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Wednesday 08 April 2009

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8th April 2009   International Daily News
Vermont has become the fourth American state to make same-sex marriage legal, after the House voted 100-49 to override a veto from state Governor Jim Douglas. The Republican governor vetoed... Read more

7th April 2009   International Daily News
Two Russian gay activists have been found guilty of 'promoting homosexuality to minors' and fined 1,500 rubles (NZ$76) each. The pair had staged carried a banner saying 'Homosexuality is normal'... Read more

6th April 2009   International Daily News
Iraq officials say six gay men - at least two of them in their teens - have been killed there in the past week. "Two gay men were killed in... Read more

4th April 2009   International Daily News
The Supreme Court in the American state of Iowa has unanimously ruled that a proposed law banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. The judges said: "The Iowa statute limiting civil marriage... Read more

2nd April 2009   International Daily News
Gender-neutral marriage legislation has been adopted in Sweden, passed by a broad majority in parliament after a six-hour debate. "The decision means that gender no longer has an impact on... Read more

1st April 2009   International Daily News
A lesbian mother in California will have to leave her life, twin sons and partner of 12 years behind as the authorities are forcing her to go back to the... Read more

31st March 2009   International Daily News
Amnesty International reports that Iraq authorities are planning to execute 128 prisoners this week - and it believes many of them were imprisoned just for being gay. There have been... Read more

31st March 2009   International Daily News
Switzerland's second largest city has elected a lesbian mayor. Zurich's new mayor Corine Mauch, a member of the left-leaning Social Democrats, was elected by a large majority at the weekend.... Read more

30th March 2009   International Daily News
One in six psychotherapists have admitted they have tried to help 'cure' clients of their homosexual desires, according to a new UK study. "There is very little evidence to show... Read more

29th March 2009   International Daily News
Coronation Street's camp gay barman Sean Tully is staying in the show until at least mid-2010, as actor Antony Cotton has signed on to stick with the long-running soap and... Read more