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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Review: Untouchable Girls - The Topp Twins Movie
Posted in: Movies  7th April 2009
"'A love letter to New Zealand' sums the Topp Twins Movie up beautifully. It's an emotional story sent to us from two very exceptional ladies."

 Our stories on screen at the Doco Film Fest
Posted in: Movies  24th February 2009
2009's Doco Film Fest includes a gay couple's Roman romp, love between Muslim men, Kiwi transgender art and a look at NZ's Homosexual Panic Defence.

 The rainbow-coloured envelope please!
Posted in: Movies  23rd February 2009
Who's been nominated and who's won Academy Awards for playing LGBT movie roles over the years?

 Review: Brilliant, tender Milk
Posted in: Movies  29th January 2009
Almost everything about Milk, especially Sean Penn's performance as the assassinated gay activist, is superb.

 Review: Another Gay Sequel - Dumbest Gay Movie Ever?
Posted in: Movies  21st January 2009
The eye-candy and stupid jokes made Another Gay Movie somewhat entertaining, but its sequel goes more than a little too far...

 True to life Transamerica?
Posted in: Movies  15th January 2009
Transamerica plays on TV2 this Monday, but is it an accurate depiction of a trans journey? Chch transgender broadcaster Joanne Clarke takes a look.

 Review: Streep & Hoffman in Doubt
Posted in: Movies  12th January 2009
Did something dodgy happen with a pupil in Father Brendan's rectory? Sister Aloysius has her certainty...

 Review: Rubbings From a Live Man
Posted in: Movies  6th November 2008
An extraordinary film based on the life of Warwick Broadhead is now in cinemas around NZ. Here's our review from its premiere back in July.

 Review: Brideshead lite
Posted in: Movies  29th October 2008
Brideshead Revisited, the new movie, cannot help but be compared to the classic 1980s miniseries, yet it can be enjoyed for its lightly romantic quality.

 A chance to see Chch Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses
Posted in: Movies  10th September 2008
Garden City gays tell tales about growing up and acting out in a film screening in Auckland and Wellington this week.