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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Proclamations of the Red Queen

30th January 2009

United Kingdom: Heroin Addict Mum Condemns Gay Adoption

Posted by: Craig Young

As a gay co-parent, I really am quite incensed at Family First’s distorted news item on a recent situation that involves a heroin addict mother, and an eligible gay male couple that adopted her children because that mother was unable to take proper care of them.

(I am not referring to mainstream IV drug users who responsibly manage their addiction here. This woman had two children aged four and five, and apparently, cared more for her smack habit than for the welfare of those two little ones, otherwise they wouldn’t have been taken away from her in the first place.)

Fortunately, PinkNews provides us with the full story. Apparently, after her children were taken into care, her grandparents applied, but were turned down due to age and health problems. Well, yes. I have parents in their seventies, and my own mum had a triple bypass heart operation a while ago. Grandparents may be quite willing to take over parental responsibilities when the need arises, but they also have health needs of their own.

The heroin addict mum said that she “wasn’t” homophobic, but didn’t want a same-sex couple looking after her children, even if she were incapable of doing so at the time. She claims to have kicked her smack habit, and objects to the current parenting arrangements, even though the adoptive gay couple were professionally evaluated as the best couple to be caring for those children.

Haven’t those poor children had enough to worry about with a smackhead for a parent, without further jeopardy due to her short-sightedness? As for Family First, here’s what they had to say about the situation:

Church leaders hit out at social work chiefs today over claims that a couple were “forced” to give up their grandchildren for adoption by two gay men.

Peter Kearney, a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland, said: “This is a devastating decision which will have a serious impact on the welfare of the children involved.

“There is an overwhelming body of evidence showing that same-sex relationships are inherently unstable and reduce the life expectancy of those involved.

“With this in mind, the social work department has deliberately ignored evidence which undermines their decision and opted for politically correct posturing rather than providing stability and protection.

“It is impossible to see how this decision is in the best interests of the children.”

I’ll tell you what is disturbing here- it is profoundly disturbing that Scotland’s Catholic Church is so hypocritical about this matter, given (a) the epidemic of clergy paedophilia within its own denomination, and (b) that the Catholic Church is obviously relying on Paul Cameron’s junk science to the exclusion of mainstream perspectives from pediatrics and developmental psychology that show no such relationship. And (c) that they’re prepared to play politics against gay adoption after losing the case against it across the United Kingdom, using these two small children’s welfare as a political football. Much the same applies to right-wing columnist Melanie Phillips, ignorantly weighing in on behalf of ‘family values,’ even when the birthparent is patently unfit for parental responsibilities.

As for the grandparents, yes, it does strike me as harsh that they’ve been threatened with a ban from seeing their blood relatives, but come on- the birthparent of those kids was patently unable to look after them, and everyone seems to be accepting her story without any critical exploration of her own current domestic circumstances. 

You’re telling me that a former junkie is the best person to be laying down the law under these circumstances?!


Judith Stacey and Tim Biblarz: “Does the Sexual Orientation of Parents Matter?” American Sociological Review: 53: 2: April 2001: 158-183.

“Heroin addict complains gays adopted her children” PinkNews: 29.01.09:

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Tags: Politics · Religion

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  • 1 ian josephs // Apr 6, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    The real culprits in these family court injustices are the judges as they make the decisions.In this case the judge is in effect saying to the boys “I am going to punish you by preventing you from seeing your mother,your grandparents and your aunt until you are 18 and probably for ever.I am going to give you away to two strange men who say they would like to adopt two nice little boys !”
    Judges should be replaced by juries in cases where permanent seperation of children from parents is envisaged.No jury would remove babies and young children from their mothers for “risk of emotional abuse” and few would overlook grandparents as carers in favour of gay men !

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