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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Proclamations of the Red Queen

19th March 2009

Religion and Politics Notes: Exclusive Brethren IR Amendment Axed, Danish Adoption Reform and Pope’s Condom Remarks…

Posted by: Craig Young

Canberra: In the federal Australian Senate last night, the Commonwealth Parliament voted to delete a ’special rights’ industrial relations law amendment that had previously allowed the Exclusive Brethren to ban unions from their small business workplaces on religious grounds, regardless of whether or not the staff actually wanted that. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Family First Senator Steve Fielding and the ALP joined the Australian Greens in axeing the contentious provision.

Cameroon: Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI has gotten himself into hot water over remarks that dismiss the use of condoms as prophylactic protection against HIV/AIDS and other STIs. The pontiff argued for ‘chastity and abstinence’ in this context, and the French Foreign Ministry and South Africa’s Treatment Action Coalition have joined other NGOs in condemnation of this remark. According to the BBC, Pope Benedict was also visiting Cameroon’s dictatorial ruler, Paul Abiye, in power since the early eighties, in Yaounde, its capital.

Copenhagen: Are you listening, John Key and the National Party caucus? Yesterday, the Danish Parliament adopted a measure from Civil Centre Party sources allowing the extension of adoption rights and responsibilities to civil unions and unmarried couples. Iceland, Norway and Sweden already have such inclusive adoption laws in place. Previously, however, coparent adoption was permissible, unlike New Zealand. However, most adoptions of unrelated children occur outside Denmark, which may throw a spanner in the works.

Melbourne: Fundamentalist Heathdale Christian College is facing an Equal Opportunities Commission case after it rejected an application from Rachida Dahlal for teacher trainee placement on the basis that she was a devout Muslim.

Melbourne: Angie Belicicu (57) ended her own life with Nembutal, in order to avoid further suffering with bone cancer, which she has fought for the last eighteen years. Ms Belicicu obtained the Nembutal from Mexico, kept it hidden from police and her family, and checked into a Mornington Peninsula hotel for a quiet and dignified end to her life.

There is speculation that Don Flounders, a member of the Exit International euthanasia rights group, may have helped to obtain the drug from Mexico. Mr Flounders is bed ridden himself, suffering from mesothelemia, and it would look abhorrent if he was arrested for his alleged role.

Paris: White supremacist French National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen (81) has angered the European Parliament by referring to the Holocaust as a ‘detail of history.’ He has been fined twice in France for using the term, in 1987 and 1997.

Invercargill: Now this is disgusting. Two householders have been forced to evacuate their home due to the presence of a gang of drunken, violent skinhead vandals next door. These louts have heaved a stereo through their window, vandalised their property burgled it and even defecated on her front doorstep.

Police, Harcourts Real Estate, Invercargill City Council and Invercargill National MP Eric Roy have all been consulted. Roy has said he intends to promptly follow up the matter. Good on him.

London: Meanwhile, in London, PinkNews reports that the neofascist British National Party has godded itself up, with an advertisement that notes Jesus was persecuted for his opinions too, and asking why the churches remained silent on “sodomy,” “abortion” and “social justice.” The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement have noted that the mythological figure in question was supposed to be inclusive, and it is ironic that the hate group in question is using him as their new motif.


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  • 1 Craig Young // Apr 4, 2009 at 10:32 am

    Melbourne: After decriminalising abortion last year, Victoria has been beset by hordes of irate fanatical young anti-abortionists, going under the title “Youth 4 Life,” believed to be associated with the militant Right to Life Australia extremist organisation. No clinics were forced to close as a result of their temper tantrums.


  • 2 Craig Young // Apr 7, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    The BBC reports that the BNP hijacking of Jesus is premised on sectarian and racist opposition to Asian Muslim migrants to Britain, as with France and the Netherlands. However, the BNP is also unhappy at mainstream Anglican Synod bans on BNP clergy and staff membership, passed recently.


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