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 on: Today at 08:08 PM 
Started by irishkiwi - Last post by kinda_invisable
Well getting back to Key:  He has 3 very real problems in his cabinet at the moment.  Nick Smith, Richard Worth and Rodney Hyde.  I am waiting for Maurie Williamson to do something to cause negative reactions in public opinion, but so far he has been nicely muzzled.  Simon Power and former Treasury official Bill English are probably the only people he can trust.  The rest are not looking flash.  Even McCully is looking for a new job in international politics.  Sadly he is a non-entity internationally.  Katherine Rich is probably the most talented of National's bad......she's gone! Smile  A well placed kick up her excessive posterior from the Key Team saw her packing for the hills.  She would have made a brilliant Foreign Affairs Minister or SOE Minister.  She could smell bullshit a mile off.  And didnt waste time calling it anything else. I hope she puts her hat in for Auckland Uber Mayor.

Seriously, as a Labour supporter, even I can name some very good National Party MPs.  People who have shown themselves to be slaves to party conformity on stage, but independent, intelligent and well meaning people.  Richard Worth is one of them.  And he will not remain long in cabinet.  I give him 12 months and he will be shuffled out to some obtuse post as Minister in charge of  Nick Smith wont go quietly.  That guy doesnt understand his own shortcomings.  He needs therapy.  Rodney Hyde was very naughty! He let slip over rates capping without clearing it by his boss: Key.  Lawdy even Helen commanded fear from her ministers and most went through her before saying anything. (only exception: Tariana Turia)  Key has so far had 3 ministers in the space of 6 months run right over him!  Has his balls dropped yet?Huh?

I think we have a puppet in charge of our government and he doesnt even know it

 on: Today at 08:08 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by sillybunny
hi Tongue
always great to see new people...

today, i tided up my bedrooom

now u can bring boys over  Smile Smile Smile

 on: Today at 07:34 PM 
Started by Fluffs - Last post by kinda_invisable
I'm sorry Mark Anthony:  Maggie Thatcher did not reconstruct British Society.  I dont know where you got that from.  Between 1968 and 1997 only 3 peers were ever elevated with voting rights to the House of Lords.  And they were created largely during the Thatcher government.  She was not averse to tradition.  What she did was to challenge working class dogma.  But then, every government since Lloyd George has done the same thing.  She was successful because she deconstructed the traditional base of production: coal, shipbuilding and port good handling.  She made no attempt to reconstruct the banking and finance sector a major economic entity in itself.  (This didnt happen until the late 1990s under Blair) Anyone in 90s UK would know this because banking was still conducted under double entry bookkeeping and the electronic transfers and transactions was almost unheard of.  In fact it is still dogged with old fashion paper trails for many transactions.  All you have to do is ask a returned kiwi how he or she is doing, trying to transfer funds back to NZ!

The only reason why she was in power for so long was because of two lucky wins:  A contract to build big fuck off nuclear power submarines, and oil in the north atlantic.  I might add she won undying popularity for her war against Argentina, but as the Bush clan and Reagan learnt: a war is always good for winning another election.

In addition, British Labour party was a major asset to her winning streak.  They were run by mostly men who were there when people like Clement Atlee was in charge.  A kind of austere northerner penchant for grin and bear.  These men - Harold Wilson, and Lord Carrington to name a few - believed social class in the UK was a stumbling block to economic prosperity.  Even Ted Heath - a conservative PM thought similarly.

What Thatcher did was to remove their base of support and re-emphasise tradition.  Removing the power of the unions by removing the market in coal and shipbuilding not only reduced economic dependency but also caused the demise of unity in the cities.  Former coalworkers had to reconfigure their lives which lead to disintegration in unity at a working class level.  But nothing has really changed.  Apart from the fact that those former coalworkers are on a pension and or UB40.  The UK is still supporting an economic marketplace that is as traditional as the Royal Family: Finance, Agriculture, Tourism.  Where is the Thatcher legacy?  In rejuvenating what has been a tradition.

 on: Today at 07:29 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by Rhysior
Started writing the next chapter of my novel..

and Joined - Hi people..

hi Tongue
always great to see new people...

today, i tided up my bedrooom

 on: Today at 07:20 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by Sexasaurus-Rex
good work, and welcome to the forum.

Watched Aunty Helen's Valedictory Speech

Wasn't it grand?

I love her so much.

 on: Today at 07:17 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by oceanbreeze
good work, and welcome to the forum.

Watched Aunty Helen's Valedictory Speech

 on: Today at 07:02 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by Sexasaurus-Rex
Started writing the next chapter of my novel..

and Joined - Hi people..

 on: Today at 06:48 PM 
Started by eXctrik - Last post by Discordia
Yeah, I'm glad my program changed cause my old one was getting a bit dry xD A bit painful atm though....

 on: Today at 06:45 PM 
Started by kinda_invisable - Last post by kinda_invisable
Disagree completely, sexuality should have nothing to do with it, you are basically trying to put us above hetro people, trying to have us treated differently because of something we cannot change, it doesn't matter if it is preferential treatement, in fact that is almost worse.

He was being treated exactly the same as the hetero staff, be outraged about the contract, not about the treatment of a gay person.

"My personal opinion is we shouldnt be driven by sexuality to make spending decisions".  I am not suggesting we put our sexuality first.  I am saying the pink dollar is a myth.  Along with that consumer group we call GLBT.  As far as spending patterns go we spend according to other consumer groups.  We dont spend as a group of gay men or lesbians or transgenders.......

But it has worked in some ways.  Stonewall created some interesting exceptions to driving marketplace changes.

 on: Today at 06:45 PM 
Started by Tommi - Last post by sillybunny
... It's a plane. Let alone it causes pain. Next!

next u upload an avatar...

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