture doesn't do it justice - there are flames that come out of the top of his cape."


Hot stuff.

Dorothy's Sister bar, at 265 Ponsonby Road, is now on Facebook. Join them there to become an 'Ambassador of Fabulousity' on the link below. The website of artist Mark Scarlett is also provided below - perhaps you can be his next work of art?

Matt Akersten - 27th March 2009