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Useful Links

Below are links to sites of interest or relevance to the work of the Royal Commission, including Auckland Councils, local government in NZ, radio interviews and magazine articles:

Auckland Councils:

Rodney District Council:

North Shore City Council:

Waitakere City Council:

Auckland City Council:

Manukau City Council:

Papakura District Council:

Franklin District Council:


Auckland Regional Council:


Local Government in New Zealand:  An overview of how local government works in NZ, and how to participate.


News Reports and Articles of Interest

Insight Radio documentary: Supersize Auckland 13 April, produced by Rowan Quinn. Includes interviews with Auckland Mayor John Banks, North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams, Heart of the City head Alex Sweeney, Manuaku Mayor Len Brown, Eden-Albert councillor Cathy Casey, Rodney Mayor Penny Webster, Chair of the Royal Commission, Peter Salmon, Chairman of Auckland Regional Council, Mike Lee, Auckland University academic Paul Rouse, and Prime Minister Helen Clark

Morning report item: Submissions on Auckland's Governance Radio report by Charlotte Graham; interviews with Commission Chair, Peter Salmon, and various Auckland mayors (Radio NZ National, March 5, 2008)     Transcript of Morning Report item

Waatea Radio interview [6th interview on the page] Willie Jackson interviews Commission Chair Peter Salmon about the implications for Maori of the possible change in local government arrangements in Auckland (Waatea 603AM, March 17, 2008)

'Future City' by Simon Farrell-Green and Frances Walsh (Metro magazine, April 2007)

'You Can't Be Too Pure' [page 2] by Jane Clifton (NZ Listener article, Aug 11, 2007)

'Cultivating Auckland' by Brian Easton (NZ Listener article, September 8, 2007)

'Dear Santa...Can we have a new Auckland?' by Bill Ralston (NZ Listener article, November 16, 2007)

'A Chance to Dream Big Again' by Tony Garnier (National Business Review, February 22. 2007)

'Why the Queen City Needs Change' by Tony Garnier (National Business Review, January 25, 2008)


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