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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Here's Dynamo Go - download their album free!
Posted in: Music  2nd April 2009
An indie pop band from Hamilton with an out gay lead singer/guitarist is giving away their debut album to download.

 Review: Amanda Palmer brings a killer show
Posted in: Music  11th March 2009
"It wasn't long before she was stripping herself down, whipping off her shirt to reveal an incredibly sexy bodice".

 Seasonal Sounds
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  9th January 2009
"As the nation is sweating through a heatwave that has many of us cruising to the beach, it has left me with a new summer romance - a pop flirtation."

 Review: Girls Aloud's Out Of Control
Posted in: Music  26th December 2008
"The little reality TV girlband that could are now on their fifth studio album and are showing no signs of slowing down or of their music becoming stale."

 Music Review: Britney Spears' Circus
Posted in: Music  15th December 2008
"Britney tries once again to remind us that she's more than just a a bald nutjob with a penchant for eschewing panties."

 Review: Kylie's first-ever NZ concert
Posted in: Music  9th December 2008
"Over 20 years since she first rose to stardom – in a spiral perm and Ra-Ra skirt – and we still can't get Kylie out of our heads."

 Going krazy for Kylie!
Posted in: Music  5th December 2008
With only a few days to go until Kylie plays in New Zealand for the first time, is Spinning Around.

 CD Review: Lucinda Williams' Little Honey
Posted in: Music, Blogger Zone  19th November 2008
Louisiana's Lucinda Williams, named America's best songwriter by Time magazine in '02, has a new album out. Kitten Power goes on a country music journey.

 Review: The APO's Fantastic Symphonies
Posted in: Music  16th November 2008
The end of the Auckland Philharmonia's season saw piano soloist Ewa Kupiec give a fine and energetic reading of a composition not familiar to many.

 Review: Akld Philharmonia Orchestra's 'Images in Glass'
Posted in: Music  19th October 2008
Philip Glass's 'Saxophone' Concerto was supposed to be for the violin, writes Larry Jenkins. "Don't blow when you should bow!"