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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Shortland St star: Gay rumours "frustrating"

Posted in: New Zealand Daily News
By Daily News Staff - 3rd April 2009

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Former Coronation Street actor and now NZ-based Shortland Street star Adam Rickitt has spoken out about persistent rumours that he's gay.

Here to stay: Adam Rickitt

As a 'soap hunk', the 30-year-old was often shirtless on Coronation Street, and was involved its first-ever gay storyline when a younger man tried to kiss him. Rickitt also had a short-lived pop career - appearing in one music video dancing naked in a box - before trying politics as a member of the Conservative Party.

His appearances in gay magazines and on stage at London's G.A.Y. nightclub fuelled gay rumours about him in the tabloid press.

"It's a very frustrating thing - firstly because it shouldn't bloody matter. Whether somebody's gay or not really shouldn't matter," he told TV2's 20/20 programme.

"I was just very honest about it. I said 'I'm not, but I'm not making a big deal about it'.

"It's not going to effect your career as much, coming out as being gay, as it is coming out and being Tory, in the UK," he joked.

But he does admit his music videos in the past were a bit "camp". "It's the most homoerotic thing in the world," he laughed.

"My manager was gay, my A&R man was gay, my choreographer was gay… but that's what the marketplace is for pop music. It's young girls and gay men. I'm shallow enough to realize you follow the money."

Rickitt moved to New Zealand in 2007 and now plans to stay, saying he is enjoying Kiwi culture and his high-profile Shortland Street role as barman Kieran Mitchell.

20/20's interview with Adam Rickitt can be viewed on the link below.