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Wednesday 08 April 2009 Quick Quiz: 2008 in review

Posted in: Features
By Matt Akersten - 29th December 2008

Test your knowledge of's local news stories of 2008 in our fun quiz. How many you can answer correctly?


Q1: 22-year-old Veronica Mills from Wellington won the main prize a new pageant night at SubNine bar, for being "a girl who has great boy friends who are gay." What title did she win?

Q2: A report on New Zealand's transgender citizens was published, calling for simple amendments to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act that would allow trans people to obtain birth certificates and passports that reflect their gender identity and sex. Who published the report?


Q3: Auckland gay bar czar Wayne Clark took control of the three-level Crest Hotel on the corner of K' Road and Pitt Streets, and turned it into a gay-friendly pub on the ground level, with a party and event space upstairs. Name the pub and upstairs bar.

Q4: Openly-gay Labour MP Tim Barnett announced he'd quit politics after the election. Which electorate did he represent for 12 years?


Q5: The NZ AIDS Foundation's Safe Sex Poster Boys were double-booked in early March. Which two high-profile LGBT events were they keen to attend, and which one did they end up at?

Q6: A new openly-lesbian MP entered Parliament. Name her, and name the netball team she had represented New Zealand in.


Q7: Our community lost a much-loved openly lesbian Maori singer and songwriter, who died after a severe asthma attack. Name her.

Q8: Following an unsuccessful attempt at gay sex, Shortland Street's Gerald Tippet began to accept himself as neither gay nor straight. What did he identify as instead?


Q9: Which two well-known queer musicians visited New Zealand for concerts in May? One is gay, one is lesbian… both were on world tours.

Q10: What was the name of the movie showing the gay history of Christchurch, which premièred to open Chch Pride Week?

Q11: When one of K' Road's favourite drag sisters died, the community rallied around with tribute nights of shows to pay for her Memorial Service at St. Matthew-in-the-City. Name her.



Q12: Who is this (left) and why was she in the news in June?

Q13: And why was Auckland Uni's David Do (right) making a dick of himself?


Q14: It was announced that New Zealand students would be given cards saying 'Step Up, Be Safe, Be Proud' in an effort to crack down on what?

Q15: Which prominent Bible-basher claimed he'd had a change in attitude to gay people after chatting to Air New Zealand cabin stewards?


Q16: Who said "Saying pink is a form of red is the same as saying homosexual is a form of male"?

Q17: Which swanky Wellington bar ejected several drag queens, prompting a protest from 'Radical Queers'?


Q18: Parliament's Select Committee Room 11 hosted a special ceremony as a gallery of images showing the campaign for Homosexual Law Reform in the 1980s were displayed. The room got a new nickname – what was it?

Q19: A very tall 20-year-old took the title Mr. Gay Auckland at Family nightclub. What is his distinctive first name?


Q20: Which political leader said of their Party's anti-gay reputation: "The people who were associated with some of those more extreme guises are now long since gone. We've moved on from that phase – we've got rid of them."

Q21: Wellington was named as the preferred host city for which LGBT event, planned for March 2011?


Q22: Following the general election, New Zealand got two new out LGBT members of Parliament. Name them both.

Q23: Which out gay TV presenter made David Hartnell's annual Best Dressed list in NZ Women's Weekly magazine?


Q24: The cocktails flowed when Rotorua's first-ever gay bar opened on Friday 12 December. What's it's name?

Q25: And which two Kiwi camping spots attract thousands of LGBT holiday makers each New Year's week?


Q1: Miss Fag-Hag 2008

Q2: The Human Rights Commission

Q3: The Naval & Family, with Purple bar upstairs.

Q4: Christchurch Central

Q5: Wellington's Out in the Square & Sydney's Mardi Gras. They ended up marching in the Mardi Gras Parade.

Q6: Louisa Wall, the Silver Ferns netball team.

Q7: Mahinarangi Tocker

Q8: Asexual

Q9: Sir Elton John and k d lang.

Q10: Through Rainbow Coloured Glasses

Q11: Bambi Slut

Q12: Family bar's Cindy of Samoa appeared on Stars in Their Eyes – and got through to the final show.

Q13: To create awareness of male sexual health issues and STI checks

Q14: Bullying

Q15: Bi$hop Brian Tamaki

Q16: Former Westlife member Brian McFadden

Q17: Madame Jo Jo's in The Temperance

Q18: The Rainbow Room

Q19: Aku

Q20: United Future leader Peter Dunne

Q21: The 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames

Q22: Labour's Grant Robertson and the Greens' Kevin Hague.

Q23: Good Morning's Steve Gray

Q24: Shampers

Q25: Vinegar Hill and Uretiti Beach

Matt Akersten - 29th December 2008