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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Flight attendant speaks up... and wigs out
Posted in: Community  3rd April 2009
Pierre Godquin almost got suspended yesterday for wearing a wig, a pink scarf and handbag at work. Why? He's fighting for fairness in the job he loves.

 The double life of Chch DJ Danice Dearborn
Posted in: Hall of Fame  29th March 2009
DJ Danice spins discs for LGBT nights in Christchurch, but we found out she also has an extraordinary Second Life.

 When sex drives don't match
Posted in: Family Matters  28th March 2009
"There is no passion when we have sex. I would never cheat on him but can't handle the situation."

 "The first time I went to a gay bar"
Posted in: True Stories  22nd March 2009
Eight LGBT Kiwis remember the first time they ever ventured into a gay drinking hotspot.

 Editorial: The reality of our HIV epidemic
Posted in: Community, HIV  21st March 2009
HIV is surging back through our communities and we now have to improve our game a hell of a lot to overcome it.

 Bon voyage Andy Boreham!
Posted in: True Stories  19th March 2009
Wellington Proud festival co-organiser Andy Boreham is leaving NZ for a 3-month adventure in Cambodia, where he'll volunteer with Phnom Penh Pride.

 Uni's back, and so is UniQ
Posted in: Community  17th March 2009
As students are now beginning or returning to their studies, LGBT student groups around New Zealand are gearing up for another busy year of activities.

 Volunteer & Trustee Richard James
Posted in: Hall of Fame  15th March 2009
Long-time volunteer Richard James is always keen to be of assistance with a wide variety of LGBT organisations.

 Extinguishing LGBT Smoking
Posted in: Community, Living Well  8th March 2009
"Smoking is a potentially fatal long-term addiction. Why should we let nicotine poisoning continue to eat away at lesbian and gay bodies?"

 Top 10 tips for's Forum
Posted in: Community  22nd February 2009
Our Forum is always buzzing with news and views from around LGBT Aotearoa - and we want you to get the most out of it.

 Violence in our relationships: Breaking the silence
Posted in: People  14th February 2009
The alleged attack on Rihanna has got people opening up about relationship violence - including LGBT abuse victims.

 Dear Mum & Dad...
Posted in: True Stories  9th February 2009
18-year-old Aaron wrote to his parents: "I want to share something about my life that is important because I love you. I am gay."

 Our community's cash crisis
Posted in: Community  6th February 2009
Several LGBT organisations are feeling the heat from the economic recession – and now the redundancies have begun.

 Hero Party DJ Shaun Thomas McGill
Posted in: Hall of Fame  2nd February 2009
Also known as DJ Babes! Babes! Babes!, a resident at K' Road's Sohomo nights, Shaun has joined the eclectic 2009 Hero Party line-up.

 Steven & Stan's Civil Union
Posted in: Civil Unions  30th January 2009
Kerikeri couple Steven and Stan celebrated their Civil Union at their house on New Year's Eve, with a service in the garden and reception under a marquee.