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Wednesday 08 April 2009

 Watch NZ's gay history in online TV archive
Posted in: Television  8th April 2009
Several new clips have been added to the NZ On Screen website, showing Hudson & Halls' love story, a coming-of-age drama and some Desperate Remedies.

 Review: Untouchable Girls - The Topp Twins Movie
Posted in: Movies  7th April 2009
"'A love letter to New Zealand' sums the Topp Twins Movie up beautifully. It's an emotional story sent to us from two very exceptional ladies."

 "We need to talk..."
Posted in: Safe Sex  6th April 2009
Gay male partners need to be able to chat to each other about what's happening in bed, writes Craig Young.

 "I can't exercise, I'm too sick!"
Posted in: Features  6th April 2009
"It's my personal favourite reason to avoid exercise, with 'I just can't be bothered' following a close second."

 Surveillance and Sexuality
Posted in: Comment  4th April 2009
Green Party MP Keith Locke recently protested at his continued surveillance, but what role has surveillance played in the lives of Kiwi LGBTs?

 Reviews: Bud is "like nothing you've seen before"
Posted in: Performance  4th April 2009
"Voyeurs will love it. Me? I felt a bit like a peeping tom, unsure if I really should be watching."

 Flight attendant speaks up... and wigs out
Posted in: Community  3rd April 2009
Pierre Godquin almost got suspended yesterday for wearing a wig, a pink scarf and handbag at work. Why? He's fighting for fairness in the job he loves.

 Here's Dynamo Go - download their album free!
Posted in: Music  2nd April 2009
An indie pop band from Hamilton with an out gay lead singer/guitarist is giving away their debut album to download.

 Tamati Coffey: "I'm glad to help Rainbow Youth"
Posted in: Television  31st March 2009
Dancing with the Stars' out gay dancer Tamati Coffey is a favourite to make it to the final show - which is great news for the youth network he's supporting.

 Check out the talent at Family's Speedo Night!
Posted in: Events  30th March 2009
LGBT phone support service OUTLine NZ has been hit by the recession - so it was time for the punters at Family bar to show off their 'stimulus packages'!