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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Review: My Fair Lady at the Civic
Posted in: Performance  30th March 2009
"As a gay man it is neither a stretch nor a betrayal to fall in love with a leading lady."

 On stage: Bud at Wellington's BATS Theatre
Posted in: Performance  30th March 2009
What to do with a bunch of venetian blinds and a 1950s homoerotic film?

 The double life of Chch DJ Danice Dearborn
Posted in: Hall of Fame  29th March 2009
DJ Danice spins discs for LGBT nights in Christchurch, but we found out she also has an extraordinary Second Life.

 When sex drives don't match
Posted in: Family Matters  28th March 2009
"There is no passion when we have sex. I would never cheat on him but can't handle the situation."

 Art show turns heads at Dot's Sister
Posted in: Events  27th March 2009
Visit Dorothy's Sister bar on Ponsonby Road soon and you'll see Vera and Doreen as works of art - but watch out for the 'horned man' in the garden!

 LGBT Human Rights Blackspots
Posted in: Comment  27th March 2009
Helen Clark looks set to be a key player on the world stage for the UN, and now it's time NZ's LGBT organisations think globally too.

 Let's talk about Hero
Posted in: Events  25th March 2009
Auckland had a vibrant LGBT Festival this year - but only just. So where do we go to from here? Do we need another Hero?

 Wigs on the Waterfront caught on camera
Posted in: Events  23rd March 2009
For those of you who didn't Drag yourself down to Auckland's Viaduct Harbour for Sunday's wigged-out event, here's our video highlights.

 "The first time I went to a gay bar"
Posted in: True Stories  22nd March 2009
Eight LGBT Kiwis remember the first time they ever ventured into a gay drinking hotspot.

 Editorial: The reality of our HIV epidemic
Posted in: Community, HIV  21st March 2009
HIV is surging back through our communities and we now have to improve our game a hell of a lot to overcome it.