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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Review: Untouchable Girls - The Topp Twins Movie

Posted in: Movies
By Campbell Stodart - 7th April 2009

"A love letter to New Zealand" sums the Topp Twins Movie up beautifully. It's an emotional story sent to us from two very exceptional ladies.


The capacity audience last night at Sky City Theatre were more than ready for the much talked about and eagerly awaited Topp Twins Movie - Untouchable Girls and this magical piece of New Zealand film making left no one feeling disappointed.

The promotional material described the movie as part concept film, part biopic, part historical record and part comedy and the combination of these artful formats were a fantastic medium to paint an honest, real and entertaining portrait of Lynda and Jools' lives.

The early material highlighted the twins' involvement, commitment and passion for important issues facing our country, including the Nuclear Free Protests, Land occupation of Bastion Point, 1981 South African Springbok Tour and the Homosexual Reform Bill. This footage was linked with relaxed and candid monologues with key people involved in each event, adding to the overall feel and detail of the various causes the Topps 'rolled their sleeves up' on. Important Kiwi moments that shaped our future.

Their distinctive and much-loved musical career to date was displayed through a range of footage, not only local but also on the international stage as well. This was elegantly linked and narrated by their alter-egos; Camp Mother and Camp Leader, the two Kens, the Bowling Ladies and the ever so posh Prue and Dilly. These characters were made nationally recognisable through their TV show which ran over five years. These characters were always present on their tours and easily slotted into the various environments, be it an A&P Show in Methven , an Australian Folk Festival or even Charity Queen Rosie Horton's husband's birthday bash.

The film also acknowledged Jools' fight and recovery from breast cancer and showed this with a gentle reality and honesty that was truly moving. It also accentuated the incredible bond and love between two sisters, two friends and two women, the sheer truth in this part of the film was done with such grace and aroha. The extension of this was there strong link with their family and wonderful and candid interviews with the twins' parents and also with Jools' and Lynda's partners.

We do get caught up in our day-to-day world and all that is directly in front of us - Untouchable Girls provided a strong and genuine reminder of where we have come from, and the importance of our history in where we go, not only as gays and lesbians but as New Zealanders.

Untouchable Girls also sends a very clear message the Lynda and Jools are very committed and dedicated to New Zealand and we are extremely lucky to have the world's only comedic, country singing, yodelling, lesbian twin sisters here on our soil, a place they are proud to call home.

Untouchable Girls - Topp Twins the Movie is screening from Thursday 9 April through Rialto Cinemas nationwide and is well worth seeing more than once. Watch the official trailer below.

Campbell Stodart - 7th April 2009