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Submissions Received

Submissions to the Commission closed on 22 April 2008. All submissions received by the Commission have now been posted on the website. If you cannot find your submission, please call (09) 365 2748.

Submitters are listed alphabetically below. (It may take a couple of moments for the submissions to appear.) For further details on how to find certain submissions, and how to use the functions of this database, please follow instructions.

3438 results

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SubmitterSubjectReferenceAttending HearingPosted
-Aluckland local governanceONL7DX4JNyes Auckland City04/22 02:09pm Inc submission is attachedONL7DX7GXyes 04/22 04:39pm
ACENZSubmission to the Royal Commission of Auckland GovernanceONL7DX22Lyes Auckland City04/22 12:00pm
Achterberg, M.PSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Eyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Adams, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZX 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZW 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, DannySubmissionMAN-7EF4ZY 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, DianneSubmissionMAN-7EF35G 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, JoanneAUCKLAND GOVERNANCEONL7DWTW7 04/22 10:05am
Adams, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EKVKY 05/13 11:18am
Addison, JonAuckland GovernanceONL7DU7G3 04/19 04:38pm
Adler, RosemarySubmissionMAN-7EKVK8 05/13 11:18am
Age Concern Counties Manukau IncInclusion of all ages in decision making processesONL7DVUJJ 04/21 10:37am
Age Concern NZ IncSubmissionMAN-7EF4RB 05/08 02:12pm
Age Concern, Grey Power ( Auckland)SubmissionMAN-7EF4VW 05/08 02:12pm
Aggrey, A.J.SubmissionMAN-7EKVLSyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Agnew, SusanSubmissionMAN-7EKVE5yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Ahmed, FarazSubmissionMAN-7EF37X 05/08 02:12pm
Ahmu, AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF38A 05/08 02:12pm
Ainsworth, MarneyMajor changes are neededONL7DWCR3yes Auckland City04/21 09:08pm
Albany Community BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF39Hyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Albany Students' Association Inc.Albany Students' Association Inc. Submission to the Royal Co ... ONL7DX5TS 04/22 03:14pm
Alber, ErwinRoyal Commission on Auckland ONL7EMGW7 05/15 12:41am
Albert, ArthurAuckland GovernanceONL7DV5XW 04/20 03:21pm
Alcock, HelenRegional GovernanceONL7DPV8H 04/15 11:12am
Alcohol HealthwatchPublic Health perspective on Local GovernmentONL7DXTN6yes Auckland City04/23 09:52am
Alder, GrahamRoyal Comission on Auckland GovernanaceONL7DQ4MF 04/15 02:13pm
Alder, KathSubmissionMAN-7EVU7S 05/23 10:19am
Alderson, RlSubmissionMAN-7EF35J 05/08 02:12pm