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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Proclamations of the Red Queen

26th March 2009

Eros Versus Pathos

Posted by: Craig Young

Courtesy of the classifications and decisions database of the Office of Film and Literature Classification, here are some bizarre items that have been banned by the OFLC and its predecessors over the years.

Bondage Landlord. Tranvestite Quarterback. Tranvestite Husband. Tales from the Leather Nun. Fraternity Boys in Bondage. Flossie in Bondage.

Some of these titles are deeply perplexing. Would tenancy regulators approve of the disciplinary practices that Bondage Landlord would probably use against recalcitrant tenants? Was the Leather Nun a Catholic teaching sister wrongfooted by Vatican II over child disciplinary practices? What are the transvestite quarterback’s ball-handling (…) skills like? And as for poor Flossie, why do I have these horrific mental images of a panic-stricken bovine, suspended in a sling that may not be able to bear her weight for much longer?

Perhaps it was wise to insure that these peculiar media products didn’t reach the public domain…



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