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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 "We need to talk..."
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th April 2009
Gay male partners need to be able to chat to each other about what's happening in bed, writes Craig Young.

 Editorial: The reality of our HIV epidemic
Posted in: Community, HIV  21st March 2009
HIV is surging back through our communities and we now have to improve our game a hell of a lot to overcome it.

 "HIV still affects my life, every single day"
Posted in: Blogger Zone, HIV  20th March 2009
As HIV infection rates reach record high levels in NZ, long-time HIV+ researcher Michael Stevens says "believe me - it still sucks to get this virus."

 Young gay men and eating disorders
Posted in: Living Well  12th March 2009
Are young straight women the only ones at risk from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and related conditions? No.

 Extinguishing LGBT Smoking
Posted in: Community, Living Well  8th March 2009
"Smoking is a potentially fatal long-term addiction. Why should we let nicotine poisoning continue to eat away at lesbian and gay bodies?"

 New blood donor rules specific on gay sex
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, Health & HIV  6th March 2009
Men who have had sex with a man anytime the last 5 years still cannot donate blood, say new guidelines now made official by the NZ Blood Service.

 Towards 2010: the NZAF's progress
Posted in: HIV  2nd March 2009
In Part 3 of our interview, the NZAF boss explains social marketing and takes stock of progress towards the Foundation's stated goals.

 A testing time for Kitten
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  25th February 2009
Kitten Power writes: "When I strolled up the stairs and into the clinic I was feeling pretty blasé - but as soon as my pen hit the first form it became real."

 NZ AIDS Foundation awards human rights leader
Posted in: HIV  20th February 2009
The NZAF has announced that a Life Membership will be awarded to Richard Tankersley, a Takatāpui Tane leader and the first Takatāpui Human Rights Commissioner in 2009.

 Canada: A ban on organ donations from gay men
Posted in: Living Well  17th February 2009
While Britain and New Zealand are debating whether or not to allow conscientious, safe-sex oriented gay men to donate blood, Canada has recently banned gay men from organ donations.

 Come on in - the water's fine
Posted in: Features, Living Well  10th February 2009
Join our fitness guru at the shallow end of the pool for the real down low on exercising in water, and you don't even need to know how to swim!

 NZAF answers: Homophobes, staff and money
Posted in: HIV  5th February 2009
NZAF boss Rachael Le Mesurier addresses recurring allegations about employee management, financial reporting and the Wellness Fund.

 Facing the HIV "blowout" and the critics
Posted in: HIV  26th January 2009
As the HIV diagnosis rate looks set to rise again, the NZAF's boss responds to criticisms of the Foundation and the changes she has instigated.

 Editorial: Taking the NZAF to task
Posted in: HIV  24th January 2009
With the HIV infection rate amongst gay and bi men predicted to rise again is the NZAF up to the challenge?

 Former Dot's bar owner joins NZAF staff
Posted in: New Zealand Daily News, HIV  23rd January 2009
The former owner of much-missed Ponsonby Road bar Surrender Dorothy - and the alter ego of drag diva Onya Nees - has started work at the NZ AIDS Foundation.