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Site Map

Open Letter to the People of Auckland is an introductory overview of the role of the Royal Commission, written by Commissioners.

About the Commissioners profiles each of the Commissioners.

Outline of Issues contains the main text of the “Call for Submissions” document that outlines the issues and ambit of the Commission’s work. You can download as a PDF version here: Call for Submissions (PDF)*. This document is available in hard copy from councils and libraries in the Auckland region. 

If you want to make a submission, go to Making a Submission.  Here you will find forms which can be filled out online, and sent electronically to the Commission; or the forms can be printed and written, and then posted to the Royal Commission.

People who make submissions can also attend the Commission’s hearings. Details will be posted under Hearings.

Once the submissions close, they will be posted on the website here under Submissions Received.

The Terms of Reference, and relevant excerpts from the Local Government Act 2002, both provide a useful legal context for understanding the work of the Commission.

Questions and Answers provides a range of background information about aspects of the Commission’s work.

Media Releases lists the press releases from the Commission.

Useful Links connects you with websites of the various Auckland Councils.

Contact details for the Commission can be found under Contact Us.




The Royal Commission website has been specifically designed for people with disabilities. It has features that are aimed at people with visual impairment and those who prefer to use the keyboard than a mouse.

Navigating the site without a mouse

This site uses the standard HTML features for site wide navigation using the keyboard.  Listed below are the short-cut keys specific to this site. Other short-cut keys are standard, but vary from browser to browser. These keys will take you to any part of the site.  Once within the site you can use the TAB key to go from link to link.

Navigation Access keys

(Windows: use alt+[number]+Enter to use with IE5x. For Netscape 6x just use Alt+[number]. Macintosh: same as above but use 'ctrl' instead of 'alt'.)

Navigation Access keys are used within the site as follows:
Access key 1 = Home

Access key 2 = About this site

Access key 3 = Search

Access key 4 = About the Commissioners

Access key 5 = Open Letter to the People of Auckland

Access key 6 = Outline of Issues

Access key 7 = Current Governance

Access key 8 = Terms of Reference

Access key 9 = Contact Us

Access key ] = Questions and Answers

Access key \ = Making a Submission

Access key [ = Skip Link (to beginning of main content)

Access key / = (all-of-government portal)

Features for visually impaired users

The site has been structured to be screen reader compatible. You can also override most of the design features of the site, to change the font, font size, font colour, or background colours to suit your visual preferences.

Our aim is to be compatible with the HTML 4.01 standard and to limit browser-specific features as far as possible.



Privacy Statement

You may browse and access information contained within this web site without providing any personal information. Where you voluntarily provide personal information (e.g. through online forms), we will only use that information to undertake any transactions with you. We will keep any such information secure and will not disclose it to any third parties, except as authorised by statute. To view any personal information held by us, or if you have any concerns about personal information that we hold, please write to:

The Privacy Officer
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805




We make every reasonable effort to maintain current and accurate information on this site, and it has been assembled in good faith. All links and references to other websites, organisations or people are provided for the user's convenience only, and should not be taken as endorsement of those websites, or of the information contained in those websites, nor of organisations or people referred to.

If you'd like to comment on this site, or the information contained within it, please email us at:




Unless otherwise indicated, material featured on this website is subject to Crown copyright protection. This material may be used for personal or in-house use without fee or further permission. For permission to reproduce the material for any purpose other than personal or in-house use, contact us at:

In all cases, the material must be reproduced accurately and not be used in a misleading context. Where the material is being published or issued to others, the source of the material and its copyright status must be acknowledged.

The permission to use Crown copyright material does not extend to any material on this site that is identified as being the copyright of a third party. Authorisation to reproduce any such material must be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.


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