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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 "The first time I went to a gay bar"
Posted in: True Stories  22nd March 2009
Eight LGBT Kiwis remember the first time they ever ventured into a gay drinking hotspot.

 Bon voyage Andy Boreham!
Posted in: True Stories  19th March 2009
Wellington Proud festival co-organiser Andy Boreham is leaving NZ for a 3-month adventure in Cambodia, where he'll volunteer with Phnom Penh Pride.

 Dear Mum & Dad...
Posted in: True Stories  9th February 2009
18-year-old Aaron wrote to his parents: "I want to share something about my life that is important because I love you. I am gay."

 My Vinegar Hill diary
Posted in: Events, True Stories  6th January 2009
Calum Bennachie reports back with notes and gossip from his eventful stay at the Manawatu's annual LGBT New Year's camping hotspot.

 Online dating: "Why I deleted myself"
Posted in: True Stories, Safe Sex  24th December 2008
The world of internet dating didn't work for James Warke, who decided to log off and attempt to meet guys the 'traditional' way...

 More LGBT stories join online TV archive
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, True Stories  10th December 2008
Two episodes of Maori TV's LGBT programme Takataapui join docos about well-known gay Kiwis newly added to NZ's online TV archive.

 A cycle of persecution
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  27th November 2008
"I grew up Mormon, and to have something which formed such a large part of my early life now fighting against my rights makes me nauseous."

 She'll be right - Georgina Beyer keeps it Kiwi
Posted in: True Stories  23rd November 2008
"When a girl says 'oh Australia might be good for a while', it doesn't mean I'm going to be running off forever – which is what it sounded like, didn't it?"

 Greg's coming out story
Posted in: True Stories  18th November 2008
"I eventually came out to my wife and my kids. The hardest thing I have ever done is tell my family that I needed to move out of our home."

 "That was the moment I realised I was gay"
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  24th October 2008
There had always been inklings, and relationships with men had never worked, but it took one fateful night for Kitten Power to realise who she was.

 Advice to a young gay man
Posted in: True Stories, Blogger Zone  26th September 2008
Michael Stevens wonders what sort of advice he'd give to a young man coming out in today's world.

 Where's the strangest place you've had sex?
Posted in: True Stories  26th July 2008
Ten gay, lesbian and bi New Zealanders share their risqué stories of great sex in unexpected places.

 Joseph's new cocktail-mixing contraption
Posted in: True Stories  5th July 2008
Gay Aucklander Joseph Herscher's complicated new machine makes a yummy cocktail called a Falling Water.

 Obituary: Darren Taylor, AKA Bambi Slut
Posted in: True Stories  31st May 2008
We remember a prima drag diva, lip-syncher extraordinaire, fashion stylist, beloved brother, cherished sister and fabulous friend.

 Josh tells his story at Chch's Candlelight
Posted in: True Stories  19th May 2008
"What I will talk about tonight is personal. I hope that my message - my story, can be passed on to people and taken on board."