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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 My Love is Alien: Sex in the 22nd-23rd Century?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  6th April 2009
If humanity gets into interstellar flight and contact with sentient aliens, our descendants may have to fight a whole new set of sexual taboos.

 Food for thought
Posted in: Blogger Zone  22nd March 2009
"What is it about lesbians and being picky with food? I have about 59 vegan friends, 101 vegetarian mates & one who, most shockingly of all, doesn't eat onions."

 PLAGAL: The Gay Christian Right?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  21st March 2009 blogger Craig Young was shocked to learn that a lesbian/gay anti-abortion group existed.

 "HIV still affects my life, every single day"
Posted in: Blogger Zone, HIV  20th March 2009
As HIV infection rates reach record high levels in NZ, long-time HIV+ researcher Michael Stevens says "believe me - it still sucks to get this virus."

 Album review: Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
Posted in: Blogger Zone  4th March 2009
Amanda Palmer has concerts in NZ next week, leading Kitten Power to confess her teenager-like adoration for the Boston-based bi singer.

 Notes from a former gay hippy
Posted in: Blogger Zone  2nd March 2009
Michael Stevens shares his random thoughts on being young, growing up, the sex he wanted and the sex he got, amyl, fake punks and libraries.

 Is your pink dollar running out?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  28th February 2009 blogger Craig Young wonders how the cash crisis is impacting on LGBT Kiwis... and our relationships.

 A testing time for Kitten
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Safe Sex  25th February 2009
Kitten Power writes: "When I strolled up the stairs and into the clinic I was feeling pretty blasé - but as soon as my pen hit the first form it became real."

 Cool Britannia bans arch homophobe
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  20th February 2009
In a delightful turn of events, the Home Office has banned US fundamentalist hate preacher Fred Phelps from entering the United Kingdom.

 Stunning summer reading
Posted in: Books, Blogger Zone  13th February 2009
A wide variety of queer characters have kept Kitten Power company this summer, thanks to her trusty library card.

 Dan White - the story of Milk's assassin
Posted in: Blogger Zone  11th February 2009
Shown in the film Milk, former Board of Supervisors member Dan White shot and killed both San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk on 25 November 1978. Why?

 Heroin Addict Mum Condemns Gay Adoption
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  30th January 2009
Gay co-parent Craig Young is incensed at Family First's distorted news item on a recent situation involving a heroin addicted mother.

 Moving Like Angels, Thinking Like Devils
Posted in: Blogger Zone  26th January 2009
Michael Stevens: "Being in a room full of men all dancing together, being nice to each other, sharing space, the smiles and goodwill. It's fantastic."

 Detective Kitten's on a manhunt!
Posted in: Blogger Zone  16th January 2009
Our blogger Kitten Power has been robbed, and she's plotting a revenge which would cut the culprit down to size.

 Homophobic? Or just having fun?
Posted in: Blogger Zone, Comment  13th January 2009
What's the dividing line between joking and offence? Is it all in the eye of the beholder, or are there objective standards we can measure by?