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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Proclamations of the Red Queen

20th March 2009

The Delayed Extinction of the Kiwi Party

Posted by: Craig Young

At the moment, the Christian Right is experiencing a slow news sequence. Family First is still rabbiting on about A Christian’s “Right” to Spank, while the Maxim Institute looks weirdly centrist, Right to Life New Zealand is still sniping at the Family Planning Association over RU486 -derived abortion proposals, and SPCS is strangely silent and inert. Has it finally died, or does it usually smell like that?

Unfortunately, one Christian Right organisation has risen from the dead, lurching out of oblivion, about three months after we all hoped that it was dead and buried. Actually, it turned out to have been undead for the last three months. I am referring to the Kiwi Party, which was recipient to 0.54% of the total votes cast at the last New Zealand general election in November 2008, and was embarrassingly outpolled by the avowedly satirical Bill and Ben Party. As I’ve noted in the footer comments to previous posts to this blog, sadly, ex United Future List MP resumed making media comments earlier this month, in Scoop’s Politics column. Then came news that there’d been a party conference, and that the other ex-UFNZ List MP, Gordon Copeland, had been elected party president. Oh. Good. Grief.

Hello? Surely they should have been warned off by their pathetic performance at the last general election? No-one wants an overt fundamentalist party in the New Zealand Parliament, which explains why the Kiwi Party was only there because of the lapse of the Electoral Integrity Act from previous terms. Still, as the Family Party and Pacific Party are both missing and inactive, the Kiwi Party seems to think that it can ‘exploit’ the negligible fundamentalist microparty vote to obtain an astounding one and a half percent through absorbing the ‘membership’ of the others.

It’d be tempting to brand the Kiwi Party CHP 2.0.  While I suspect that some former CHP apparatchiks want to be involved in the sole surviving (?) fundamentalist microparty out of a wretched desire to annoy sentient New Zealanders, the Kiwi Party is less aligned to extreme free market economics than the CHP was, and opposes the death penalty.

Why didn’t they get the message the first time? New Zealand wants extinction for this dying brand of kiwi. May it engulf them soon…

Meanwhile, elsewhere, pro-child and pro-belting groups are gearing up for the national referendum on reversal of Section 59 Repeal, now scheduled to waste eight million dollars worth of taxpayers money in August 2009.  Plunket, Barnados, EPOCH, UNICEF and other respected mainstream child welfare and health NGOs are gearing up for battle against Family First and its partners in newspeak.

Excuse me, couldn’t this money be better spent on frontline services and NGOs that try to prevent child abuse, instead of indulging extreme fundamentalist groups like Family First and the Kiwi Party? And what about low-income families doing it tough during the current recession?

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