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Making a Submission

The deadline for making submissions closed on 22 April 2008.  All submissions have been posted on the website in the "Submissions Received" section.

However, if you made a submission and did not receive an acknowledgement email with a reference number, it is possible that it was not successfully received.  To check this, please contact the Royal Commission on (09  365 2748), and if necessary, make another submission.

Submission Forms

Submissions need to be relevant to the Terms of Reference. All submitters must provide the name of the individual or organisation lodging the submission, and their contact details. 

Content of written and oral submissions

The Commission’s recommendations will be focused on the future. It is not within the scope of the Commission’s terms of reference to try to resolve current regional or local issues such as whether there should be a further harbour crossing, whether the metropolitan urban limits should be extended, or what decisions should be made relating to road, rail, and public transport.

The Commission’s interest is in decision-making structures and processes. We encourage submissions to be constructive, offering solutions, not just identifying problems. Wherever possible, please be clear about how your comments relate to governance structures, and use facts to back up your opinions and statements.


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