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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Check out the talent at Family's Speedo Night!

Posted in: Events
By Matt Akersten - 30th March 2009

"Hi guys! Now show us your undies..." The winner Aaron is in the blue stripes (but wasn't in that top for long!)
LGBT phone support service OUTLine NZ has been hit by the recession - so it was time for the punters at Family bar to show off their 'stimulus packages'!'s photographers didn't mind zooming in on all the talent at the Sunday night event, where 15 gals and guys paraded in their undies and Speedos in front of esteemed judges and many enthusiastic fans in the audience.

The winner was judged to be gorgeous Aaron - he got a $1,000 prize pool, which included a photo shoot, bubbly, fashion (more undies of course!) and cash. But it was a tricky choice to find a winner as there was a guy or girl for most tastes... including one very sexy muscle man! The runners-up got lots of other prizes - and all the contestants got to keep the Clever underwear they showed off in the second round.

OUTLine NZ had their bucket-shaking volunteers collecting loose change on the night, which ended with the sudden appearance of drag alien Daphne Bush scuttling onto the stage for an impromptu strip show to her favourite track Downtown

Take a look at the clip below and you'll see why we thought Family bar's Speedo Night was great entertainment. See you at the next one!

Matt Akersten - 30th March 2009