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Submissions Received

Submissions to the Commission closed on 22 April 2008. All submissions received by the Commission have now been posted on the website. If you cannot find your submission, please call (09) 365 2748.

Submitters are listed alphabetically below. (It may take a couple of moments for the submissions to appear.) For further details on how to find certain submissions, and how to use the functions of this database, please follow instructions.

3438 results

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SubmitterSubjectReferenceAttending HearingPosted
-Aluckland local governanceONL7DX4JNyes Auckland City04/22 02:09pm Inc submission is attachedONL7DX7GXyes 04/22 04:39pm
ACENZSubmission to the Royal Commission of Auckland GovernanceONL7DX22Lyes Auckland City04/22 12:00pm
Achterberg, M.PSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Eyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Adams, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZX 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZW 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, DannySubmissionMAN-7EF4ZY 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, DianneSubmissionMAN-7EF35G 05/08 02:12pm
Adams, JoanneAUCKLAND GOVERNANCEONL7DWTW7 04/22 10:05am
Adams, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EKVKY 05/13 11:18am
Addison, JonAuckland GovernanceONL7DU7G3 04/19 04:38pm
Adler, RosemarySubmissionMAN-7EKVK8 05/13 11:18am
Age Concern Counties Manukau IncInclusion of all ages in decision making processesONL7DVUJJ 04/21 10:37am
Age Concern NZ IncSubmissionMAN-7EF4RB 05/08 02:12pm
Age Concern, Grey Power ( Auckland)SubmissionMAN-7EF4VW 05/08 02:12pm
Aggrey, A.J.SubmissionMAN-7EKVLSyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Agnew, SusanSubmissionMAN-7EKVE5yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Ahmed, FarazSubmissionMAN-7EF37X 05/08 02:12pm
Ahmu, AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF38A 05/08 02:12pm
Ainsworth, MarneyMajor changes are neededONL7DWCR3yes Auckland City04/21 09:08pm
Albany Community BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF39Hyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Albany Students' Association Inc.Albany Students' Association Inc. Submission to the Royal Co ... ONL7DX5TS 04/22 03:14pm
Alber, ErwinRoyal Commission on Auckland ONL7EMGW7 05/15 12:41am
Albert, ArthurAuckland GovernanceONL7DV5XW 04/20 03:21pm
Alcock, HelenRegional GovernanceONL7DPV8H 04/15 11:12am
Alcohol HealthwatchPublic Health perspective on Local GovernmentONL7DXTN6yes Auckland City04/23 09:52am
Alder, GrahamRoyal Comission on Auckland GovernanaceONL7DQ4MF 04/15 02:13pm
Alder, KathSubmissionMAN-7EVU7S 05/23 10:19am
Alderson, RlSubmissionMAN-7EF35J 05/08 02:12pm
Aldridge, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EKVGFyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Aldridge, Helen DorothySubmissionMAN-7EF53Wyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Alexander, Anthony ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF3TD 05/08 02:12pm
Alexander, Grace & ErnieSubmissionMAN-7EF4LH 05/08 02:12pm
Alexander, John Governance of AucklandONL7DWC6W 04/21 08:39pm
Alexander, ThomasSubmissionMAN-7EKVLC 05/13 11:18am
Alford, F JSubmissionMAN-7EF3XE 05/08 02:12pm
Algies Bay Ratepayers & Residents AssociationAuckland GovernanceONL7DV8P4 04/20 05:40pm
Allan, Cedric Current Government Structure is Holding Auckland BackONL7DWV3W 04/22 11:05am
Allan, DianneSubmissionMAN-7EF4MW 05/08 02:12pm
Allan, HarrySubmissionMAN-7EF4Z9 05/08 02:12pm
Allaway, NSubmissionMAN-7EF4XC 05/08 02:12pm
Allbury, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EVSVD 05/23 09:09am
Allen, JohnAuckland GovernanceONL7DW838 04/21 05:09pm
Allen, MikeSubmissionMAN-7DX4J2yes Auckland City04/22 02:07pm
Alley, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EKVBXyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Allison, RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3JJ 05/08 02:12pm
Almond, JenniferFranklin District's FutureONL7DV77T 04/20 04:25pm
Ammand, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4YU 05/08 02:12pm
AMP Capital Investors (NZ) LimitedSubmission attached belowONL7DX4L8yes 04/22 02:11pm
ANALYTICASubmission from ANALYTICAONL7DV86Gyes Auckland City04/20 05:14pm
Anderson (Mrs), AnnRoyal CommissionONL7DW529yes Franklin District04/21 02:33pm
Anderson, Ann (Mrs)Royal CommissionONL7DW6JKyes Franklin District04/21 03:51pm
Anderson, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EVSZ3 05/23 09:09am
Anderson, ErrolOverviewONL7DX4EQ 04/22 02:02pm
Anderson, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF4P2 05/08 02:12pm
Anderson, JohnRoyal CommissionONL7DW7A2yes Franklin District04/21 04:28pm
Anderson, KirstenSubmissionMAN-7EVSVH 05/23 09:09am
Anderson, Marcia & JohnSubmissionMAN-7EVSUP 05/23 09:09am
Anderson, T JSubmissionMAN-7EF4WY 05/08 02:12pm
Andeson, ChrisSubmissionMAN-7EF4SX 05/08 02:12pm
Andreassen, MaryAuckland GovernanceONL7DXCRK 04/22 09:09pm
Andrew Body LimitedSubmissionONL7DX42Vyes Auckland City04/22 01:43pm
Andrew, Leanne & JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3YZ 05/08 02:12pm
Andrew, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF3GA 05/08 02:12pm
Andrew, PaulaSubmissionMAN-7EF3X5 05/08 02:12pm
Andrew, RhondaSubmissionMAN-7EF3KJ 05/08 02:12pm
Andrews, AwhinaSubmissionMAN-7EKVKH 05/13 11:18am
Andricksen, Rosie & PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF4L6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
AnonSubmissionMAN-7DX4JY 04/22 02:07pm
Anon, AnonSubmissionMAN-7DX4KR 04/22 02:07pm
Anon, AnonSubmissionMAN-7DX4KS 04/22 02:07pm
Anonymoussubmission ONL7DX6JH 04/22 03:51pm
AnonymousSubmissionONL7E7T3H 05/01 09:22am
AnonymousSubmissionMAN-7EF36V 05/08 02:12pm
AnonymousOne Super CityMAN-7EF3N2 05/08 02:12pm
AnonymousFranklin DistrictMAN-7EF3T8 05/08 02:12pm
AnonymousSubmissionMAN-7EF4P3 05/08 02:12pm
AnonymousChecks And BalancesMAN-7ELVHP 05/14 11:27am
AnonymousSubmissionMAN-7F3V52 05/29 11:07am
AnonymousThe Future Of AucklandONL7DTENV 04/18 10:47pm
Ansin, PamSubmissionMAN-7EKVCFyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Ansiw, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EKVBLyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Ansley, Craig FrederickSubmissionMAN-7EF4UJyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Ansley, Erica EllenSubmissionMAN-7EF3E7 05/08 02:12pm
Antony, Angela DorothySubmissionMAN-7EF39K 05/08 02:12pm
Aotea Community Art CentreSubmissionMAN-7EF3N5 05/08 02:12pm
Aotea Community Artz TrustThe Democratic right of citizens to elect their local repres ... ONL7DUUKWyes Auckland City04/20 10:39am
Aotea Enterprises Ltd ( The Clan's Centre)SubmissionMAN-7EF3N7yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Aotea Enterprises (The Claris Centre)SubmissionMAN-7EF3NM 05/08 02:12pm
Aotea Family Support Group Charitable TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF3QAyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Aotea Holistic Healing Great Barrier Island Charitable TrustSubmissionONL7DWVPV 04/22 11:37am
Apperley, Coral ASubmissionMAN-7EF3YJ 05/08 02:12pm
Appleton, MarieSubmissionMAN-7EF3E8 05/08 02:12pm
Arbury, JoshuaSubmission on local governance structure in AucklandONL7CKDAU 03/09 10:37pm
Archaeological Association IncSubmissionMAN-7EF4SA 05/08 02:12pm
Archer, TimSuper-city proposal promising but scope is too broadONL7DFVRQ 04/07 11:40am
Archibald, Erica & IanSubmissionMAN-7EF3NG 05/08 02:12pm
Arden, Colin & GloriaSubmissionMAN-7EF43H 05/08 02:12pm
Ardorn, Bryce MiltonSubmissionMAN-7EF44Xyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ardouin, JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF4YG 05/08 02:12pm
AREDAAuckland Regional Economic Development AssociationONL7DWUX2yes 04/22 10:57am
Armstrong, AndreaSubmisssionONL7DCECL 04/03 11:31pm
Armstrong, JSubmissionMAN-7EF3XG 05/08 02:12pm
Armstrong, PeterSubmissionONL7DCEDP 04/03 11:33pm
Armstrong, SarahFranklin District CouncilONL7CGVE6 03/07 12:21pm
, ArnoldSubmissionMAN-7EKVHRyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
ARPASSAuckland Regional Physical Activity and Sports Trust submiss ... ONL7DX4XKyes 04/22 02:29pm
Arrol, SharonKeep the local form of government as it is.ONL7DSRGB 04/18 08:00am
Arthur-Roche, JoeSubmissionMAN-7EKVHQyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Arthur, Ben & PearlSubmissionMAN-7EF38Nyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Arthur, DelwynAuckland GovernanceONL7DT74B 04/18 04:19pm
Arthur, HeatherSubmissionMAN-7EVSVR 05/23 09:09am
Arthur, MichaelAuckland GovernanceONL7DBA2N 04/02 07:50pm
Arts Advocates AucklandAuckland Governance as it affects the Arts and Creative Sect ... ONL7EW4PF 05/23 02:16pm
Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa (Creative New Zealand)Achieving World-Class Cultural Infrastructure for AucklandONL7DX63Syes Auckland City04/22 03:27pm
Arvidson, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4SVyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Arvidson, Sally E.C.JSubmissionMAN-7EF4SM 05/08 02:12pm
ASB Community Trust Auckland Governance Strcuture - concerns with the current st ... ONL7DW6DZyes Auckland City04/21 03:43pm
Aspinall, JoyceSubmissionMAN-7EF36T 05/08 02:12pm
Association of University StaffSubmission for the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX4CV 04/22 01:59pm
Astley, Douglas AllenAs belowONL7DW7M4yes 04/21 04:46pm
Atkin, H.F And P.SSubmissionMAN-7EF3SV 05/08 02:12pm
Atkins, Michele AtkinsSubmissionMAN-7EF4TP 05/08 02:12pm
Atkinson, DerekSubmissionMAN-7DX4K4 04/22 02:07pm
Attendee of a Hui held at Waitakere City CouncilSubmissionMAN-7EF4QFyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Aubertin, SimonneSubmissionMAN-7EKVEVyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Auckland Alliance partyGovernance OverviewONL7DX7WEyes Waitakere City04/22 05:01pm
Auckland CBD Residents' Advisory Group IncSubmissionONL7E5VGSyes Auckland City04/29 11:26am
Auckland Chamber of CommerceAuckland Chamber submission attachedONL7DX34Syes Auckland City04/22 12:55pm
Auckland City CouncilAuckland City Council submissionONL7DX6QHyes Auckland City04/22 04:00pm
Auckland Conservation BoardManagement And Protection Of The EnvironmentONL7DX6HJyes Waitakere City04/22 03:49pm
Auckland District Council of Social ServiceSubmissionMAN-7EF4NUyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Auckland District Health BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF3P8 05/08 02:12pm
Auckland Energy Consumer TrustPlease See AttachedONL7DX63Myes Auckland City04/22 03:27pm
Auckland Gliding ClubSubmission in support of the Papakura District Council's (PD ... ONL7DVBZZ 04/20 08:31pm
Auckland HArbour Users AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3VP 05/08 02:12pm
Auckland International Airport LtdSubmissionONL7E5UV7yes 04/29 10:54am
Auckland Major Arts OrganisationsSubmissionMAN-7EF4RJ 05/08 02:12pm
Auckland Museum InstituteAuckland Museum and InstituteONL7DX6G5yes Auckland City04/22 03:47pm
Auckland Museum Trust BoardSee attached documentONL7DVRJUyes Auckland City04/21 08:04am
Auckland Observatory and Planetarium Trust BoardSubmissionONL7E5UJT 04/29 10:38am
Auckland Region and Far North Community Boards IncorporatedLG that enables people to influence what happens in their st ... ONL7E89AAyes Auckland City05/01 06:11pm
Auckland Regional CouncilAuckland Regional Council - Submission to the Royal Commissi ... ONL7DY5VYyes Auckland City04/23 03:18pm
Auckland Regional HoldingsAuckland Regional Holdings - SubmissionONL7DX4QTyes Auckland City04/22 02:18pm
Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS)Current governance of AucklandONL7DWUNByes Auckland City04/22 10:43am
Auckland Regional Public Health ServiceRoyal Commission's QuestionsONL7DYUCYyes Auckland City04/24 10:28am
Auckland Regional Transport AuthoritySubmissionONL7EC7M4yes 05/05 04:46pm
Auckland Rescue Helicopter TrustAuckland Resuce Helicopter Trust ONL7DG49Gyes Auckland City04/07 01:54pm
Auckland Tuvaluan Society IncAuckland Local and Regional GovernanceONL7DW6PH 04/21 03:59pm
Auckland University Tramping ClubRegional ParksONL7DX4A2 04/22 01:55pm
Auckland Volcanic Cones SocietySubmissionMAN-7EF3G9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Auckland, Mt Roskill Community BoardSubmission from the Mt Roskill Community BoardONL7DX4R7yes Auckland City04/22 02:19pm
Aukland Regional Public Health ServiceSubmissionMAN-7EF3NUyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Austin, AileenSubmissionMAN-7EF3TUyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Austring, DeeSubmissionMAN-7EKVLL 05/13 11:18am
Austring, Diana MarleneSubmissionMAN-7EN2XU 05/15 12:47pm
Automobile AssociationGovernance of Auckland TransportONL7DX4E9yes Auckland City04/22 02:01pm
Awhitier Te Whanau Pari Trust/WhanauSubmissionMAN-7EF3MKyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Awhitu EnterpriseThis submission is being presented so that the commission is ... ONL7DWCN3yes Franklin District04/21 09:04pm
Awhitu Peninsula Landcare IncFranklin/Awhitu Peninsula Governance issuesONL7DW4K9yes Franklin District04/21 02:09pm
Axis Consultants Resource Consents, District plans, Engineering Standards, St ... ONL7DX7VRyes North Shore City04/22 05:00pm
Axis Survey Consultants LtdIntroduction & Current GovernanceONL7DX6PN 04/22 03:59pm
Axlens, Geoffrey ErnestSubmissionMAN-7EF3VW 05/08 02:12pm
Ayers, Shirley AnneRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWU5P 04/22 10:17am
Aylward, Margaret JoySubmissionMAN-7EF39Fyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Ayton, KeithIdeas for a better AucklandONL7DVUDD 04/21 10:29am
Baber, ChrisIncluding Papakura City in an Auckland Super CityONL7DR743 04/16 04:19pm
Baber, Vera & JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF36Q 05/08 02:12pm
Backbourn, LynetteSubmissionMAN-7EF3E9 05/08 02:12pm
Backstrom, CherylSubmissionMAN-7EF4L5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bagasra, MustanSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZC 05/08 02:12pm
Bagrie, Joseph Papakura CouncilONL7DSBYA 04/17 08:29pm
Bagrie, Ron RichardPlease leave Papakura City as it is.ONL7DP44W 04/14 01:47pm
Bailey, WendyAuckland GovernanceONL7DX69Nyes 04/22 03:36pm
Baillie, Janet KSubmissionMAN-7EF3GN 05/09 03:40pm
Baillie, John NSubmissionMAN-7EF3GP 05/08 02:12pm
Bainbridge, WayneSubmissionMAN-7DX4JT 04/22 02:07pm
Bakary, Sherryn ESubmissionMAN-7EF3CV 05/08 02:12pm
Baker, FrancesSubmissionMAN-7EF38Jyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Baker, John MarsdenAuckland GovernanceONL7DV84Q 04/20 05:11pm
Baker, Marcia JuneAuckland GovernanceONL7DV96Y 04/20 06:06pm
Bales, HSubmissionMAN-7EF44Syes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Ball, Chris And ChristineRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6RH 04/22 04:02pm
Ball, FrancisSubmissionMAN-7EKVGW 05/13 11:18am
Ball, George RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3K6 05/08 02:12pm
Ball, Johnauckland governanceONL7DR2V8 04/16 12:43pm
Ball, Martintiers of governmentONL7CU87T 03/18 06:16pm
Ball, MartinAuckland GovernanceONL7DPVNJ 04/15 11:35am
Bancroft, F ISubmissionMAN-7EF377 05/08 02:12pm
Bancroft, HSubmissionMAN-7EF379 05/08 02:12pm
Baragwanath, DamonSubmissionMAN-7EVSV7yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Baragwanath, JudithSubmissionMAN-7EF44Eyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Baragwanath, KarinSubmissionMAN-7EF52R 05/08 02:12pm
Barber, Jae (Joseph H.A)SubmissionMAN-7EF3WM 05/08 02:12pm
Barker, DavidAuckland Governance SubmissionONL7DSDJL 04/17 09:49pm
Barlow, Denise KathleenAuckland city governanceONL7DWDH8 04/21 09:47pm
Barlow, Geoffrey WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF4QD 05/08 02:12pm
Barnard, Graeme EustaceAll questionsONL7DW884yes Waitakere City04/21 05:16pm
Barnes, RossGeneral Local Government OrganisationONL7DVA39yes 04/20 06:51pm
Barnett, JSubmissionMAN-7EF4X7 05/08 02:12pm
Barnett, MSubmissionMAN-7EF4X8 05/08 02:12pm
Barrack, Bruce GraburnSubmissionMAN-7EF3WLyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Barrett, AndreaSubmissionMAN-7EF42Q 05/08 02:12pm
Barrett, AngelaSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZM 05/08 02:12pm
Barrett, Gordon TrevorSubmissionMAN-7EF3KCyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Barrett, KarenSave our Papakura District, pleaseONL7DW9DC 04/21 06:16pm
Barrett, Merleregional governanceONL7DE44E 04/05 02:46pm
Barrett, PSubmissionMAN-7EF4Z3 05/08 02:12pm
Barriball, KathrynSubmissionMAN-7EF3H7yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Barriball, Susan (Sue) .A.We DO NOT want our future to lie with Auckland.ONL7DT47W 04/18 01:51pm
Barrier Dental ( The Islands Dentist)SubmissionMAN-7EF3NB 05/08 02:12pm
Barrier Dental (Company Secy)SubmissionMAN-7EF3N9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Barrister And Solicitor (Barrister Sole)SubmissionMAN-7EF3PUyes Auckland City05/12 03:43pm
Barrowcliffe, PhilipSay in development of Norht Shore CityONL7DXANQ 04/22 07:22pm
Barry Hart ChambersCentral Local BodyONL7DX6LFyes Rodney District04/22 03:54pm
Barry Hart ChambersCentral Local BodyONL7DX6SXyes Rodney District04/22 04:04pm
Barter, JillSubmissionMAN-7EF3TX 05/08 02:12pm
Bartom, MjSubmissionMAN-7EKVLD 05/13 11:18am
Barton Jp, Donna LSubmissionMAN-7EF34W 05/08 02:12pm
Barton, Ian LeonardFranklin District boundart and place in proposed systemONL7DT4K6yes Franklin District04/18 02:09pm
Barton, JuneSubmissionMAN-7EF3U5 05/08 02:12pm
Bashska, FermidaSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZZ 05/08 02:12pm
Bassermann, UteSubmissionMAN-7EF4L7 05/08 02:12pm
Bassermann, UteSubmissionMAN-7EVSV4 05/23 09:09am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Bassett, MichaelMy SubmissionONL7DVUMK 04/21 10:42am
Bassett, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7DX4HQ 04/22 02:07pm
Bates, ManjuSubmissionMAN-7EKVKS 05/13 11:18am
Bates, PremSubmissionMAN-7EKVJA 05/13 11:18am
Batten, Christine MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3KW 05/08 02:12pm
Baucher, TerryIn summary I am in favour of the current structure but with ... ONL7DX38P 04/22 01:01pm
Baudine, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF38V 05/08 02:12pm
Bauld, RossAttachedONL7DX63F 04/22 03:27pm
Baxter, NoeleneRODNEY DISTRICT COUNCILONL7DWSS4 04/22 09:07am
Bayner, GillianSubmissionMAN-7EVSVT 05/23 09:09am
Bayswater Community CommitteeBayswater Community Committee submissionONL7DW97Kyes North Shore City04/21 06:07pm
BDO Marketing and Business SolutionsRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX4HCyes 04/22 02:06pm
Beach Haven Birkdale Residents Assoc. (Inc)Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWVY6 04/22 11:50am
Beacon PathwaySubmissionMAN-7EF3PPyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Beardon, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF3DNyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Beardon, ColinSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Beare, Francis James & Elizabeth JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF3UEyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Beatson, TerrySubmissionMAN-7EF4PE 05/08 02:12pm
Beauchamp, DanSubmissionMAN-7EKVDUyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Beauchamp, RobynSubmissionMAN-7EF3KSyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Beaumont, D ASubmissionMAN-7EF3XU 05/08 02:12pm
Beaumont, MichaelCentrailised Administration of the Auckland CouncilsONL7DQ3PL 04/15 01:25pm
Beaumont, PbSubmissionMAN-7EF3HR 05/08 02:12pm
Beazer, Theresa AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF3W5 05/08 02:12pm
Beban, JaniceGovernance of AucklandONL7DX3HT 04/22 01:16pm
Bebbington, Catherine JoanFranklin DistrictONL7DW5SH 04/21 03:12pm
Becker, KenRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW49K 04/21 01:54pm
Beck, Peter WortleySubmissionMAN-7EF3WV 05/08 02:12pm
Becroft, GenevieveSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWTJW 04/22 09:47am
Beever, MartinSubmissionMAN-7EF4LJ 05/08 02:12pm
Beever, WendySubmissionMAN-7EF4M4 05/08 02:12pm
Begg, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF4PRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Beggs, TrevorSubmissionMAN-7EF3DM 05/08 02:12pm
Behan-Kith, EugeneSubmissionMAN-7EKVK9 05/13 11:18am
Bellaney, PatDemocracy.ONL7EM8RG 05/14 05:44pm
Bell, Carolyn JuneRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWUCQ 04/22 10:28am
Bell, ChrisSubmissionMAN-7EF385 05/08 02:12pm
Bell, ChristinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4SQ 05/08 02:12pm
Bell, Elizabeth L & Robin AAuckland governance submissionONL7DV6JS 04/20 03:51pm
Bell, George And CarolA.R.C No Control In RodneyONL7DX6RC 04/22 04:02pm
Bell, George & CarolA.R.C. - No Control in RodneyONL7DX6JA 04/22 03:50pm
Bell, John & FayeSubmissionMAN-7EF3W6 05/08 02:12pm
Bell, Lynda & WarrenSubmissionMAN-7EF3WE 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Bell, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF37G 05/08 02:12pm
Bell, Stanley AustenCommunity boards essential participation in the future gover ... ONL7DWTKMyes Auckland City04/22 09:48am
Belworthy, Anna-MarieSuper Council - Including Papakura.ONL7DWUAD 04/22 10:24am
Benge, Cliff & MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF4SZ 05/08 02:12pm
Benge, RSubmissionMAN-7EF54U 05/08 02:12pm
Bennett, BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF3RJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bennett, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF3QSyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bennett, RaewynEstablishing Maori RepresentationONL7DWVRYyes 04/22 11:40am
Beretta, CliveSubmissionMAN-7EF37B 05/08 02:12pm
Berman, Judithdivision of areasONL7DW7ZC 04/21 05:06pm
Bernhardt, JohannOne council for the whole regionONL7DQTX7 04/16 10:06am
Berridge, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3FY 05/08 02:12pm
Berridge, Sheila GordonSubmissionMAN-7EF3FZ 05/08 02:12pm
Berry, John CharlesFive general comments on a revised Auckland local government ... ONL7DT67B 04/18 03:33pm
Better Democracy BCIRONL7EMBYM 05/14 08:29pm
Bett, PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EF429 05/08 02:12pm
Beyer, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EF53Ryes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Bidalle, KeithSubmissionMAN-7EF4YH 05/08 02:12pm
Bielby, BrentSubmissionONL7DX8EL 04/22 05:27pm
Biell, Thelma DoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZY 05/08 02:12pm
Billingham, SteveGreat Barrier Island Community Board ONL7DWVKK 04/22 11:30am
Bim, JiriSubmissionMAN-7EKVLN 05/13 11:18am
Bingham, Judith AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF4VS 05/08 02:12pm
Binova, Angela MariaSubmissionMAN-7EF55Byes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Binsley, Robin MarySubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DVV8X 04/21 11:13am
Bint, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF4ST 05/08 02:12pm
Birch, ShonaSubmissionMAN-7EKVL7 05/13 11:18am
Bird Anderson, Johnella LeelaSubmissionMAN-7EF4R7 05/08 02:12pm
Bird, Kevin PeterRoyal Commission on Auckland - Governance structures and iss ... ONL7DTV3Ryes 05/02 10:39am
Bird, RonGreater Auckland CouncilONL7DUS8Z 04/20 08:39am
Birkenhead-Northcote Community BoardSubmission - Birkenhead-Northcote Community BoardONL7DX3JXyes North Shore City04/22 01:18pm
Birkenhead Residents AssociationRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DREL6 04/16 10:43pm
Bisset, Bruce William AllanRoyal Commission SubmissionONL7DVTS3 04/21 09:58am
Black, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF3S8 05/08 02:12pm
Black, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF3FMyes Franklin City05/08 02:12pm
Blackford, CarollynSubmission ONL7DWD3U 04/21 09:26pm
Black, James RobertsonSee attached documentONL7DU846 04/19 05:10pm
Black, Judith RosanneSubmissionMAN-7EF3VD 05/08 02:12pm
Blackman, TinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4R8 05/08 02:12pm
Blackstock, PatsySubmissionMAN-7EF3QVyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Black, T LSubmissionMAN-7EF44P 05/08 02:12pm
Blackwell, Beverley MarySubmissionMAN-7EF4WL 05/08 02:12pm
Blackwell, CharlieSubmissionMAN-7EF3QGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Blackwell, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3L7yes 05/08 02:12pm
Blackwell, Leslie Victor CampbellSubmissionMAN-7EF4WM 05/08 02:12pm
Blackwell, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3WTyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Blackwell, WinnieSubmissionMAN-7EF3NEyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Blackwood, MarjorieRetain councils as they areONL7DX8A8 04/22 05:20pm
Blair, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EVSWW 05/23 09:09am
Blakeborough, M ASubmissionMAN-7EF38W 05/08 02:12pm
Blanchard, FredaSubmissionMAN-7EVSZQ 05/23 09:09am
Blanchard, George WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q2 05/08 02:12pm
Blanchard, MichelleSubmissionMAN-7EF3RZ 05/08 02:12pm
Blaom, Anthony & ThyraSubmissionMAN-7EF4KZ 05/08 02:12pm
Blincko, Linda Royal Commission on local governmentONL7DX6YSyes 04/22 04:14pm
Blockhouse Bay Chinese AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3VA 05/08 02:12pm
Boardman, MurraySubmission AttachedONL7DVVHYyes Auckland City04/21 11:27am
Bodington, Grace AliceSubmissionMAN-7EF3KV 05/08 02:12pm
Boghurst, EileenSubmissionMAN-7EF3SDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bolam, HSubmissionMAN-7EF3ML 05/08 02:12pm
Boland, AndreaSubmissionMAN-7EVSYL 05/23 09:09am
Boland, MauriceSubmissionMAN-7DX4HR 04/22 02:07pm
Bollen Prior-Bollen, P T & N TSubmissionMAN-7EF3BQ 05/08 02:12pm
Boltman, V HSubmissionMAN-7EF3JGyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Bone, Jane Planning and the environmentONL7DP2DT 04/14 12:18pm
Boorene, KelySubmissionMAN-7EKVFTyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Boot, ChristinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4XZ 05/08 02:12pm
Booth, N.F.LSubmissionMAN-7EKVJC 05/13 11:18am
Bootle, RoySubmissionMAN-7EF3CK 05/08 02:12pm
Boot, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF4Y2 05/08 02:12pm
Borchert, JamesSubmissionONL7DWS8T 04/22 08:39am
Bord, GertrudeSubmissionMAN-7EF3YV 05/08 02:12pm
Bosman, Marianne general governanceONL7DVVFM 04/21 11:24am
Bosnyak, SteveAuckland AmalgamationONL7DWVFW 04/22 11:24am
Bosselmann, KlausSupport for major reforms of Auckland's governance ONL7DW2C8yes Auckland City04/21 12:16pm
Boston, AndySubmissionMAN-7EVSXX 05/23 09:09am
Bostwick, GlendaLocal Government ReformONL7DX6CY 04/22 03:42pm
Boswell, RossProposal for minor realignment of the boundary between Auckl ... ONL7DN83R 04/13 05:09pm
Botany Community BoardSubmission on Auckland Regional GovernanceONL7DW4CG 04/21 01:59pm
Botha, RynoRoyal Commission Rodney DistrictONL7DWSHM 04/22 08:53am
Boulton, JenniSubmissionMAN-7EF4R4yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Bowden, David TimothyRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW6HG 04/21 03:49pm
Bowers-Rakatau, Julie ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF3RByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bowles, Pauline & TrevorSubmissionMAN-7DX4JN 04/22 02:07pm
Boyle, LeilaAuckland's Regional Governance - by Leila BoyleONL7DX649yes Auckland City04/22 03:28pm
Boys, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF4LRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Brabant, AlanLocal Govt.ONL7DX38Z 04/22 01:02pm
Brabant, Ngaire SylviaRef no: ONL7DN3WJONL7DX7L4 04/22 04:44pm
Brabazon, William Alston BovairdFuture Auckland GovernanceONL7DK4ZF 04/10 02:32pm
Brackley, ToddEnsure local decision making, devolved central decision maki ... ONL7DWBRW 04/21 08:18pm
Bradbury, BarbaraDevonportONL7DTRQC 04/19 08:13am
Bradford, Dale FrankSubmissionMAN-7EF4RK 05/08 02:12pm
Bradley, Audrey & EricSubmissionMAN-7EF36M 05/08 02:12pm
Bradley, Brett Charters Self Governace for the people of Waitakere CityONL7CJ4GHyes Waitakere City03/08 03:05pm
Bradley, William PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF4NRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Brady, Ena Mary JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF3KQ 05/08 02:12pm
Braithwaite, MarcusAuckland governance and the fate of Rodney District CouncilONL7DX3Q7 04/22 01:26pm
Bramble, Allan & SharonSubmissionMAN-7EF3HL 05/08 02:12pm
Branch, KenSubmissionMAN-7EF4VJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bravery, LeslieSubmissionMAN-7EF4T6 05/08 02:12pm
Braxton, FredSee attaced documentONL7DTUNJ 04/19 10:44am
Bray, DebbieSubmissionMAN-7EKVFJyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Bray, Debra MichelleSubmissionMAN-7EF4U9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Bray, Jason & StellaSubmissionMAN-7EF37A 05/08 02:12pm
Breakthrough Church Academic ForumSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX5T8yes Auckland City04/22 03:13pm
Breakthrough Church Academic ForumSubmission To The Royal Commission On Auckland GovernanceONL7DX5VG 04/22 03:17pm
Breakthrough Church Academic ForumSubmission To The Royal Commission On Auckland GovernanceONL7DX5WZ 04/22 03:19pm
Breakthrough Church Academic ForumSubmission To The Royal Commission On Auckland GovernanceONL7DX5ZDyes Waitakere City04/22 03:23pm
Brealey, AnnaThe One and the ManyONL7DT7JX 04/18 04:43pm
Brennan, Marta & LeonardSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZR 05/08 02:12pm
Bretherton, Neil CharlesSubmissionMAN-7DX4JP 04/22 02:07pm
Brian, SubmissionMAN-7EF4Y6 05/08 02:12pm
Bridger, GrantSubmissionMAN-7EKVF9yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Brierley, KennethLocal governmentONL7DWC65 04/21 08:38pm
Broadbent, GlennSmall is goodONL7DW3K4 04/21 01:18pm
Broadfoot, Olga MSubmissionMAN-7EF369 05/08 02:12pm
Broadhead, WarwickSubmissionMAN-7EF3RKyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Brockelbank, Judith MarionSubmissionMAN-7EF4KN 05/08 02:12pm
Brock, LyndsaySubmissionMAN-7DX4JZ 04/22 02:07pm
Broome, Isaac Future Governance structure for AucklandONL7CFBCJ 03/05 08:57pm
Brosnahan, JoSubmission attachedONL7DWHKG 04/22 01:15am
Brown, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EKVDT 05/13 11:17am
Brown, Barry James Britten.ONL7DX3T3 04/22 01:31pm
Brown, Charles DixonSubmissionMAN-7EF4LU 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, Craig AdamSubmissionMAN-7EF3EKyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Brown, Elizabeth Alison CrawfordFranklin's place in AucklandONL7DX6G2 04/22 03:47pm
Browne, NicholasSubmissionMAN-7EF4KW 05/08 02:12pm
Browne, PenelopeSubmissionMAN-7EF4MVyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Browne, SylviaSubmissionMAN-7EF4R9 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, EvelynSubmissionMAN-7EF4LV 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, GraemeSubmissionMAN-7EF3XQ 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, Hahi HSubmissionMAN-7EF3D3yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Brown, LamondSubmissionMAN-7EKVC3yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Brown, LindaRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7D46J9 03/26 04:50pm
Brown, M J & P ASubmissionMAN-7EF3AK 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, Malcolm NealDo I wish to be part of the City of Auckland?ONL7DR26X 04/16 12:07pm
Brown, Mary CeceliaSubmissionMAN-7EF3S3 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EF3HX 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, PenelopeSubmissionMAN-7EVSXU 05/23 09:09am
Brown, RSubmissionMAN-7EF3S7 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, RichardSubmissionMAN-7EF4MF 05/08 02:12pm
Brown, RosemaryRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW8XA 04/21 05:54pm
Brown, RossSubmissionMAN-7EF3HWyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Brown, R. H.SubmissionMAN-7EN7HL 05/15 04:40pm
Brown, WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF4RW 05/08 02:12pm
Bruce-Smith, JoanneSubmissionMAN-7EF3H2 05/08 02:12pm
Bryant, RogerSubmissionMAN-7EF54Xyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Buchanan, Peteramended submission (original submission ~ 20:43 )ONL7DUCSX 04/19 09:11pm
Buckland, Peter John SegarSubmissionMAN-7EF3C4yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Bucklands & Eastern Beaches Ratepayers & Residents AssociationSubmission attachedONL7DWDPHyes 04/21 09:57pm
Buckley, BarryRegional and local governanceONL7DQ438 04/15 01:44pm
Buck, RonaldSubmissionMAN-7EF3WD 05/08 02:12pm
BuilderSubmissionMAN-7EF3LB 05/08 02:12pm
Buist, David RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3BA 05/08 02:12pm
Bullock, GinnySubmissionMAN-7EF3UZ 05/08 02:12pm
Burge, Alison WoodwardSubmissionMAN-7EF3VGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Burgess, LawrenceSubmissionMAN-7EF3U6 05/08 02:12pm
Burgess, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF3U4 05/08 02:12pm
Burgess, SylviaSubmissionMAN-7EF42P 05/08 02:12pm
Burgin, Carole SandraAre you happy with the form of local government in AucklandONL7DQ3JE 04/15 01:17pm
Burke, Gwenda RoseSubmissionMAN-7EF4UF 05/08 02:12pm
Burke, KateGovernance Auckland CityONL7DBSXL 04/03 10:16am
Burke, Kevin RichardsSubmissionMAN-7EF4U5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Burke, Robert FentonSubmissionMAN-7EF3VF 05/08 02:12pm
Burnham, Tony JohnGovernance of PapakuraONL7DW6NF 04/21 03:57pm
Burnside, David ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF39B 05/08 02:12pm
Burns, RosemarySubmissionMAN-7EVSX4 05/23 09:09am
Burroughs, Linda Mary CeciliaSubmissionMAN-7EF53Gyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Burroughs, SusanSubmissionMAN-7EKVL2 05/13 11:18am
Burrows, IanSubmissionMAN-7EF54D 05/08 02:12pm
Burrows, TonyAmalgamation of Rodney DistrictONL7DT5AX 04/18 02:47pm
Burtenshaw, Ross RedversSubmissionONL7DX6B4 04/22 03:39pm
Burton, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF4XP 05/08 02:12pm
Burton, SamuelSubmissionMAN-7EF4XR 05/08 02:12pm
Burton, TrudySubmissionMAN-7EF4XM 05/08 02:12pm
Bush, Graham William ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF3LSyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Butler, Brandt PaulPapakura's SubmissionONL7DE8HG 04/05 06:31pm
Butler, MareeGovernance of AucklandONL7DUA97 04/19 07:01pm
Butler, SuzanneAuckland GovernanceONL7DUCEA 04/19 08:51pm
Butter, BerniceSubmissionMAN-7EKVFHyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Buxton, Howard And AlisonSubmissionMAN-7EF3PXyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Byrne, ShonaghSubmissionMAN-7EKVKJ 05/13 11:18am
Bywater, JonSubmissionMAN-7EVSWP 05/23 09:09am
Cabart, ClaudineSubmissionMAN-7EF55Lyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Cairns, GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3Z9 05/08 02:12pm
Calbert, RodgerSubmissionMAN-7EF3YT 05/08 02:12pm
Caldicott, CrispinRoyal CommissionONL7DQ6NS 04/15 03:58pm
Caldicott, CrispinRoyal Commission - Existence Of Rodney DcONL7DW7DL 04/21 04:34pm
Callis, Anthony JohnSubmissionONL7DWCRTyes Manukau City04/21 09:10pm
Cameron, BruceSubmissionMAN-7EVSZT 05/23 09:09am
Cameron, RowanaThe form of local governmentONL7DX6P3 04/22 03:58pm
Campbell, Joan Auckland GovernanceONL7DWV26 04/22 11:02am
Campbell, Lew, Kat & LexSubmissionMAN-7EF35C 05/08 02:12pm
Campbell, M AllisonSubmissionMAN-7EF3AP 05/08 02:12pm
Campbells Bay Residents & Ratepayers AssocSubmission by Campbells Bay Residents and Ratepayers Associa ... ONL7DW5A9yes 04/21 02:46pm
Caples, Heather & TerrySubmissionMAN-7EF36F 05/08 02:12pm
Carlisle & Schaab, Murray & PhilippaSubmissionMAN-7EF43R 05/08 02:12pm
Carpenter, Brian EdwardOne unitary council is enoughONL7DWTDK 04/22 09:38am
Carroll, JanSubmissionMAN-7EVSWJ 05/23 09:09am
Carter, BarryRefer attached submissionONL7DWDJ2 04/21 09:48pm
Carter, Gerald & CaroleSubmissionMAN-7EF3MN 05/08 02:12pm
Carter, JillianGreen Belt Implemented & Rail to AirportONL7CMW3H 03/12 12:55pm
Carter, JoySubmissionMAN-7EF3EW 05/08 02:12pm
Carter, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3TY 05/08 02:12pm
Carter, StaceySubmissionMAN-7EF43K 05/12 05:30pm
Cartwright, RossSave PapakuraONL7DW9KX 04/21 06:27pm
Casey, Cathyconsultation with the publicONL7DVTVUyes Auckland City04/21 10:04am
Casey, MarciaRoyal Commission Auckland GovernanceONL7DWUYP 04/22 11:00am
Cash, NoemaSubmissionMAN-7EKVKB 05/13 11:18am
Cash, Noema & JackSubmissionMAN-7EF4NByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Castle, Angela MSubmissionMAN-7EF38F 05/08 02:12pm
Castor Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association (Inc)SubmissionMAN-7EF34R 05/08 02:12pm
Catcheon, MegSubmissionMAN-7EVSZA 05/23 09:09am
Cato, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3UXyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Cato, John & WendySubmissionMAN-7EF3PEyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Cavanagh, William Auckland cityONL7DWQ9Q 04/22 06:58am
Cavan, Flora MoanaSubmissionMAN-7EF3E4yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Cawson, Robert HenrySubmissionMAN-7EF4WByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Cayford, JoelJoel Cayford's SubmissionONL7DH67Pyes Auckland City04/30 08:36am
Cayford, JoelSubmissionsONL7DU9NDyes Auckland City04/19 06:30pm
Centre For Urban And Transport StudiesRearrangeing Deckchairs Won't Do ItONL7EF2ZTyes North Shore City05/08 12:50pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Ceramalus, Nobilangelo CharisonSubmissionMAN-7DX4JByes Auckland City04/22 02:07pm
Chacko, ThomasSpecial Maori seatsONL7DVVVC 04/21 11:46am
Chairman, Papatoetoe Community BoardPapatoetoe Community Board submission to Royal Commission of ... ONL7DWVZZyes Manukau City04/22 11:53am
Chairperson - East Coast Bays Community Board - North Shore CityEast Coast Bays Community Board SubmissionONL7DJ2G9yes North Shore City04/09 12:22pm
Chairperson of Howick Community BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF3VKyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Chalcroft, James PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3QC 05/08 02:12pm
Chalcroft, Karen Doris JohannaSubmissionMAN-7EF3QD 05/08 02:12pm
Challis, RichardSubmission to Royal Commission on Governance of the Auckland ... ONL7E589N 04/28 05:19pm
Chalmers, LindaSubmissionMAN-7EF3N3 05/08 02:12pm
Chalten, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EF388 05/08 02:12pm
Chambers, Julie Submission to Royal Commission ONL7DV8NE 04/20 05:39pm
Chambers, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EVSZFyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Champion, Gary & JudySubmissionMAN-7EF3ST 05/08 02:12pm
Champions for AucklandThe Need for LeadershipONL7DX3K4yes 04/22 01:18pm
Champtaloup, R. M.SubmissionMAN-7EVSY7 05/23 09:09am
Chan, AmyWhat are we expecting for AucklandONL7DQ7U4 04/15 04:57pm
Chandler, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF3JQyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Chandra, RosellaSubmissionMAN-7DX4KQ 04/22 02:07pm
Chan, KaiA single "Greater Auckland Council"ONL7DQTKC 04/16 09:47am
Chan, ManuelitaSubmissionMAN-7EF4MB 05/08 02:12pm
Chapman, JeffTwo Tier Structure for Auckland Governance using Greater Lon ... ONL7DX52K 04/22 02:34pm
Chapman, LeonSubmissionMAN-7EF4P6 05/08 02:12pm
Chapman, Mr & MrsSubmissionMAN-7EF39Z 05/08 02:12pm
Charlesworth, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZZ 05/08 02:12pm
Charlotte Museum TrustLocal governance for local communities to ensure democracyONL7DX4TWyes Auckland City04/22 02:23pm
Charnley, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EF3C3yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Chase, ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF4S3 05/08 02:12pm
Chase, BelindaSubmissionMAN-7EF4RF 05/08 02:12pm
Chase, ToniSubmissionMAN-7EF4RP 05/08 02:12pm
Cheal, Brian ErrolSubmissionMAN-7EF3BZ 05/08 02:12pm
Cheetham, NigelThe programme for any changeONL7DWTPB 04/22 09:54am
Cheyne, DawneExhorbitant Spending by CouncilONL7CHBKD 03/07 09:08pm
Chin, Andrew BingWater ServicesONL7DWTKB 04/22 09:47am
Chiquet, SabinaSubmissionMAN-7EKVDNyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Cholmondeley-Smith, D RSubmissionMAN-7EF3G8 05/08 02:12pm
Chong, VirginiaAuckland GovernanceONL7DWBXG 04/21 08:27pm
Christian, Fenella AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF3CB 05/08 02:12pm
Christiansen, JillSubmissionMAN-7EVSY9 05/23 09:09am
Churches, TerrySubmissionMAN-7EKVHEyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Church, Nigel BSubmissionMAN-7EF3DE 05/08 02:12pm
Cimino Cole, PeterSingle Transferrable VotingONL7DX634 04/22 03:26pm
Citizens Against PrivatisationTo the royal commission, government/government-to-be, counci ... ONL7EF82Fyes Waitakere City05/08 05:07pm
Citizens Against PrivatisationSubmissionMAN-7FC4KXyes Waitakere City06/06 02:11pm
City of Manukau Education TrustGovernance and education infrastructureONL7DX72Lyes Manukau City04/22 04:16pm
City VisionCity Vision SubmissionONL7DX24Dyes Auckland City04/22 12:03pm
Civic Trust AucklandSubmissionMAN-7EF4RD 05/08 02:12pm
Civil, MichelleSubmissionMAN-7EF4KS 05/08 02:12pm
Claire Chambers ArchitectSmall is beautiful - and friendlier - and more efficient - ... ONL7DWD6Ayes Auckland City05/06 04:59pm
Clapham, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF3CGyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Clark, Ssubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DDTFU 04/05 10:42am
Clarke, Alma ESubmissionMAN-7EF3Y9yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Clarke, Archibald George StewartSubmissionMAN-7EF4PJ 05/08 02:12pm
Clarke, DamianSubmissionMAN-7EKVBGyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Clarke, ErinSubmissionMAN-7EF4SB 05/08 02:12pm
Clarke, GuySubmissionMAN-7EKVGYyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Clarke, IessaSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Ayes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Clarke, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Nyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Clarke, LeaSubmissionMAN-7EKVKU 05/13 11:18am
Clarke, R.C.SubmissionMAN-7ENSHS 05/16 08:53am
Clarke, SharonSubmissionMAN-7EKVJ6 05/13 11:18am
Clarke, VickiGovernanceONL7DWT8J 04/22 09:30am
Clark, John & AngelaSubmissionMAN-7EF4UK 05/08 02:12pm
Clark, JonathanPreserving Catchment managementONL7DX869yes Franklin District04/22 05:13pm
Clark, KathrynSubmissionONL7DX5Q9 04/22 03:09pm
Clark, Merle & HerbSubmissionMAN-7EF3Z3 05/08 02:12pm
Clayton, Percival LlenellynSubmissionMAN-7EF39Dyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Clean Air AucklandRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance/ mayors/TransportONL7DQ4ZCyes Auckland City04/15 02:32pm
Clearkin, BronwynSubmissionMAN-7EF37F 05/08 02:12pm
Clegg, W. S.SubmissionMAN-7EF4XL 05/08 02:12pm
Clevedon CARES IncGeneralONL7DX79Eyes Manukau City04/22 04:27pm
Clevedon Community BoardSubmission from Clevedon Community Board attachedONL7DX6PKyes Manukau City04/22 03:59pm
Cleverley, GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EKVH6yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Clifton, PSubmissionMAN-7EVSTF 05/23 09:08am
Cloake, HeatherSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZQ 05/08 02:12pm
Clock, JacquiSubmissionMAN-7EF53D 05/08 02:12pm
Clout, Stephanie & HenioneSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZG 05/08 02:12pm
Coates, Maurice & AlisonSubmissionMAN-7EF367 05/08 02:12pm
Cockle Bay R & R AssnSubmissionMAN-7EF3CE 05/08 02:12pm
Cockle Bay Residents AssnSubmission from Cockle Bay Residents & Ratepayers Assn IncONL7DX3CEyes Manukau City04/22 01:07pm
Coconut Free PressSubmissionMAN-7EF4MXyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Cole, AlanFranklin District Councils SubmissionONL7DSE6C 04/17 10:21pm
Cole, DixonGovernanceONL7DX5K5yes Franklin District04/22 03:00pm
Cole, MalcolmSubmissionMAN-7EF52Z 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Collett, David AllenbyAn unweildy beaurocracyONL7DW7ZR 04/21 05:06pm
Collie, Alan RaymondSubmissionMAN-7EF4PN 05/08 02:12pm
Collier, MSubmissionMAN-7EF4YB 05/08 02:12pm
Collie, TaniaSuper CityONL7DW5TQ 04/21 03:14pm
Colligan, SubmissionMAN-7EF4YP 05/08 02:12pm
Collinge, JohnElectrricity reticulationONL7DWSZKyes Auckland City04/22 09:19am
Collings, BryanSubmissionMAN-7EF3C6yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Collings, DavidAuckland's Regional Governance - One Regional Authority - St ... ONL7DWGUAyes Auckland City04/22 12:38am
Collings, ESubmissionMAN-7EKVJK 05/13 11:18am
Collins, David Stanley ThomasFurture Governance for Franklin DistrictONL7DRU5F 04/17 10:16am
Collins, JennySubmissionMAN-7EF3R2yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Collins, MarieSubmissionMAN-7DX4KE 04/22 02:07pm
Collins, PeterPapakura District Council to be subsumed into Auckland Counc ... ONL7DQ6UZ 04/15 04:07pm
Collins, Calcott, Richard, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF3HByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Collow, MarySubmissionMAN-7EKVLE 05/13 11:18am
Colmer, K.GSubmissionMAN-7EF3SZ 05/08 02:12pm
Columbus, Ruth AudreySubmissionMAN-7EF43T 05/08 02:12pm
Combes, SallySubmissionMAN-7EF3LZyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Submission to the Royal CommissionONL7DX4X5yes Auckland City04/22 02:28pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Exhibition Convention Centre Case Stu ... ONL7DX559yes Auckland City04/22 02:38pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Airport to CBD Link Case Study Submis ... ONL7DX57Eyes Auckland City04/22 02:42pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Stadia Case Study Submission to the R ... ONL7DX59Hyes Auckland City04/22 02:45pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Waterfront Case Study Submission to t ... ONL7DX5BHyes Auckland City04/22 02:48pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Three Waters Case Study Submission to ... ONL7DX5DTyes Auckland City04/22 02:52pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Tertiaries Submission to the Royal Co ... ONL7DX6A3yes Auckland City04/22 03:37pm
Committee for AucklandCommittee for Auckland Future Leaders Submission to the Roya ... ONL7DX6E7yes Auckland City04/22 03:44pm
Community WaitakereCommunity Waitakere's Submission to the Royal Commission on ... ONL7DRVP5yes Waitakere City04/17 11:36am
Company directorExecutive powers to mayor or chairONL7CJ473 03/08 02:50pm
concerned residentRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DTVX3yes Auckland City04/19 11:48am
Conisbee, KathleenSubmissionMAN-7EF3TM 05/08 02:12pm
Connelly, Ian GordonSubmissionONL7DWCKH 04/21 08:59pm
Connolly, K.ESubmissionMAN-7EF53Syes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
ContractorSubmissionMAN-7EF3AZ 05/08 02:12pm
Cooke, BillSubmissionMAN-7EF3VQyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Cook, Emily PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF3VH 05/08 02:12pm
Coombes, RuthsubmissionONL7DWVQX 04/22 11:39am
Cooney, V & JSubmissionMAN-7EF4VNyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Cooper, BeverlySubmissionMAN-7EF3Z4 05/08 02:12pm
Cooper, BrettSubmissionMAN-7EVSVAyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Cooper, EvanSubmissionMAN-7EKVE4yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Cooper, Len & CillaSuggested Reorgansisation Of Auckland Local BodiesONL7DS8PRyes North Shore City04/17 05:41pm
Cooper, RonSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZD 05/08 02:12pm
Cooper, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZE 05/08 02:12pm
Cooper, TonySubmissionMAN-7EF4PH 05/08 02:12pm
Coop, ShelaghLong Form ResponseONL7DT7F9 04/18 04:37pm
Coote, HaydenSubmissionMAN-7EF4SN 05/08 02:12pm
Corbel, CSubmissionMAN-7EF4Z6 05/08 02:12pm
Corbett, JodiSubmissionMAN-7EF3HH 05/08 02:12pm
Corbett, Keith FrederickNeed for a regional and strategic overview, to counteract th ... ONL7DWGEWyes Rodney District04/22 12:17am
Cornwall Park Trust Board IncAuckland Governance SubmissionONL7DW5EP 04/21 02:53pm
Cornwall, John Bevinauckland city re-organisationONL7DQ6H7 04/15 03:49pm
Corrick, JulieSubmissionMAN-7EF35N 05/08 02:12pm
Corrin, Herrold RaymondSubmissionMAN-7EF4QJyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Corrin, R HSubmissionMAN-7EF452 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Cossey, BevanSubmissionMAN-7EF4SJ 05/08 02:12pm
Costello, John BernardCommunity, identityONL7DW7EP 04/21 04:36pm
Costello, T NSubmissionMAN-7EF3P2 05/08 02:12pm
Costigan, Shirley AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF554 05/08 02:12pm
Cottrill, MikeSubmissionMAN-7EF3KRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Couch, June FlorenceFranklin District CouncilONL7DQ7R2 04/15 04:52pm
Coulson, James PeterI am in favour of the single city solution. my reasoning is ... ONL7DV98M 04/20 06:08pm
Coulter, RossSubmissionMAN-7EF3SFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Counties Manukau Ethnic CouncilRepresentationONL7DWVJDyes Franklin District04/22 11:28am
Counties Manukau Ethnic Council Inc.RepresentationONL7DWVUTyes Manukau City04/22 11:45am
Counties Nz SporthorseSubmissionMAN-7EF3NSyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Counties Power LimitedSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX4T4yes Franklin District04/22 02:22pm
Coupe, Colin FrederickSubmissionMAN-7EF34F 05/08 02:12pm
Couper, JoSubmissionMAN-7EF3QR 05/08 02:12pm
Court, RaewynSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Cyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Courtwey, DorisSubmissionMAN-7EF4XA 05/08 02:12pm
Coutts, Judith MartinSubmissionMAN-7EF546yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Coutts, StewartSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Dyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Coverdale, MarcusSubmissionMAN-7EF3ECyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Cowan, CarilGovernanceONL7DXUH6 04/23 10:35am
Cowan, HamishRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DLTPG 04/12 09:54am
Cowan, James Patrick Michael ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF3EYyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Cow, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EKVGQyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Cowdell, Alex And JuliaRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DU2KD 04/19 12:27pm
Cowin, WarnerManagement of Auckland Wide AssetsONL7D66GY 03/28 04:48pm
Cowley, WandaSubmissionMAN-7EKVJW 05/13 11:18am
Cowlishaw, P JSubmissionMAN-7EF4Y4 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Cowlishaw, Rita MarySubmissionMAN-7EF4Y3 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Cowsill, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3XByes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Cozens, DaveSubmissionMAN-7EF3JE 05/08 02:12pm
Cozens, Sandra MargaretRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWU4J 04/22 10:15am
Cracknell, T G & P MSubmissionMAN-7EF36Z 05/08 02:12pm
Craig , Brian RobertSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance ONL7DUW5W 04/20 11:59am
Craig, AshleySubmissionMAN-7EF3V8 05/08 02:12pm
Craig, LesleyAuckland -unique in character and diversityONL7DVBV6 04/20 08:24pm
Craig, RomaSubmissionMAN-7EF37Y 05/08 02:12pm
Craig, RossGovernance -> One Layer Cooperative ModelONL7DX5RJyes Rodney District04/22 03:11pm
Craig, RossSubmissionMAN-7EF4UXyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Craig, Warrington BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF3V7 05/08 02:12pm
Craig, ZenaSubmissionMAN-7EF3WP 05/08 02:12pm
Cram, MerleSubmissionMAN-7EF3GU 05/08 02:12pm
Crampton, HarrietSubmissionMAN-7EF3KTyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Crang, StrachanSubmissionMAN-7EF3CRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Cran, John Alistair & Gillian MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3LHyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Cranswick, KeithSubmissionMAN-7EF3VMyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Crean, IreneSubmissionMAN-7EVSYP 05/23 09:09am
Creative Decisions LtdAuckland governance ONL7DWBDF 04/21 07:59pm
Cree, Scott And Tiffany In Favour of New Auckland GovernanceONL7DSBAL 04/17 07:54pm
Crispe, NeilSubmissionMAN-7EF3UC 05/08 02:12pm
Crist, PSubmissionMAN-7EKVKE 05/13 11:18am
Crockford, Betty NormaSubmissionMAN-7EF3SM 05/08 02:12pm
Crofskey, HeatherDirect DemocracyONL7ERDGK 05/18 09:46pm
Crompton, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EVSWX 05/23 09:09am
Crook, Francis GeorgeSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DV6FC 04/20 03:46pm
Crook, Francis GeorgeAuckland GovernanceONL7DVVHT 04/21 11:27am
Crosswell, Patrick & EleanorAgainst joining AucklandONL7DW67E 04/21 03:33pm
Crothers, CharlesAttitudes And Involvements In Local AuthoritiesONL7DTR6Byes Auckland City04/19 07:44am
Crothers, CharlesAttitudes To Local Authorities In New ZealandONL7ED39F 05/06 01:03pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Crozier, MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3ZE 05/08 02:12pm
Cruickshank, Prue Democracy:Need to allow characteristics of each 'Auckland' r ... ONL7DNB5E 04/13 07:46pm
Csore, C ASubmissionMAN-7EF36W 05/08 02:12pm
Cuff, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EKVKX 05/13 11:18am
Cuffe, Charlottesubmission to the royal commission attachedONL7DWVRT 04/22 11:40am
Cullen, BarbaraAuckland GovernanceONL7DWVRC 04/22 11:39am
Cull, MarieSubmissionMAN-7EKVKA 05/13 11:18am
Culpitt, ESubmissionMAN-7EVSVF 05/23 09:09am
Cunningham, BrettVertical integration of regional functions; retention of exi ... ONL7DW7EY 04/21 04:36pm
Cunningham, Philippa further amalgamationONL7DWTUB 04/22 10:02am
Currada Irih Puband Pohutukawa LodgeSubmissionMAN-7EF4W3 05/08 02:12pm
Curran, P.J & FSubmissionMAN-7EF43P 05/08 02:12pm
Cutfield, PaulAucklands CouncilsONL7DSQC2 04/18 07:02am
Cuthbert, Barbara See attached submission. ONL7DX54Myes North Shore City04/22 02:37pm
Cycle Action Aucklandsubmission attached word docONL7DWTYFyes 04/22 10:08am
Dahl, DerekAuckland GovernanceONL7DWVRE 04/22 11:39am
Dale, ColinSubmissionMAN-7EF4ME 05/08 02:12pm
Dallas Cori, JSubmissionMAN-7EKVESyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Dallen, OSubmissionMAN-7EVSUW 05/23 09:09am
Dalton, CarlSubmissionMAN-7EVSYN 05/23 09:09am
Dalton, DelwynSubmissionMAN-7EF3QH 05/08 02:12pm
Dalton, Garth LewisSubmissionMAN-7EF3QJ 05/08 02:12pm
Daly, IreneSubmissionMAN-7EF535 05/08 02:12pm
Daly, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4P7 05/08 02:12pm
Dance, GillianAluckland local governanceONL7DX4JSyes Auckland City05/01 02:04pm
Dance, GillianLocal Governance - Additional Late SubmisssionONL7E63NPyes Auckland City04/29 01:24pm
Dance, Terence JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3KU 05/08 02:12pm
Dance, TrevorTransparency of Governance and access to decision makersONL7DWR2Jyes Auckland City04/22 07:38am
Darby Partners Limitedsubmission to Royal commissionONL7DX5N9yes North Shore City04/22 03:05pm
Dargaville, ClareSubmissionMAN-7EF4PZyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Darton, JackSubmissionMAN-7EVT28yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Darvill, Trevor RexSubmissionMAN-7EF4VGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Dashwood, PaolaSubmissionMAN-7EF3L5 05/08 02:12pm
Dassler, BSubmissionMAN-7EF4XU 05/08 02:12pm
Data TecSubmissionMAN-7EF3LC 05/08 02:12pm
Davenports Harbour LawyersSee attached Submission Form and BookletONL7DT5ZUyes North Shore City04/18 03:24pm
Davidson, AaronAucklandONL7DWD77 04/21 09:31pm
Davidson, Josephine AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF3UK 05/08 02:12pm
Davidson, RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3AN 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Davie, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF54K 05/08 02:12pm
Davie, PaulAuckland Governance ReviewONL7DX8K4 04/22 05:34pm
Davie, Peter AlbertSubmissionMAN-7EF54L 05/08 02:12pm
Davies, Aileen MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4LGyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Davies, Allen EdwinSubmissionMAN-7EF3R9yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Davies, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EKVG6yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Davies, JoSubmissionMAN-7EVSXC 05/23 09:09am
Daviesonn, GavinSubmissionONL7DWB3W 04/21 07:43pm
Davies, Rodney James PeterSee Submission attachedONL7DW47Xyes Auckland City04/21 01:51pm
Davies, Simon Auckland GovernanceONL7DADZQ 04/01 11:13pm
Davis, CherrySubmissionMAN-7EF3XP 05/08 02:12pm
Davis, JudySubmissionMAN-7EF4TT 05/08 02:12pm
Davison, Marion JudithSubmissionMAN-7EF3NHyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Davis, PeterWhat is the purpose?ONL7DS34P 04/17 12:55pm
Davis, RodneySubmissionMAN-7EF54G 05/08 02:12pm
Davis, RodneySubmissionMAN-7EVT23yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Davis, Rodney FrancisSubmissionMAN-7EF3WXyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Dawe, Karl & SarahSubmissionMAN-7EF4LB 05/08 02:12pm
Dawson, AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF3KKyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Dawson, RosssubmissionONL7DMD8Yyes Manukau City04/12 09:34pm
De Bazin, Mrs N F & Mr J BSubmissionMAN-7EF373 05/08 02:12pm
De Jonge, PieterSubmissionMAN-7EKVGSyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
De Lacey, David Matthewone Council for the whole of AucklandONL7CJ4MWyes Auckland City03/08 03:14pm
De Latour, Caroline MaySubmissionMAN-7EF3GG 05/08 02:12pm
De Raad, ErwinLocal governmentONL7DWDBY 04/21 09:39pm
De Ruiter, HansLocal government in AucklandONL7DS4DS 04/17 02:01pm
De Swart, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF4QY 05/08 02:12pm
Dean, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4RR 05/08 02:12pm
Dearing, Alan & MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF366 05/08 02:12pm
Dear, LynThe future of Auckland GovernanceONL7CG2R6 03/06 01:37pm
Deed, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZS 05/08 02:12pm
Deed, Joyce RSubmissionMAN-7EF42W 05/08 02:12pm
Dee, K TSubmissionMAN-7EF3PB 05/08 02:12pm
Deery, Sean Governance and administration of small communitiesONL7DXA7Zyes Auckland City04/22 06:59pm
Deighton, StephanieRoyal Commission Submission -PapakuraONL7DVNU3 04/21 05:45am
Delich, Patrick AnthonyRegional Governance. Rodney DC.ONL7DW6YDyes Rodney District04/21 04:13pm
Delmonte, BrettSubmissionMAN-7EF3HK 05/08 02:12pm
Dempsey, ChristopherSubmission on Regional GovernanceONL7DX4NYyes Auckland City04/22 02:15pm
Dempster, DougCouncillors elect mayorONL7DWTK4 04/30 05:01pm
Denize, LiseSubmissionMAN-7EKVCTyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Denny, Mrs E A ESubmissionMAN-7EF3AF 05/08 02:12pm
Denscombe, EthelSubmissionMAN-7EF37D 05/08 02:12pm
Denyer, KarenSubmissionMAN-7EVSY2 05/23 09:09am
Department of Anthropology, University of AucklandAuckland and HeritageONL7DQASEyes Auckland City04/15 07:28pm
Department of Building and HousingSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7ECU3A 05/06 02:05pm
Department Of LabourSubmissionONL7EN8BC 05/15 05:22pm
Depenning, M.GSubmissionMAN-7EF3S4 05/08 02:12pm
Derova, SukhitaSubmissionMAN-7EF38E 05/08 02:12pm
Dervin, PjSubmissionMAN-7EF4QV 05/08 02:12pm
Des Forges, AndreaSubmissionMAN-7EF3XR 05/08 02:12pm
Destination Orewa BeachSubmissionMAN-7EF3TV 05/08 02:12pm
Devey, Cait AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF3QK 05/08 02:12pm
Devlin, MargaretAuckland Water IndustryONL7DV53U 04/20 02:36pm
Devon, E.C & G.TSubmissionMAN-7EF4S6 05/08 02:12pm
Devonport Business AssociationRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX9CZ 04/22 06:15pm
Devonport Community BoardThree tier system with increased responsibilities at Regiona ... ONL7E92MLyes North Shore City05/02 12:31pm
Devonport Community BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF3NQyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Devonport Community HouseSubmissionONL7DWUSW 04/22 10:51am
devonport heritageDevonportONL7DVA46 04/20 06:53pm
Devonport Heritage IncAs attachedONL7DX5VTyes North Shore City04/22 03:18pm
Devonport Heritage IncSubmissionMAN-7EF4NQ 05/08 02:12pm
Devonport U3ASubmissionMAN-7EF3VY 05/08 02:12pm
Dewar, KathSubmissionMAN-7EF3P6 05/08 02:12pm
Dew, RobertStrengthen Auckland's governanceONL7DW532 04/21 02:35pm
Di Litt, Maria Lolita De JesusSubmissionMAN-7EKVLP 05/13 11:18am
Di Studant, SubmissionMAN-7EKVFNyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Diamond, Richard JohnFranklin should be part of Waikato regionONL7DJV2C 04/10 11:02am
Dickie, KateSubmissionMAN-7EF3P7 05/08 02:12pm
Dickinson, SimonSubmissionMAN-7EKVDHyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Dickinson, SusanReview of governanceONL7DX8UP 04/22 05:49pm
Dierick, DonnaSubmissionMAN-7EF3TB 05/08 02:12pm
Dillon, JeremyAuckland GovernanceONL7DH5V9yes North Shore City04/08 03:17pm
Dimond, Keith WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF3MEyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Dinsmore, Adrian & ElmaSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZB 05/08 02:12pm
Dixie, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EKVBTyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Dixie, RachelSubmissionMAN-7EKVCQyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Dixon And Johns, Paul And Sue Manukau Harbour - we go where the Harbour goes ONL7DTSYDyes Franklin District04/19 09:17am
Dixon . Fordham, Lance . IzzySubmission: Auckland Regional GovernanceONL7DV9UYyes 04/20 06:41pm
Dixon, CliveSubmissionMAN-7EF3UV 05/08 02:12pm
Dixon, DianaSubmissionONL7DW5UQyes Franklin District05/09 09:14am
Dixon, GeorgeCo-ordination of Planning and Strengthening of Community of ... ONL7DVDW8 04/20 10:08pm
Dmai, SmithSubmissionMAN-7EF4YA 05/08 02:12pm
Dobson, JillSubmissionMAN-7EF3NA 05/08 02:12pm
Dockley, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF3FH 05/08 02:12pm
Dodd, David GordonSubmissionMAN-7EF4PD 05/08 02:12pm
Dodd, David GordonSubmissionMAN-7EF4PG 05/08 02:12pm
Dodd, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3US 05/08 02:12pm
Dodge, Mr & Mrs ASubmissionMAN-7EF35X 05/08 02:12pm
Doherty, EricSubmissionMAN-7EF42E 05/08 02:12pm
Doherty, HeatherCouncil AmalgmationONL7DVCG4 04/20 08:54pm
Doherty, JoySubmissionMAN-7EF4RM 05/08 02:12pm
Doherty, Paul WilliamA perfect World - young people and local governance in Auckl ... ONL7E584Uyes Auckland City04/28 05:11pm
Doioner, ShirleySubmissionMAN-7EF4N3 05/08 02:12pm
Dolones, Catherine PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF4MR 05/08 02:12pm
Donaldson, ESubmissionMAN-7EF42Z 05/08 02:12pm
Donaldson, MareeSubmissionMAN-7EF3XVyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Donovan, Barry WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF3UG 05/08 02:12pm
Donovan, NoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF3UF 05/08 02:12pm
Doogue, PeterCitizen “engagement”ONL7DUUSF 04/20 10:50am
Doran, RobertLocal knowledge and governanceONL7DPRRV 04/15 08:15am
Dorrington, Darryl VaughanSubmission for a two tier structureONL7DX3KWyes Auckland City04/22 01:19pm
Dorrington, Timplanning and building consentsONL7DX6DS 04/22 03:43pm
Dostine, VivienSubmission attached ONL7DR46Y 04/16 01:50pm
Dottas, CSubmissionMAN-7EKVGB 05/13 11:18am
Douglas, GraemeSubmissionMAN-7EF4M9 05/08 02:12pm
Doull, DebbieSave Papakura CouncilONL7DW7S9 04/21 04:54pm
Doull, Grant Save PapakuraONL7DW7SZ 04/21 04:55pm
Dowle, Janice KathleenRegional CouncilONL7DX7L6 04/22 04:45pm
Dowling, SuzanneSubmissionMAN-7EVSXE 05/23 09:09am
Downie, GeraldineSubmissionMAN-7EF4W7yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Downie, Paul RonaldSubmissionMAN-7EF4TJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Downs, Jeffrey RobertSubmission from a Waiheke Island ratepayerONL7DWFBE 04/21 11:20pm
Doyle, Patrick FrancisSubmissionMAN-7EF3NFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Drake, Keith & AntheaSubmissionMAN-7EF3VL 05/08 02:12pm
Dremmond, MelvaSubmissionMAN-7EF42C 05/08 02:12pm
Drewry, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EKVDJ 05/13 11:17am
Drinkwater, SpencerSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DXS3Xyes Rodney District04/23 08:31am
Drummond, MikeSubmissionMAN-7EF42B 05/08 02:12pm
Drury Community CommitteePapakura to remain as the Papakura District CouncilONL7DWTSLyes Papakura District04/22 09:59am
Du Feu, Muriel Du FeuSubmissionMAN-7DX4JM 04/22 02:07pm
Du Tiot & Armstong, Celeste & CliffSubmissionMAN-7EF37H 05/08 02:12pm
Duder, John NelsonSubmissionMAN-7EF4P4yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Dufaur, YvonneSubmissionMAN-7EF3RMyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Duffin, RegSubmissionMAN-7EF4KQ 05/08 02:12pm
Duffy Waghorn familyBuilding Auckland - a great place to live, work & playONL7DX6KY 04/22 03:53pm
Duggan-Andrews, StaceyAuckland Governance - No to Franklin District being amalgama ... ONL7DX69Dyes Franklin District04/22 03:36pm
Duhamel, MarieSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Fyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Dunbier, JacquelineSubmissionMAN-7EF3G5 05/08 02:12pm
Dunbier, Selwyn DerekSubmissionMAN-7EF3G4yes Franklin City05/08 02:12pm
Duncan, HarryAuckland Governance - Royal Commission submission by Harry D ... ONL7DUEJUyes North Shore City04/19 10:41pm
Duncan, James G.SubmissionMAN-7ELVXK 05/14 11:49am
Duncan, Kathie And MurrayOne City governance, merging all Councils including ARCONL7DWHKDyes Waitakere City04/22 01:15am
Duncan, LeithSubmissionMAN-7EKVF7yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Duncan, YvonneSubmissionMAN-7EF3DF 05/08 02:12pm
Dunckley, RachelSubmissionMAN-7EKVBUyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Dunkley, Antony And ZeniaGovernment Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWD95 04/21 09:34pm
Dunleavy, MikeSubmissionMAN-7EKVC2yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Dunleavy, MikeSubmissionMAN-7EKVHAyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Dunleavy, SueSubmissionMAN-7EVSVQ 05/23 09:09am
Dunleavy, Terence JohnGovernance of GreaterAucklandONL7DW3EMyes North Shore City04/21 01:11pm
Dunlop, StephenSubmissionMAN-7EF4R2 05/08 02:12pm
Dunn, BeverleySubmissionMAN-7EF4SWyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Dunne, R DSubmissionMAN-7EF3BH 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Dunnet, AdrienneSubmissionMAN-7EF36D 05/08 02:12pm
Dunn, TonySubmissionMAN-7EF3P4 05/08 02:12pm
Dunster, GrahamChange in local governanceONL7DS8XU 04/17 05:54pm
Durleavy, SueSubmissionMAN-7EKVHDyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Dury, DarenSubmissionMAN-7EKVFKyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Duurloo, R.SubmissionMAN-7EKVGPyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Dwyer, C MSubmissionMAN-7EF38P 05/08 02:12pm
Dyall & Bradley, Lorna & TrixSubmissionMAN-7EF557 05/08 02:12pm
Dye, JSubmissionMAN-7EF4LC 05/08 02:12pm
Dye, J.SubmissionMAN-7EF4LM 05/08 02:12pm
Dyer, GordonSubmissionMAN-7EKVLZ 05/13 11:18am
D.C Wallace LtdSubmissionMAN-7EF4PV 05/08 02:12pm
D.R.Yates Farms Ltd.,Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DV77D 04/20 04:24pm
Eades, Mallory GrahamAmalgamation of AucklandONL7DQ22Z 04/15 12:01pm
Eagleton, WayneSubmissionMAN-7EKVCEyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Eagleton, WayneSubmissionMAN-7EKVELyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Earlly, NoeleneSubmissionMAN-7EF357 05/08 02:12pm
Earl, R CSubmissionMAN-7EF3H4 05/08 02:12pm
Earthsong LodgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3F5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
earthtalk@awhituAwhitu Peninsula and Manukau Harbour - relationship to Auckl ... ONL7DVULQyes Franklin District04/21 10:41am
Easte, GraemeSubmissionMAN-7EF53Kyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Easterman, NinaFreemason EnquiryONL7DVTCT 04/21 09:37am
Eastern Bays Community BoardAuckland Governance - Submission of the Eastern Bays Communi ... ONL7DU4AF 04/19 01:55pm
Eastmond, ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF44Jyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Eastmond, ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EKVKN 05/13 11:18am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Eastmond, LizSubmissionMAN-7EKVHV 05/13 11:18am
Easton, BrianSUBMISSIONONL7EFVYJ 05/09 11:51am
Easton, JockSubmissionMAN-7EF3EH 05/08 02:12pm
Eastwood, SSubmissionMAN-7EKVJQ 05/13 11:18am
Ebbeling, P & ESubmissionMAN-7EF37U 05/08 02:12pm
Ebbett, RachelSubmissionMAN-7EVSWR 05/23 09:09am
EcoDirections International Pty LtdPublic participation: greater use of Assisted Dispute Resolu ... ONL7DXDAEyes Auckland City04/22 09:36pm
Ede, JackieSubmissionMAN-7EVSXT 05/23 09:09am
Eden Albert Community BoardSubmission on Regional GovernanceONL7DX4FKyes 04/22 02:04pm
Edginton, RonnieSubmissionMAN-7EF3DY 05/08 02:12pm
Edmonds, Pede Graham AlexanderSubmissionMAN-7EF4V9 05/08 02:12pm
Edwards, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4NV 05/08 02:12pm
Edwards, FionaSubmissionONL7DWD6S 04/21 09:30pm
Edwards, LloydSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q2yes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Edwards, MarkLevels of local governmentONL7DWEUK 04/21 10:56pm
eGlobal NZ and AucklandICT Cluster Inc.GovernanceONL7DQV89 04/16 11:12am
Eklof, ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF3JC 05/08 02:12pm
Elder, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EKVFXyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Ellerslie Business Association IncRetention of Local Community BoardsONL7DWQATyes Auckland City04/22 07:00am
Ellerslie Neighbourhood Group (6 families)SubmissionMAN-7EF3DDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Elliot, RebeccaSubmissionMAN-7EVSY5 05/23 09:09am
Elliot, Stuart MaxwellSubmissionMAN-7EF3K2 05/08 02:12pm
Ellis, AlexandraSubmissionMAN-7EF3CTyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ellis, Bill & BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EF43S 05/08 02:12pm
Ellot, Gerald James & ValerieSubmissionMAN-7EF442yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ellott, Gerald & ValerieWaiheke IslandMAN-7GJ7E8 07/14 04:35pm
Emery, JeanneSubmissionMAN-7EF4XT 05/08 02:12pm
Emery, MartinSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZF 05/08 02:12pm
Emery, Rosalie MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF42V 05/08 02:12pm
Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern)SubmissionONL7DWTSMyes Auckland City04/22 09:59am
Enderby, Anthony (Tony)Rodney District and Auckland Regional CouncilONL7DVV4J 04/21 11:06am
Engineers for Social ResponsibilityDecision-making at the appropriate levelONL7DW894 04/21 05:18pm
Enterprise Franklin Development TrustEnterprise Franklin Development Trust - Submission to the Ro ... ONL7DX57Byes Franklin District04/22 02:42pm
Enterprise North ShoreSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW77Kyes 04/21 04:24pm
Enterprising ManukauEnterprising Manukau - SubmissionONL7DX3R4 04/22 01:28pm
Environment and Business GroupEnvironmental aspects of Auckland's governanceONL7DVUPS 04/21 10:46am
Environment Bay of pPenty Regional CouncillorSubmissionMAN-7EF4WK 05/08 02:12pm
Environment WaikatoRegional Council BoundariesONL7DWTWZyes Franklin District04/22 10:06am
Environment & Resource Management Committee, Auckland District Law SocietySubmissionMAN-7EF3LTyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Environmental Defence Society IncSubmission fron EDS attachedONL7DWTCKyes 05/06 03:22pm
Erceg, Kenneth PatrickSubmissionMAN-7EF3FU 05/08 02:12pm
Eruera, MesepaMaori and other Polynesian inputs re Social responsibility ... ONL7DX4TYyes Auckland City04/22 02:23pm
Espie, FaySubmissionMAN-7EF4ZT 05/08 02:12pm
Etika, LiaSubmissionMAN-7EKVGRyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Evans, FrancisSubmissionMAN-7EKVGHyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Evans, Jeremy RobertDevonport / DemocracyONL7CR34R 03/15 01:55pm
Evans, MaggieSubmissionMAN-7EF3KL 05/08 02:12pm
Evans, MargaretSubmissionONL7E8R34 05/02 07:39am
Evans, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4TB 05/08 02:12pm
Evans, MartinAuckland Governance setupONL7DPR9Vyes Auckland City04/15 07:50am
Everitt, KevinLocal and community decision makingONL7DX59G 04/22 02:45pm
Ewing, SamAuckland GovernanceONL7DX2HV 04/22 12:25pm
Ex Fire Fighters Assoc. (North Shore)Diseconomies of Scale and keeping local in local government.ONL7DVV38yes North Shore City04/21 11:04am
Exler, NevilleSubmissionMAN-7EF3CZ 05/08 02:12pm
Eyes, AlanFuture GovernanceONL7DXF2M 04/22 11:06pm
Eyles, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3RLyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Fairgray, Mervyn & JoyceSubmissionMAN-7EF3W7 05/08 02:12pm
Fairlie, ValerieSubmissionMAN-7EF3BM 05/08 02:12pm
Falconer, Robert MalcolmAuckland's GovernanceMAN-7FS8M4yes Manukau City06/20 05:37pm
Fannin, RosemarieSubmissionMAN-7EF43N 05/08 02:12pm
Far North District Council and othersReorganisation of AucklandONL7DQFSEyes Auckland City04/15 11:44pm
FarmerSubmissionMAN-7EF3LF 05/08 02:12pm
FarmerSubmissionMAN-7EF4VA 05/08 02:12pm
FarmerSubmissionMAN-7EF4VB 05/08 02:12pm
FarmerSubmissionMAN-7EF4VC 05/08 02:12pm
Farmer & Grower,Retailer,Local Tourist BoardSubmission on future Auckland GovernanceONL7DXDPZ 04/22 09:58pm
FarmersSubmissionMAN-7EF3FW 05/08 02:12pm
Farrell, Miriam IreneSubmission for auckland council structure.ONL7DW6H6 04/21 03:49pm
Fay, John DeanSubmissionMAN-7EF3MW 05/08 02:12pm
Fearon, SteveStructure for Auckland GovernanceONL7DWUZW 04/22 11:02am
Federated Farmers of New Zealand(see attached document)ONL7DX68Gyes Auckland City04/22 03:35pm
Federation of graduate WomenGovernance of total AucklandONL7DX5WK 04/22 03:19pm
Feng, BaominOne City Council in AucklandONL7CZV56 03/24 12:07pm
Fenner, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF362 05/08 02:12pm
Fenwick, Robert Geore NappinSubmissionMAN-7EF3MByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ferguson, Graeme RobertCitizen Response to Royal CommissionONL7DFVBY 04/07 11:18am
Ferguson, LindoSubmissionMAN-7EF3LN 05/08 02:12pm
Ferguson, MalcolmSubmissionONL7DWFSF 04/21 11:44pm
Ferguson, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF3GV 05/08 02:12pm
Fidoe, ChristopherOne City One Local AuthorityONL7CS4E4 03/16 03:01pm
Field, William JackSubmissionMAN-7EF3A3 05/08 02:12pm
Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ)Auckland GoveranceONL7DJ5LY 04/09 03:03pm
Finan, Frank & ErnestineSubmissionMAN-7EF35P 05/08 02:12pm
Finch, MinkaSubmissionMAN-7EF55R 05/08 02:12pm
Finley, LeilaniSubmissionMAN-7EF3YA 05/08 02:12pm
Finley, Robert GordonSubmissionMAN-7EF3RNyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Firth, ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EKVCByes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Fischer, SteveSubmissionMAN-7EVSWB 05/23 09:09am
Fischer, WernerSubmission by the Auckland City Council to the Royal Commiss ... ONL7DP3WZyes Rodney District04/14 01:37pm
Fisch, MartaSubmissionMAN-7E78SQyes Auckland City04/30 05:09pm
Fisch, MartaSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Byes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Fisher, MSubmissionMAN-7DX4KA 04/22 02:07pm
Fisher, Paula JaneSubmissionMAN-7EF3FB 05/08 02:12pm
Fisher, RSubmissionMAN-7EF38Ryes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Fisher, Virginia FrancesSubmission on Auckland governanceONL7DWFK6yes North Shore City04/21 11:33pm
Fitchett, SueGovernance of Auckland: Creating a new ModelONL7DU2WK 04/19 12:45pm
Fitzgerald, JanetsubmissionONL7DWUMWyes Rodney District04/22 10:43am
Fitzgerald, TerreyAuckland GovernanceONL7DWW2W 04/22 11:55am
Fitzpatrick, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF3J9 05/08 02:12pm
Fitzpatrick, TerryAuckland Regional Governance SubmissionONL7DWR64 04/22 07:44am
Fleck, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7E7926yes Auckland City04/30 05:09pm
Fleck, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EKVG7yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Fleming, MichelleSubmissionONL7DWV24 04/22 11:02am
Fletcher, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF444 05/08 02:12pm
Fletcher, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EVSUQyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Fletcher, EdwardAnswers to the questions in the "Call for Submissions"ONL7DD2V8 04/04 01:43pm
Fletcher, Hon Christine SUBMISSIONONL7EG2HFyes Auckland City05/09 12:24pm
Flood, StaffordSubmissionMAN-7EF3D4 05/08 02:12pm
Floyd, JoanneKeep Rodney District not SupercityONL7DX6NL 04/22 03:57pm
Floyd, LeoSubmissionMAN-7EF4QH 05/08 02:12pm
Foggo, BruceRoyal Commission Auckland Governance - council structureONL7DQ68U 04/15 03:35pm
Foley, ChristineLevels of administration and support for local Community Boa ... ONL7DR4G2 04/16 02:04pm
Foley, PeggySubmissionMAN-7EF3WQ 05/08 02:12pm
Follas, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF4Z8 05/08 02:12pm
Follas, P CSubmissionMAN-7EF4Z7 05/08 02:12pm
Forbes, Katherine ESubmissionMAN-7EF4N5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ford, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EKVKK 05/13 11:18am
Ford, BrentlySubmissionMAN-7EF4VL 05/08 02:12pm
Ford, BrentlySubmissionMAN-7EKVDVyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Ford, BrentlySubmissionMAN-7EKVGX 05/13 11:18am
Ford, BrentlySubmissionMAN-7EVT2J 05/23 09:10am
Ford, FayeSubmissionMAN-7EF3A6 05/08 02:12pm
Forest and Bird and PrivateSubmissionMAN-7EF3PYyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Forest, Bird, Grow, Seed SaversSubmissionMAN-7EF4ML 05/08 02:12pm
Former Mayor of Rodney DistrictSubmissionMAN-7EF4VXyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Forrester, MaureenPersonal Submission on Auckland Goverance ATTACHEDONL7DWGT8yes Manukau City04/22 12:37am
Forrest, Janet Marie-PaulRoyal Commission on Auckland.ONL7DWVSE 04/22 11:41am
Forster, AudreySubmissionMAN-7EF426 05/08 02:12pm
Forsyth, MoiraSubmissionMAN-7EF3DL 05/08 02:12pm
Forum for Auckland Sustainable Transportsee attachedONL7DVU7Eyes 04/21 10:19am
Foster, ColinSubmissionMAN-7EF3JH 05/08 02:12pm
Foster, CoralRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX4JLyes Auckland City04/22 02:08pm
Foster, Elizabeth AnnWorld Class CityONL7DUA93yes Rodney District04/19 07:00pm
Foster, GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF427 05/08 02:12pm
Foster, M LSubmissionMAN-7EF39Y 05/08 02:12pm
Foster, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF424 05/08 02:12pm
Foulds, DaleSAVE PAPAKURAONL7DU6JU 04/19 03:51pm
Foulkes, Thomas HaroldSubmissionMAN-7EF3WCyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Fourie, RixSubmission to comment on certain proposalsONL7DX5ZP 04/22 03:24pm
Fowler, MariaSubmissionMAN-7EVSUV 05/23 09:09am
Fox, DesSubmissionMAN-7EF4UP 05/08 02:12pm
Fox, RoalineSubmissionMAN-7EF3SX 05/08 02:12pm
Frances, PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EF54S 05/08 02:12pm
Francis, DavidRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6FAyes Rodney District04/22 03:46pm
Francis, Dirknon applicableONL7DSD7Y 04/17 09:32pm
Francis, Norman SydneySubmissionMAN-7EF39P 05/08 02:12pm
Francke, Elizabeth GabrielAuckland GovernanceONL7DS3GZ 04/17 01:15pm
Franklin District CouncilFranklin District Council submissionONL7DSVGKyes Franklin District04/18 11:25am
Franklin District Pony ClubSport is our Community.ONL7DX4NW 04/22 02:15pm
Franklin Foods LimitedAuckland Governance of Franklin DistrictONL7DSVWX 04/18 11:48am
Franklin/Thames Valley Pony ClubThe Impact on Franklin/Thames Valley Pony ClubONL7DX5V7 04/22 03:17pm
Fraser, Iain And CathyCommunity BoardsONL7DWDYW 04/21 10:12pm
Fraser, MadeleineSubmissionMAN-7EKVLA 05/13 11:18am
Frater, RichardSubmissionMAN-7EF395 05/08 02:12pm
Freebairn, Mrs DSubmissionMAN-7EF34T 05/08 02:12pm
Free, KevinSee AttachemntONL7DV885yes Auckland City04/20 05:16pm
Free, Kristina Suppport for status quo.ONL7DWD59 04/21 09:28pm
Freeman, DianaAccessibility of elected council members.ONL7DTBPCyes Auckland City04/18 08:14pm
Freeman, JameannSubmissionMAN-7EF4YY 05/08 02:12pm
Freeman, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4YZ 05/08 02:12pm
Freke, Chrisregional roadingONL7DX32Lyes Manukau City04/22 12:52pm
Frewin, MikeAmalgamation of Papakura into the Auckland "SuperCity Counci ... ONL7DQ8BS 04/15 05:22pm
Friedlander, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3JUyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Friedlander, VeronicaSubmissionMAN-7EF3CLyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Friends of MaungawhauThe Friends of Maungawhau are not happyONL7D7UDQyes Auckland City03/30 11:29am
Friends of MaungawhauSubmissionMAN-7EF4QGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Friends of Maungawhau Incorp.Governance of our parks and heritageONL7DWVJQyes Auckland City04/22 11:29am
Friends Of The Earth (Nz)SubmissionMAN-7EF3TSyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Friends Of The Earth (Nz)Royal CommissionMAN-7ME23H 12/17 01:02pm
Friends of the Mahurangi IncorporatedThe Mahurangi in the context of regional governance needsONL7DX5QDyes 04/22 03:09pm
Frieswijk, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4TEyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Frieswijk, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4W6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Fronczek, JohnRoyal Commission on Auckl. Govn.ONL7DPRW3 04/15 08:22am
Froser, MadeleineSubmissionMAN-7EVSWU 05/23 09:09am
Frost, Jenepher BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF4QLyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Frost, Jenepher BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF4TGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Fuller, PeterPlease Refer To Attached Pdf.ONL7DX6LAyes 04/22 03:54pm
Furter, GerhardThe best method to determine what the voters wantONL7DQSFL 04/16 08:50am
Furze, Nicholas Lloydwhy should franklin become part of auckland ONL7DR7ZJ 04/16 05:06pm
Future Auckland Leaders GroupSubmissionONL7DW9HU 04/21 06:23pm
Fyfe, Brian & AnitaSubmissionMAN-7EF3JW 05/08 02:12pm
Gair, Hon George FSubmissionMAN-7EF3BLyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Gallagher, RochelleSubmissionMAN-7EKVHFyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Gallagher, RoseSubmissionMAN-7EF3Y5 05/08 02:12pm
Gallen-Brydon, Kathie Auckland Amalgamation into a Super CityONL7DVUXA 04/21 10:58am
Gallen, RichardAuckland GovernanceONL7DWTSC 04/22 09:58am
Gardan, JenniferSubmissionMAN-7EKVL9 05/13 11:18am
Garden, WilliamPapakura to remain as is - A District Council with its own b ... ONL7DS4E7yes Papakura District04/17 02:01pm
Gardiner, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF39U 05/08 02:12pm
Garman, JasonGreater Auckland CouncilONL7DJSW5 04/10 09:13am
Garrick, Peter Airport, Bridge, White Pages and Weather ReportsONL7DX3T7 04/22 01:31pm
Garrick, Yvonne And JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3XZ 05/08 02:12pm
Gatward, DianneOne City conceptONL7DTW23 04/19 11:53am
Gautier, Alan And LynSubmissionMAN-7EF3T9 05/08 02:12pm
Geard, Don PeterSubmissionMAN-7DX4HU 04/22 02:07pm
Geard, MrsSubmissionMAN-7EF35A 05/08 02:12pm
Geary, HelenSubmission on Local Government for AucklandONL7DVCCW 04/20 08:49pm
Genesis EnergyGenesis Energy submission to Royal Commission on Auckland Go ... ONL7DX92X 04/22 05:59pm
George, BarryThe Way ForewardONL7DX3XW 04/22 01:39pm
George, DSubmissionMAN-7EF44Z 05/08 02:12pm
George, GordonSubmissionMAN-7EF3MX 05/08 02:12pm
George, Grant RaymondSubmissionMAN-7EF3MAyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
George, KevinSubmissionMAN-7EF44C 05/08 02:12pm
George, MarkSubmissionMAN-7EF4MH 05/08 02:12pm
Geraghty, SherylSubmissionMAN-7EF4SK 05/08 02:12pm
Ghan, Jhechange not always good and some impovements may not too badONL7DWBYA 04/21 08:29pm
Gibbins, Anne Auckland GovernanceONL7D54JU 03/27 03:09pm
Gibbs, David Jamesauckland governanceONL7CHU5N 03/08 11:17am
Giblin, Johnlocal govONL7CYTW6 03/23 11:05am
Gibson, J A (Tony)SubmissionMAN-7EF3PN 05/08 02:12pm
Gibson, MichaelGeneral comments in short form responseONL7DVTBY 04/21 09:35am
Gibson, Wilmer GaleSubmissionMAN-7EF3QQ 05/08 02:12pm
Giddens, CatherineSubmissionMAN-7EF445 05/08 02:12pm
Gilbert, BernardGeneralONL7DX6KB 04/22 03:52pm
Gilbert, KSubmissionMAN-7EVT29yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Gilbert, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF358 05/08 02:12pm
Giles, FSubmissionMAN-7E795Yyes Auckland City04/30 05:09pm
Giles, FSubmissionMAN-7EF3BYyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Giles, FSubmissionMAN-7ME2DQ 12/17 01:18pm
Giles, F.SubmissionMAN-7EKVGVyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Gillespie, RossSubmissionMAN-7EVSZLyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Gillespie, RossSubmissionMAN-7ME353 12/17 01:56pm
Gillett, Miles ParkerSubmissionMAN-7EF3R4yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gilligan, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF4U8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gillion, MartinGeneralONL7DWSKS 04/22 08:57am
Gillon, JohnThe way I see it.ONL7DX6H6 04/22 03:49pm
Gillon, P RSubmissionMAN-7EF4RT 05/08 02:12pm
Gilmore, JoanneSubmissionMAN-7EF3S5 05/08 02:12pm
Gilmore, LynneSubmissionMAN-7EF526yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gilmour, GarthSubmissionMAN-7EF3DC 05/08 02:12pm
Gilmour, SubmitterSubmissionMAN-7EVST6 05/23 09:08am
Gilpin, Carl RoderickThe price of Governance in AucklandONL7DPQM5 04/15 07:16am
Ginivan, FrancesSubmissionMAN-7EF3TF 05/08 02:12pm
Ginnever, Ray Submission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX2S9yes 04/22 12:38pm
Glaadwin, JimSubmissionMAN-7EF53Qyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Glasgow, MaragartSubmissionMAN-7EF3BJyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Glass, WarrenSubmissionMAN-7EF3X3yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Glazier, AndreaSubmissionMAN-7EF3FJ 05/08 02:12pm
Gleeson, MurraySubmissionONL7DX6HH 04/22 03:49pm
Glen Eden Community Protection Society IncSubmissionMAN-7EF3C5yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Glen Murray Community AssociationThe Attached Submission Supports Our Views On The Subject.ONL7DW74E 04/21 04:19pm
Glen Murray Community Association IncorporatedSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance fr ... ONL7DWSHE 04/22 08:53am
Glenday, April AnneSubmissionONL7DX6VQyes Auckland City04/22 04:09pm
Glendinning, Michael & DarryeanSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZK 05/08 02:12pm
Glenfield Community BoardSubmission - Glenfield Community BoardONL7DX34Ayes North Shore City05/13 05:52pm
Glenn Innes Business AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3VByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Glover, Eileen CSubmissionMAN-7EKVL8 05/13 11:18am
Glover, KevinPersonal submission by Kevin GloverONL7DX6C7yes 04/22 03:41pm
Goddard, Norman & RosemarySubmissionMAN-7EF3KY 05/08 02:12pm
Godsiff, David WilsonSubmissionMAN-7EF3EE 05/08 02:12pm
Goldfinch, Gregory Brian Papakura City CouncilONL7DN897 04/13 05:18pm
Golding, WayneAuckland CityONL7DTTHC 04/19 09:44am
Goldsack, Jennfer DianeAuckland GovernanceONL7EMDDP 05/14 09:41pm
Goldstone, Florence NannetteSubmissionMAN-7EF3M5 05/08 02:12pm
Goldstone, Roger AllanSubmissionMAN-7EF3M6yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Goldsworthy, Elizabeth AnnRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWTJ3 04/22 09:45am
Goodman, Dame BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EF3MJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Goodman, StephenSubmission as attachedONL7DV8GPyes Auckland City05/08 03:50pm
Goodwin, AngelaGovernance StructureONL7DWTP9 04/22 09:53am
Gopi, DallasSubmissionMAN-7EKVGMyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Gordge, MavisSubmissionMAN-7EF3HU 05/08 02:12pm
Gordon, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EKVCMyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Gordon, WendySubmissionMAN-7EKVH5yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Gotje, MartinSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Vyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Gould, BriinSubmissionMAN-7EKVJ2 05/13 11:18am
Gouldstone, HughPublic TransportationONL7DWF65 04/21 11:12pm
Gouws, David J.SubmissionMAN-7EF4S4 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Government Urban & Economic Development OfficeSubmission from the Government Urban & Economic Development ... ONL7ED258yes Auckland City05/06 12:05pm
Grace, AneSubmissionMAN-7EF3P9yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Grace, AnuSubmissionMAN-7EF3EDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Grace, AnuSubmissionMAN-7EKVC5yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Grace, HeatherSubmissionMAN-7EF422 05/08 02:12pm
Graeme & Irvine, Ron & HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZM 05/08 02:12pm
Grafie, MartinSubmissionMAN-7EKVDGyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Graf, MarcusSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DXDA6 04/22 09:36pm
Grafton Residents AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF39J 05/08 02:12pm
Graham, Bridget Margaretsubmission on governance of AucklandONL7E4UV2yes Auckland City04/28 10:54am
Graham, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF3AV 05/08 02:12pm
Grahams Beach Settlers & Ratepayers AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3MG 05/08 02:12pm
Grant, Andrew StanleyGovernance of Auckland while allowing the Communities to flo ... ONL7DNBSH 04/13 08:19pm
Grant, J & RSubmissionMAN-7EF4VP 05/08 02:12pm
Grant, PeterAuckland's local governmentONL7DWS78 04/22 08:37am
Grant, SueWhat about the Franklin District in the great scheme of Auck ... ONL7DWRTD 04/22 08:18am
Grant, VanessaSubmissionMAN-7EKVFCyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Graves, CharlesSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Gyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Graves, NicolaSubmissionMAN-7EKVCU 05/13 11:17am
Gray's Quarry MillSubmissionMAN-7EF4VYyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gray, Doreka Joyne AldythSubmissionMAN-7EF4VZ 05/08 02:12pm
Gray, GarySubmissionMAN-7EKVK2 05/13 11:18am
Gray, John & ShirleySubmissionMAN-7EF4U6 05/08 02:12pm
Gray, MarilynSubmissionMAN-7EF3WSyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Gray, MarleneSubmissionMAN-7EVSZS 05/23 09:09am
Gray, Marlene HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF43Wyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gray, MichaelGovernance of the Auckland regionONL7DG89H 04/07 05:19pm
Gray, PSubmissionMAN-7EKVJY 05/13 11:18am
Gray, PSubmissionMAN-7EKVK7 05/13 11:18am
Gray, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3FN 05/08 02:12pm
Gray, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3SG 05/08 02:12pm
Gray, Robert & SueSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZL 05/08 02:12pm
Grayson, AdrienneSave PapakursONL7DX3W3 04/22 01:36pm
Grayson, Catherine RaeSubmissionMAN-7EF4SF 05/08 02:12pm
Grayson, Robert ThomasSubmissionMAN-7EF4M5 05/08 02:12pm
Gray, Steven JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4VRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gray, Thomas Neil HightSubmissionMAN-7EF4UB 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Gray, ZionSubmissionMAN-7EKVJZ 05/13 11:18am
Gray, ZionSubmissionMAN-7EVSZ5 05/23 09:09am
Great Barrier Airlines LtdSubmissionMAN-7EF4THyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Great Barrier Community BoardOral Hearings: VenueONL7DV76Eyes 05/01 08:49am
Great Barrier Island Charitable TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF3RC 05/08 02:12pm
Great Barrier Island Ferry Co.SubmissionMAN-7EF3UHyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Great Barrier island Photoart 2SubmissionMAN-7EF4WA 05/08 02:12pm
Greaves, AllenSubmissionMAN-7EKVLG 05/13 11:18am
Green Party of Aotearoa New ZealandSubmission and HearingsONL7DWVZMyes Auckland City04/22 11:52am
Green, DonSubmissionMAN-7EF4XV 05/08 02:12pm
Greening, MelanieSubmissionMAN-7EF387 05/08 02:12pm
Greening, ToaAucklands Regional GovernanceONL7DW4PM 04/21 02:16pm
Green, JaySubmissionMAN-7EF4XW 05/08 02:12pm
Green, JimSubmissionMAN-7EF53P 05/08 02:12pm
Green, Kathycommunity boardsONL7DG6X2 04/07 04:11pm
Green, Maureen AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF3UW 05/08 02:12pm
Greenmount East Tamaki Business Assn IncWe have attached our submission documentONL7DWU92yes Manukau City04/22 10:22am
Green, NickiSubmissionMAN-7EKVLH 05/13 11:18am
Green, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EVSZCyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Greens on Campus, University of Aucklandgreens on campus submissionONL7DY94V 04/23 06:02pm
Greenslade, C.A & D.RSubmissionMAN-7DX4J4 04/22 02:07pm
Greensmith, Edwin BryceInterpretation of Acts and Regulations ONL7DVS4Xyes Waitakere City04/21 08:33am
Green, Valerie And RogerGeneral OverviewONL7DWTHK 04/22 09:44am
Green, WendySubmissionMAN-7EF42Gyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Gregg, RoxySubmissionMAN-7EVSUU 05/23 09:09am
Gregory, Ian KeithGovernance of Auckland, Council Structure.ONL7DWBE3 04/21 08:00pm
Greig, IanAuckland GovernanceONL7DVEPHyes Auckland City04/20 10:48pm
Grerg-Ng, JennySubmissionMAN-7EF44U 05/08 02:12pm
Grey PowerSubmissionMAN-7EF559 05/08 02:12pm
Grey Power North Shore IncSubmissionMAN-7EF524yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Grey Power Waiheke & Gulf Islands Association Incorporated ( GPW & GI)SubmissionMAN-7EF53Zyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Grierson, Frank Peter RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3UR 05/08 02:12pm
Griffin, DesmondSubmissionMAN-7EF4YS 05/08 02:12pm
Griffith, Alan BlanshardSubmissionMAN-7DX4K5 04/22 02:07pm
Griffiths, Brian And RobinSubmissionMAN-7EF545 05/08 02:12pm
Griffiths, GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3BU 05/08 02:12pm
Griffiths, Judith MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3V4 05/08 02:12pm
Griffiths, Roydon RonaldAgainst Amalgamation of PapakuraONL7DR335 04/16 12:52pm
Griffiths, Simon DavidWORD.doc file attachedONL7DX3HDyes Auckland City04/22 01:15pm
Grimmer, Graeme & VivienneSubmissionMAN-7EF3RV 05/08 02:12pm
Grimsdell, Susan Royal Commission on GovernanceONL7DX2NZ 04/22 12:33pm
Grinlinton, LSubmissionMAN-7EF3Y3 05/08 02:12pm
Groenhart, StevenSubmissionMAN-7DX4HT 04/22 02:07pm
Grogan, GailSubmissionMAN-7EF4QQ 05/08 02:12pm
Grover, LeonardSubmissionMAN-7EF3UT 05/08 02:12pm
Growth And Innovation Advisory Board, Growth And Innovation Advisory BoardGrowth and Innovation Advisory Board submissionONL7DX3AP 04/22 01:05pm
Grudnoff, Elizabeth SoniaSubmissionMAN-7EF3MT 05/08 02:12pm
Grudnoff, Elizabeth SoniaSubmissionMAN-7EF4QC 05/08 02:12pm
Grueber, Dr. Hans B.Local Government Reform of the Auckland RegionONL7DP5FTyes Rodney District04/14 02:55pm
Guardians of the KaiparaSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWTE9yes North Shore City04/22 09:39am
Guerin, LelaniaSubmissionMAN-7EKVDLyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Guildford, BSubmissionMAN-7EF34Q 05/08 02:12pm
Guler, AnushaGovernance model for AucklandONL7D5VUV 03/28 12:45pm
Gulf District Plan Association IncorporatedSubmissionMAN-7EVU8Uyes 05/23 10:19am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Gulliver, DeeSubmissionMAN-7EF3AYyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Gunn, CatherineProposal and principles for Council ReformONL7DX6Q2 04/22 03:59pm
Gunson, Annette GladysRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWTRM 04/22 09:57am
Gust, NigelSubmissionMAN-7EF4MG 05/08 02:12pm
Guthrie, Robin HarperSubmissionMAN-7EF3KB 05/08 02:12pm
Guthrie, Stephanie AnnieSubmissionMAN-7EF3N6 05/08 02:12pm
Guy, George MurraySubmissionMAN-7EF4U2 05/13 10:37am
Guy, PamelaSubmissionMAN-7EF4M7 05/08 02:12pm
Guy, William CuthbertSubmissionMAN-7EF3PD 05/08 02:12pm
Gyles, VicGreater Auckland CouncilONL7DS6QH 04/17 04:00pm
Habgood, PatSubmissionMAN-7EF3G2 05/08 02:12pm
Haddow, George BentleySubmissionMAN-7DX4JV 04/22 02:07pm
Hadfield, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EF3YF 05/08 02:12pm
Hadfield, MoanaSubmissionMAN-7EF37L 05/08 02:12pm
Haer, Harman Jit SinghSubmissionMAN-7EF4MC 05/08 02:12pm
Hafner, Margery JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF3HG 05/08 02:12pm
Hagan, GlennisAuckland governanceONL7DTCKE 04/18 08:59pm
Hager Miller, Debbie NeilSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance fr ... ONL7DX3G4yes Waitakere City04/22 01:13pm
Hahn, Malcolm ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF4PP 05/08 02:12pm
Haimes, KaySubmissionMAN-7EVSYR 05/23 09:09am
Haines, DolinaSubmissionMAN-7EF3AX 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Haines, DolinaSubmissionMAN-7EF3BXyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Haines, Peter EvanSubmissionMAN-7EF3TZ 05/08 02:12pm
Hale, GillanSubmissionMAN-7EKVL6 05/13 11:18am
Halfmoon Bay Residents AssnSubmissionMAN-7EF4QSyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Halford, RosieSubmissionMAN-7EVSVJ 05/23 09:09am
Hall, Brian & BronwynSubmissionMAN-7EF3CHyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Halligan, LeeSubmissionMAN-7EF4SC 05/08 02:12pm
Hall, Ivan & JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF53N 05/08 02:12pm
Hall, JRestructure of AucklandONL7DX342 04/22 12:54pm
Hall, NancySubmissionMAN-7EF3HYyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Hall, S ISubmissionMAN-7EKVBYyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Hall, ScottSubmissionMAN-7EKVJ9 05/13 11:18am
Hamilton, Billie ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF4NDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hamilton, Ian RichardSubmissionMAN-7EF4TQ 05/08 02:12pm
Hamilton, Ian RichardSubmissionMAN-7EF54C 05/08 02:12pm
Hamiora, MelSubmissionMAN-7EF38C 05/08 02:12pm
Hammond, DSubmissionMAN-7EF44R 05/08 02:12pm
Hammonds, Graeme EdwinSubmissionMAN-7EF3LMyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Hampson, JohnAUCKLAND GOVERNANCEONL7DG94F 04/07 06:02pm
Hampton, Eileen MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF34U 05/08 02:12pm
Handin, CarolAuckland governanceONL7DN2V3 04/13 12:43pm
Handin, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EVSX9 05/23 09:09am
Handin, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EVU59 05/23 10:16am
Hannan, James FrancisAuckland governance ONL7DWVRZyes Auckland City04/22 11:40am
Hann, ChristineRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DY76S 04/23 04:23pm
Hansen, Peter EdwardSubmissionMAN-7EF3DR 05/08 02:12pm
Hansen, RossDemocratic GovernmentONL7DWATJ 04/21 07:30pm
Harcombe, Kenneth WilliamSomething rotten in the state of AucklandONL7DW43A 04/21 01:44pm
Hardie, RonSubmissionMAN-7EF533 05/08 02:12pm
Hardwick, Sally AnneSubmissionONL7DWSZJ 04/22 09:19am
Hardy, DSubmissionMAN-7EVSZXyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Hargis, Judith M.Local Goverment Reform SubmissionMAN-7ELW3T 05/14 11:56am
Hargis, Keith BarryAuckland GovernanceONL7CQUMXyes 03/15 11:43am
Hargreaves, ValSubmissionMAN-7EF3SA 05/08 02:12pm
Harland, GlennisSubmissionMAN-7EF3S6 05/08 02:12pm
Harland, StanleySubmissionMAN-7EF3RP 05/08 02:12pm
Harnett, Ian KeithSubmissionMAN-7EF3MHyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Harper, LyndaSubmissionMAN-7EKVDQyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Harper, Shirley RosinaSubmissionMAN-7EF3BFyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Harre, David And Barbara Submission from D and B HarreONL7DW9JY 04/21 06:25pm
Harre, MalcolmSubmissionMAN-7EF3MP 05/08 02:12pm
Harre, NikisubmissionONL7DX4AUyes Auckland City04/22 01:56pm
Harre, Tane JamesRepresentationONL7DUS9Z 04/20 08:41am
Harris Phd (Planning), Christopher EmlynMetropolitan (Regional) Transport Planning, Funding and Impl ... ONL7DX7Q5yes Auckland City04/22 04:51pm
Harris, BrianSubmissionONL7DVB6S 04/20 07:48pm
Harris, Garth & MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3PG 05/08 02:12pm
Harris, LucyElected councillorsONL7DV98K 04/20 06:08pm
Harris, Margaret & GarthSubmissionMAN-7EF4WSyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Harrison, AdeleSubmissionMAN-7EVSXR 05/23 09:09am
Harrison, EveSubmissionMAN-7EF4WRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Harrison, Phyllis MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZT 05/08 02:12pm
Harris, Peter & MargerySubmissionMAN-7EF4UDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Harris, Russell & KayeSubmissionMAN-7EF34X 05/08 02:12pm
Harris, Terrence John & Mary PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF3UByes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Harris, TonyBoundaries, New TA's, Community Councils, Overall StructureONL7DWRTNyes North Shore City04/22 08:18am
Hart, GwenSubmissionMAN-7EF3FS 05/08 02:12pm
Hartill, William F TSubmissionMAN-7EF3CM 05/08 02:12pm
Hartmann, IngridSubmissionMAN-7EKVHW 05/13 11:18am
Hartnett, Dominic EdwardAuckland governance / public transportONL7DW48D 04/21 01:52pm
Hartnett, Dominic EdwardAuckland governance / public transportONL7DW48F 04/21 01:52pm
Hartnett, Frances MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3VEyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Hartnett, TonyAssessment Of Two Models For Reform Of Auckland Governance.ONL7DVT58yes Waitakere City04/21 09:25am
Harus, ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EKVLF 05/13 11:18am
Harvey, BobGovernanceONL7DSSY4yes Waitakere City04/18 09:16am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Harvey, BobSubmissionMAN-7E78WFyes Waitakere City04/30 05:09pm
Harvey, BronwynLocal governanceONL7DVA7F 04/20 06:58pm
Harvey, Bruce JamesSubmissionMAN-7EF3C9 05/08 02:12pm
Harvey, Catherine FrancesSubmissionMAN-7EF3C8 05/08 02:12pm
Harvey, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3J5 05/08 02:12pm
Harvey, KaySubmissionMAN-7EF3X9 05/08 02:12pm
Harvey, Norman HughGovernance of Auckland.ONL7DWCAZ 04/21 08:46pm
Harvey, SimonAuckland Regional GovernanceONL7DWCNKyes Auckland City04/21 09:04pm
Harward, Richard SubmissionONL7DWVNH 04/22 11:35am
Harwood, ChloeSubmissionMAN-7EF3B6 05/08 02:12pm
Hatch, Jean MSubmissionMAN-7EF3MY 05/08 02:12pm
Haugh, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZF 05/08 02:12pm
Hauraki Gulf Enhancement Society Inc 2004SubmissionMAN-7EF553yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hauraki Islands Branch Forest BirdSubmissionMAN-7EF53Yyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hauraki Maori Trust BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF4RG 05/08 02:12pm
Havell, DavidsubmissionONL7DWF26 04/21 11:05pm
Hawke, Lenore KSubmissionMAN-7EF3AG 05/08 02:12pm
Hawkins, Hon GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3KF 05/08 02:12pm
Hawkins, Marilyn JenniferChanges to Local GovernmentONL7DQ8CG 04/15 05:23pm
Hawthorne, RogerDuplication of effort and wasting ratepayers moneyONL7DA5Z9 04/01 04:23pm
Hawthorn, ZitaSubmissionMAN-7EF3YD 05/08 02:12pm
Haycock, Judith & AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF36U 05/08 02:12pm
Hay, DSubmissionMAN-7EVSVY 05/23 09:09am
Hay, DSubmissionMAN-7EVSXY 05/23 09:09am
Haydock, Kenneth JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3V9 05/08 02:12pm
Hay, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF3H8 05/08 02:12pm
Hayman, J MSubmission on Regional GovernanceONL7DWS5Vyes Franklin District04/22 08:34am
Haysom, DavidMore Participation, More Sense of Community, More Democracy ... ONL7DWTNNyes North Shore City04/22 09:53am
Hayson, LoisSubmissionMAN-7EF536 05/08 02:12pm
Healey, Gloria And GrahameSubmissionMAN-7EF3KN 05/08 02:12pm
Heap, GraemeAuckland Governance - SubmissionONL7DWUCFyes Auckland City04/22 10:27am
Heart of the City Inc.Refer PDF attachedONL7DX6CVyes Auckland City04/22 03:42pm
Heartsay RetreatSubmissionMAN-7EF55E 05/08 02:12pm
Heath, P HSubmissionMAN-7EF3GW 05/08 02:12pm
Heath, R.NSubmissionMAN-7EF4RY 05/08 02:12pm
Heaton, JohnSubmissionONL7DW2FZyes Auckland City04/21 12:22pm
Hedges, DoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF3Y6 05/08 02:12pm
Hedges, FayeSubmissionMAN-7EF439 05/08 02:12pm
Heer, MariaSubmissionMAN-7EKVD9yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Helensville Parakai Residents & Ratepayers Assn IncSuggested restructure of Auckland Local AuthoritiesONL7DP7H9yes Rodney District04/14 04:40pm
Hemberge, NikkiSubmissionMAN-7EF4QX 05/08 02:12pm
Heming, PhilCost of current Council StructureONL7DXA6P 04/22 06:57pm
Henaghan, RosegovernanceONL7DW4NT 04/21 02:15pm
Henbrey, A DSubmissionMAN-7EF35B 05/08 02:12pm
Henden, Audrey Mona & William WalterSubmission on Attached DocumentONL7DSDTW 04/17 10:04pm
Henderson Community Board-Waitakere CityHenderson Community Board SubmissionONL7DW32Vyes 04/21 12:52pm
Henke, KarenSubmissionMAN-7EF3FGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hennell, IreneSubmissionMAN-7EVSWT 05/23 09:09am
Henry, DianneSubmissionMAN-7EF3GJ 05/08 02:12pm
Henry, George KennethSubmissionMAN-7EF3GH 05/08 02:12pm
Henry, Marjorie JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF3XX 05/08 02:12pm
Henshall, ShirleyLocal representationONL7DX5UY 04/22 03:16pm
Henton, Wallace & EstelitaSubmissionMAN-7EF36H 05/08 02:12pm
Henwood, Lawrence TrevorSubmissionMAN-7EF4NPyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Herald Island Resident & Ratepayers Association IncOur organisation has spent many hours attending local Counci ... ONL7DWDGKyes Waitakere City04/21 09:46pm
Herbert - Jones, AgSubmissionMAN-7EKVD5 05/13 11:17am
Herbert, Gloria & WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF3E5 05/08 02:12pm
Heritage Farm Ltd.SubmissionsONL7DWC2W 04/21 08:33pm
Herren, MailisSubmissionMAN-7EKVKC 05/13 11:18am
Herren, Nassui OliveSubmissionMAN-7EKVKT 05/13 11:18am
Herren, SaskiaSubmissionMAN-7EKVJR 05/13 11:18am
Herrick, RhiannonSubmissionONL7DX4MM 05/01 02:07pm
Hessey, MalcolmSubmission on local and regional government arrangements for ... ONL7DSCPY 04/17 09:07pm
Hibiscus Coast Branch, Royal Forest & Bird Society of NZ (Inc.)Refer to the attachment.ONL7DWTSN 04/22 09:59am
Hicks, KevinAuckland Royal Commission submission attachedONL7DX644yes 04/22 03:28pm
Higham, GinaSubmissionMAN-7EF52T 05/08 02:12pm
Hiini, RoslynKeeping the Auckland Regional Councils and the ARC separateONL7DX36K 04/22 12:58pm
Hill, Helen MavisSubmissionMAN-7EF3LAyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hill, JoyceSubmissionMAN-7EF3SK 05/08 02:12pm
Hill, PSubmissionMAN-7EVSVG 05/23 09:09am
Hill, Robert FrancisSubmissionMAN-7EF52Ayes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hill, SSubmissionMAN-7EF39N 05/08 02:12pm
Hills, GeoffreySubmissionMAN-7EF3EZyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hine, MalcolmSubmissionMAN-7EF39C 05/08 02:12pm
Hislop, JamesSubmissionMAN-7EF3XFyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Hitchen, DominicPlease see attached documentsONL7DX62F 04/22 03:25pm
Hitchens, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF3S9 05/08 02:12pm
Hoadley Wood, Wyn GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3TRyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Hobman, Ej & MlSubmissionMAN-7EF3YH 05/08 02:12pm
Hobson Community Board - Auckland City CouncilHobson Community Board - Auckland City CouncilONL7DWVZUyes Auckland City04/22 11:53am
Hobson, KarolynSubmissionMAN-7EKVHTyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Hobsonville & Westharbour RatepayersOne city optionONL7EMASC 05/14 07:28pm
Hobsonville/West Harbour Residents & Ratepayers AssociationLocal Government for AucklandONL7DX2TZ 04/22 12:41pm
Hodges, RaewynSubmissionMAN-7EF3XT 05/08 02:12pm
Hodgetts, MatthewAuckland Super CityONL7DUTBV 04/20 09:35am
Hodgins, DoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF42H 05/08 02:12pm
Hodson, GordonAuckland GovernanceMAN-7G58JKyes Auckland City07/01 05:33pm
Hodson, IreneSubmissionMAN-7EVSY8 05/23 09:09am
Hogan-Estall, Rina HaleyRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWUA6 04/22 10:24am
Hogg, AlisonLocal Government ActONL7D9CS3 03/31 10:10pm
Hogg, Peter & KorenSubmissionMAN-7EF3UY 05/08 02:12pm
Hogg, RossChanging local Government in the Auckland RegionONL7DWDQTyes Papakura District04/21 09:59pm
Holdaway, E A JSubmissionMAN-7EF3TTyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Holden, BeverleyAuckland GovernanceONL7DSSXL 04/18 09:16am
Holdsworth, GregArt and cultureONL7D8SFP 03/31 09:50am
Holibar, FrancescaSubmissionMAN-7EKVFQyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Hollard, Scott L.SubmissionMAN-7EF36P 05/08 02:12pm
Hollings, TomAuckland GovernanceONL7DQ9T5yes Waitakere City04/29 05:16pm
Hollis, Margaret ASubmissionMAN-7EF54T 05/08 02:12pm
Holman, Anthony PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3PLyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Holm, DavidAccountabilityONL7DWRRC 04/22 08:14am
Holmes, Basil JamesSubmissionMAN-7EF54Zyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Holmes, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF3XK 05/08 02:12pm
Holst, Glenys & ErikSubmissionMAN-7DX4HV 04/22 02:07pm
Holst, PeterA new governance model for the Auckland RegionONL7D6RXK 03/29 09:24am
Holt, AmandaWider Auckland CouncilONL7DWTLL 04/22 09:49am
Holt, Anthony Howardone council for papakura and surronding areas..ONL7DWQQX 04/22 07:23am
Holy Trinity Cathedral, Anglican Church, AucklandSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Homan, M G & S DSubmissionMAN-7EF38Uyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
HomeownerMy concerns and opposition to a Super CouncilONL7DR52P 04/16 02:34pm
Honiss, Terence PatrickSubmissionMAN-7EF3B5 05/08 02:12pm
Hood, AlisterDemocracy and Accountability in Auckland GovernanceONL7DT8AZ 04/18 05:21pm
Hooper, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EF4KVyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Hooper, Nicholas And LinFranklin should be part of AucklandONL7DS8AG 04/17 05:20pm
Hopkins, AllisonSubmissionMAN-7EF3YR 05/08 02:12pm
Hopkins, DavidRoyal Commission Submission from South AucklandONL7DRCGC 04/16 08:54pm
Hopper, RichardSubmissionMAN-7EF3B2 05/08 02:12pm
Houison, Robert SSubmissionMAN-7EF3MC 05/08 02:12pm
Hoven, HildeSubmissionMAN-7EF3RA 05/08 02:12pm
Howard, Josephinee & PeterSubmissionMAN-7DX4KC 04/22 02:07pm
Howard, Maxwell GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3GL 05/08 02:12pm
Howard, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EVSWAyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Howard, RaywynSubmissionMAN-7EF4YV 05/08 02:12pm
Howearth, Harley WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF375 05/08 02:12pm
Howe, John ElisSubmissionONL7DW293 04/21 12:11pm
Howell, Elizabeth JSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZV 05/08 02:12pm
Howell, K T & RonSubmissionMAN-7EF3YW 05/08 02:12pm
Howell, RobertStructures, functions, funding, climate change ONL7DV25Kyes 05/01 11:03am
Howick Community BoardCommunity Board LevelONL7EEVA2 05/08 11:15am
Hoy, CandaceSubmissionMAN-7EKVHSyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Huakina Development TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF3NPyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Hubbard, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF4RA 05/08 02:12pm
Hudig, Dirk Efficiency, management, rates controlONL7DX3A9 04/22 01:04pm
Huffman, Darrell BuracuracyONL7CF59F 03/05 03:45pm
Huggett, ZeldaSubmissionMAN-7EF3WA 05/08 02:12pm
Hughes, Joyce & IanSubmissionMAN-7EF3JFyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Hughes, MavisSupport for North Shore City Counil to stay Independent from ... ONL7DX2XY 04/22 12:47pm
Hughes, TimothynilONL7DS8W8yes Auckland City04/17 05:52pm
Hughes, TimothyAuckland GovernanceONL7DT82Byes Auckland City04/18 05:07pm
Hughes, TonySubmissionMAN-7EF3WU 05/08 02:12pm
Huia-Cornwallis ratepayers and Residents Association IncSubmissionMAN-7EF53Eyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Hull, DouglasSubmissionONL7DY3SR 04/23 01:30pm
Hull, Michelle Submission ONL7DX7NQ 04/22 04:49pm
Hull, Richard ArthurSubmissionONL7DX3JB 04/22 01:17pm
Hull, StephenSubmissionMAN-7EF4MA 05/08 02:12pm
Hultrigter, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF3AL 05/08 02:12pm
Humphreys, Diane HumphreysSubmissionMAN-7DX4JW 04/22 02:07pm
Humphries, NicoleRetaining Waitakere CityONL7DPT6D 04/15 09:26am
Hunkin, Graham And MelanieSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, prefe ... ONL7DUB96 04/19 07:52pm
Hunsdale, TomGreat Barrier Island local representationONL7DSS5W 04/18 08:35am
Hunt, AdamCritical elements for a governance systemONL7DWBUL 04/21 08:23pm
Hunt, AndrewLocal GovernanceONL7CMEQN 03/11 11:50pm
Hunter, Sydney GarmstonSubmissionMAN-7ET2Z8 05/20 12:49pm
Hunter, T.M.SubmissionMAN-7EF3D6 05/08 02:12pm
Hurley, MarylynSubmissionMAN-7EF4TCyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Hurly, HonorAuckland GovernanceONL7DV7SF 04/20 04:55pm
Hurst, Fiona JanetSubmissionMAN-7DX4K2 04/22 02:07pm
Hurst, John ESubmissionMAN-7DX4K3 04/22 02:07pm
Hutchinson, EwenRepresentation, election of chairman/mayor of expanded citie ... ONL7DT9CWyes Auckland City04/18 06:15pm
Hutchinson, ShonaSubmissionMAN-7DX4K7 04/22 02:07pm
Hutchinson, Valerie ClaireSubmissionMAN-7EF4PQ 05/08 02:12pm
Hutchison, Kathleen JoycesubmissionONL7DWVVQ 05/01 12:38pm
Hutchison, KathySubmissionMAN-7EF37R 05/08 02:12pm
Hyde, Neil & LyndsaySubmissionMAN-7EF3AE 05/08 02:12pm
Ibrahim, JeannetteSubmissionMAN-7EF3BB 05/08 02:12pm
Independent - Affilliated N.S.C.CSubmissionMAN-7EF4QA 05/08 02:12pm
Individual RatepayerMaking Decisions at Grass Roots LevelsONL7DV39Y 04/20 01:03pm
Ingle, RosieSubmissionMAN-7EKVE6yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Ingold, DeborahHow will a Super City Coucil be able to support our communit ... ONL7DWA4F 04/21 06:53pm
Ingram, Norman JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF43C 05/08 02:12pm
Innes, Wendy And John Auckland's Local GovernmentONL7CEST5 03/05 10:08am
Insley, Mrs ValerieSubmissionMAN-7EVSZ6 05/23 09:09am
Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (Auckland Branch)SUBMISSION BY THE AUCKLAND BRANCH OF THE INSTITUTION OF PROF ... ONL7DX6BFyes 04/22 03:39pm
Ireland, Cliff & LeonieFranklin District Council amalgamation with AucklandONL7DT7KY 04/18 04:44pm
Ireland, TonyaucklandONL7DX8KQyes North Shore City04/22 05:35pm
Irwin, Desmond ThomasSubmissionMAN-7EF368 05/08 02:12pm
Island Grow LimitedSubmissionMAN-7EF4KRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Itoh, LazukoSubmissionMAN-7EF4L4 05/08 02:12pm
Jack, David RoderickSubmission in favour of more centralised Governance in Auckl ... ONL7DWDF9 04/21 09:44pm
Jack, MichaelMaking Local Government More Local - An Alternative Governan ... ONL7DW3MK 04/21 01:22pm
Jackson, BrentSubmissionMAN-7EF3JA 05/08 02:12pm
Jackson, JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF3LY 05/08 02:12pm
Jackson, Jill CarolynSubmissionMAN-7EF548 05/08 02:12pm
Jackson, John ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF4PC 05/08 02:12pm
Jackson, JulieAuckland GovernanceONL7DX3M9 04/22 01:21pm
Jackson, Nancy LoisAuckland's future governanceONL7DPT5U 04/15 09:26am
Jackson, NoelineSubmissionMAN-7EF3AH 05/08 02:12pm
Jackson, RobSubmissionMAN-7EKVCDyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Jackson, Shaun Lewis Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWBRQ 04/21 08:18pm
Jackson, Susan MSubmissionMAN-7EVSUMyes Franklin District05/23 09:09am
Jador, Mr & Mrs Beant SinghSubmissionMAN-7EF3HZ 05/08 02:12pm
James, DoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF3AR 05/08 02:12pm
Jamieson, AlastairSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6R6 04/22 04:01pm
Jamieson, PhilippaSubmissionMAN-7EKVDMyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Janet HuntHauraki Gulf governanceONL7DW2U3yes Auckland City04/21 12:41pm
Jansen, LambertGovernanceONL7CEVDN 03/05 12:21pm
Jansen, Mrs OliviaSubmissionMAN-7EF38Q 05/08 02:12pm
Jaques, WilliamAuckland GovernanceONL7DB64C 04/02 04:28pm
Jarman, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF3RH 05/08 02:12pm
Jarman, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF52W 05/08 02:12pm
Jarman, MichaelAuckland Local GovernmentONL7DQ3WT 04/15 01:37pm
Jarvis, NaomiSubmissionMAN-7EF44Q 05/08 02:12pm
Jaskiewiez, J BSubmissionMAN-7EKVBWyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Jeffs, Q CSubmissionMAN-7EF4XH 05/08 02:12pm
Jeffs, RonaldSubmissionMAN-7EF4XJ 05/08 02:12pm
Jehle, CarlaSubmissionMAN-7EF55Pyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Jehle, LukasSubmissionMAN-7EKVFEyes Auckland City05/13 04:16pm
Jellyman, ChirstineSubmissionMAN-7EF37M 05/08 02:12pm
Jensen, IvanSubmissionONL7DX3RQ 04/22 01:29pm
Jenssen, Knut SkaucenSubmissionMAN-7EF528 05/08 02:12pm
Jepson, MikeAuckland Local GovernmentONL7DR2EL 04/16 12:20pm
Jerkovich, EricSubmissionMAN-7EF447 05/08 02:12pm
Joe, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3RW 05/08 02:12pm
Johannessen, Judy JSubmissionMAN-7EF3QU 05/08 02:12pm
Johannessen, SveinSubmissionMAN-7EF3QTyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Johansen, CarlSubmissionMAN-7ENVW3yes Auckland City05/16 11:47am
Johns, MurielSubmissionMAN-7EF3W2 05/08 02:12pm
Johnson , Ronald L General comments on the sstructure for the governance of Auc ... ONL7DWSSA 04/22 09:07am
Johnson, Clyde PeterSubmissionMAN-7DX4JC 04/22 02:07pm
Johnson, Gael EleanorSubmissionMAN-7EF3GFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Johnson, GraemeSee attached documentsONL7DVCNAyes 04/20 09:04pm
Johnson, HughSubmissionMAN-7EVSVE 05/23 09:09am
Johnson, Irene MaryAUCKLAND GOVERNANCEONL7DW782 04/21 04:25pm
Johnson, LloydNo general commentsONL7DWUJ2 04/22 10:36am
Johnson, LyndaSubmissionMAN-7EF3FK 05/08 02:12pm
Johnson, MelanieSubmissionMAN-7EVSXN 05/23 09:09am
Johnson, MelanieSubmissionMAN-7EVSYY 05/23 09:09am
Johnson, SamanthaSubmissionMAN-7EF3MQ 05/08 02:12pm
Johns, PrueSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Q 05/23 09:10am
Johnston, D MSubmissionMAN-7EF4RLyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Johnstone, ChristopherOne Great Auckland CouncilONL7DB2RC 04/02 01:37pm
Johnston, JodiSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWE5Uyes 04/21 10:20pm
Johnston, JodieRoyal Commission on Aucklands Governance ONL7DMCXC 04/12 09:18pm
Johnston, NoelineSubmissionMAN-7EKVHU 05/13 11:18am
Johnston, WayneSubmissionMAN-7EVSXL 05/23 09:09am
Jolley, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EF3L3 05/08 02:12pm
Jones, Bernard HenrySubmissionMAN-7EF38M 05/08 02:12pm
Jones, Brian & JennySubmissionMAN-7EF4Q4 05/08 02:12pm
Jones, DelaineSubmissionMAN-7EF4N9 05/08 02:12pm
Jones, HilaryOpposition to aboliton of Auckland's existing local govt cou ... ONL7DWDCY 04/21 09:40pm
Jones, Mrs JeanetteSubmissionMAN-7EF35D 05/08 02:12pm
Jones, PatriciaLocal government and royal commissionONL7DWDGN 04/21 09:46pm
Jones, R.RSubmissionMAN-7EF4LQ 05/08 02:12pm
Jonson, GwenSubmissionMAN-7EF35H 05/08 02:12pm
Jon.Mapes Land Solutions Ltd.SubmissionONL7DYUFGyes Manukau City04/24 10:32am
Joosten, Karen DeniseSubmission re governing Auckland regionONL7DTDCA 04/18 09:39pm
Jordan, Cedric OwenSubmissionMAN-7EF3SB 05/08 02:12pm
Jordan, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF3YMyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Jordan, KenRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWUNS 04/22 10:44am
Jordan, RhondaLocal Body BoundariesONL7DXDKD 04/22 09:50pm
Jordan, ScottSubmissionMAN-7EF3YKyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Jory, AinsleeRates, Water, Community BoardsONL7DS6KQ 04/17 03:53pm
Joseph, JaquelineSubmissionMAN-7EKVCSyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Jowsey, AnthonyAs with central Govt. there can be only one Authority with j ... ONL7DN4HK 04/13 02:07pm
Joyce, EmmaSubmissionONL7DR6KUyes Waitakere City04/16 03:53pm
Judd, Gloria AnneSubmissionMAN-7DX4JD 04/22 02:07pm
Juhan, StephanieSubmissionMAN-7EF44W 05/08 02:12pm
Jull, Kevin & IreneSubmissionMAN-7EF3CY 05/08 02:12pm
Jury, Anthony StephenSubmissionMAN-7EF3ES 05/08 02:12pm
Jury, Gendie MansfieldSubmissionMAN-7EF3F6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Justice ActionSubmissionMAN-7EF3LL 05/08 02:12pm
Kaan, BovanSubmissionMAN-7EKVGG 05/13 11:18am
Kaiaua Citizens and Ratepayers Association IncorporatedSubmissionMAN-7E78WJyes Franklin District04/30 05:09pm
Kaipara BloomsMaintaining identity of rural areasONL7DWELU 04/21 10:44pm
Kaipara District CouncilSubmissionMAN-7DX4HS 04/22 02:07pm
Kampschulte, MarcSubmissionMAN-7EF4L8 05/08 02:12pm
Kane, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF4TS 05/08 02:12pm
Karaka, Emily Ngai Tai and Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6RByes Auckland City04/22 04:02pm
Karekare Residents & Ratepayers TrustRegional Governance Submission to the Royal CommissionONL7DWSN7 04/22 09:01am
Katavich, MarinaCost to ratepayers to employ several city councilsONL7DS5XT 04/17 03:21pm
Kaukapakapa Area Residents and Ratepayers Association IncMainatining the unique identity of Rodney DistrictONL7DWQNEyes Rodney District04/22 07:19am
Kaukau, AdelaideSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZU 05/08 02:12pm
Kay, Sara FlorenceSubmissionMAN-7EF4N8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Keane, KSubmissionMAN-7EF3F7 05/08 02:12pm
Keenan, B.Efficiency, accountability and sustainability of Auckland's ... ONL7DWCPE 04/21 09:06pm
Keene, MaureenPlan to scrap Community BoardsONL7DFF7J 04/06 11:14pm
Keep New Zealand BeautifulSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6KUyes Waitakere City04/22 03:53pm
Keesing, P MSubmissionMAN-7EF359 05/08 02:12pm
Kelderman, ASubmissionMAN-7EF3BS 05/08 02:12pm
Kelderman, MauritsSubmissionMAN-7EF3BRyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Kellicul, San Lee AnnSubmissionMAN-7EKVEFyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Kelly, Pauline MSubmissionMAN-7EF397 05/08 02:12pm
Kelly, PeterSubmissionONL7DUCBPyes Auckland City04/19 08:47pm
Kemp, DenisSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZS 05/08 02:12pm
Kenealy, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EVST8 05/23 09:08am
Kennaway, LeighSubmissionONL7DVEGG 04/20 10:37pm
Kennedy, Rowland & JoySubmissionMAN-7EF352 05/08 02:12pm
Kensington, PeterCross-boundary IssuesONL7D3W5D 03/26 12:58pm
Keremete, TamatiSubmissionMAN-7EKVBNyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Kerr, John, Suzanne, FernSubmissionMAN-7EF542yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Kerr, MatthewSubmissionMAN-7EF3X4yes Franklin City05/08 02:12pm
Kevany, KevinNo Lord Mayors, no bloated bureacracies -- a simple organisa ... ONL7DT5KT 04/18 03:02pm
Kewsiweow, Desmond HSubmissionMAN-7EF3Y7yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Kew, VSubmissionMAN-7EKVJV 05/13 11:18am
Khaled, AhmedAuckland GovernanceONL7DQ7RC 04/15 04:53pm
Khorami, RezaSubmissionMAN-7EF36G 05/08 02:12pm
Kiaio, LeeSubmissionMAN-7EKVKF 05/13 11:18am
Kidd, MichaelWaitakere City Eco City - lets keep it that way!!ONL7DMTN2yes 04/13 09:52am
Kidd, MuwaySubmissionMAN-7EF3RY 05/08 02:12pm
Kihi, BillSubmissionMAN-7EKVBKyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Killpartrick, SarahAuckland governanceONL7DX74P 04/22 04:20pm
King-Turner, TonyAuckland GovernanceMAN-7FX9BPyes 06/25 06:13pm
King, GuySubmissionMAN-7EF4VEyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Kinghern, William RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF4N6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Kinghorn, Ann JocelynSubmissionMAN-7EF4NA 05/08 02:12pm
Kingi, CarlSubmissionMAN-7EKVCYyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Kingi, CarlSubmissionMAN-7EKVEUyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Kingi, CarlSubmissionMAN-7EVSV9yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Kingi, Te Waru O'noemaSubmissionMAN-7EF3KP 05/08 02:12pm
Kinney, MSubmissionMAN-7EKVCZ 05/13 11:17am
Kinsler, Marklocal body structureONL7DX99Yyes Manukau City04/22 06:11pm
Kirikiri, JohnRoyal Comminssion Of InquiryONL7DX56C 04/22 02:40pm
Kirkby, Elizabeth SubmissionONL7DWCP8yes Auckland City04/21 09:05pm
Kirk, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EKVKW 05/13 11:18am
Kirkland, Barry EvanRight structure for governance of the Auckland RegionONL7DX9QS 04/22 06:34pm
Kirk, Maurice & GraceSubmissionMAN-7EF3TW 05/08 02:12pm
Kirton, SeanAuckland GovernanceONL7DP3U4 04/14 01:32pm
Kita, LarrySubmissionMAN-7EF38Tyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Kitson, IvanRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWG63yes 04/22 12:03am
Kitto, Eugene BehanSubmissionMAN-7EKVHKyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Kloepfer, Werner WalterSubmissionMAN-7EF4NJ 05/08 02:12pm
Kloeten, ChrisSubmissionMAN-7EKVH3yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Knight, Donald BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF3V2 05/08 02:12pm
Knight, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF556yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Knight, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EKVFYyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Knox, Anne ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF3TCyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Kogiso, Eve KogisoSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q7 05/08 02:12pm
Kolff, J. M.SubmissionMAN-7EM2CByes Auckland City05/14 12:16pm
Kolff, MSubmissionMAN-7EVSW8 05/23 09:09am
Koller, Helen & AlisonSubmissionMAN-7EF3AD 05/08 02:12pm
Konui-Nu'u, MollyKeep Papakura Local!!ONL7DWVK7 04/22 11:29am
Koppens, Matthew Antonius JohnathonSubmissionMAN-7EF4NL 05/08 02:12pm
Kraft, JulianaSubmissionMAN-7EVSTB 05/23 09:08am
Kroeger, MatthiassubmissionONL7DWT82yes 04/22 09:29am
Krois, GarySubmissionMAN-7EKVBHyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Kulff, JmSubmissionMAN-7EKVCAyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Kumeu River Wines Limited and MG Brajkovich Family TrustSubmission on Auckland with specific reference to KumeuONL7DX232yes Rodney District04/22 12:01pm
Kuoi, SeykeehSubmissionMAN-7EF3X8yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Kyne, RoseSubmissionMAN-7EKVEAyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
La Roche, AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF3DTyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
La Roche, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF4ULyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Lack, BobFranklin DistrictONL7DWDGYyes Franklin District04/21 09:47pm
Lack, Erica PatriaSubmissionMAN-7EF4QZ 05/08 02:12pm
Lacocki, Irene UrsulaSubmissionMAN-7EF3YQ 05/08 02:12pm
Lai, AgnesSubmissionMAN-7EF34Z 05/08 02:12pm
Laight, BronwerSubmissionMAN-7EKVG4yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Laird, TessaSubmissionMAN-7EF52P 05/08 02:12pm
Lamb, Eilene 1.ARC or other area wide organisation. Yes There should be a ... ONL7DQRPA 04/29 05:18pm
Lambert, Judith MargerySubmissionMAN-7EF3VR 05/08 02:12pm
Lamond, Ernest CharlesSubmissionMAN-7EF54E 05/08 02:12pm
Landco Land Developments LtdLandco Land Development ONL7DX5QByes Auckland City04/22 03:09pm
Land, Rodney BrockSubmissionMAN-7EF3T5yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Land, Rodney BrockSubmissionMAN-7EF3WJyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Lane, RaewynAuckland Governance submissionONL7DVCMY 04/20 09:03pm
Langley, William & JacquelineSubmissionMAN-7EF3GS 05/08 02:12pm
Lanigan, Dr. TonyChages to Gvernance : Formof Governace to follow function of ... ONL7DXALGyes 04/22 07:19pm
Lanning, Alexander RichardMy thoughts on the governance of greater AucklandONL7DQE9E 04/29 04:10pm
Lapp, ClaudiaSubmissionMAN-7EF4WD 05/08 02:12pm
Larkins, LionelSubmissionMAN-7EF4MSyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Larsen, PaulineSupercity conceptONL7DQ7K9 04/15 04:43pm
Laurence, JohnOne Mayor, 12 Councillors, 30+Community Boards of five membe ... ONL7DST27yes Auckland City04/29 06:33pm
Laven, Adrian JSubmissionMAN-7EF3GEyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Law, GarryAuckland Water And Wastewater Service ProvisionMAN-7EF3LK 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Lawler, BrendanOne city.ONL7DT2C7 04/18 12:16pm
Lawley, AmeliaSubmissionMAN-7EKVJS 05/13 11:18am
Lawson & Mayes, Robert John & DianeSubmissionMAN-7EF3QByes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Lawton, MaggieSustainable developmentONL7DV85Ryes Auckland City04/20 05:13pm
Lay, June RosemarySubmissionMAN-7EF4UZ 05/08 02:12pm
Le Page, J ASubmissionMAN-7EF4YX 05/08 02:12pm
Le Page, M MSubmissionMAN-7EF4YW 05/08 02:12pm
Le Poidevin, Jeffrey AlbertSubmissionMAN-7EF4NGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Leadbeater, MaireNeed for a change in the voting systemONL7DWHD8yes Auckland City04/22 01:05am
Leaders to the Nationsone cityONL7DVJMG 04/21 02:10am
Leaming, DouglasSubmissionMAN-7EF4LS 05/08 02:12pm
Lee-Wragge, Ping C.SubmissionMAN-7EKVDYyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Lee, AlixSubmissionONL7E8B6J 05/01 07:48pm
Lee, Mei Nee SubmissionONL7DX2FV 04/22 12:22pm
Leenstra, StuartSubmissionMAN-7EF3V3 05/08 02:12pm
Leese, MarkSubmissionMAN-7EF4W2 05/08 02:12pm
Lee, SheilaOne cityONL7CPS5F 03/14 09:34am
Legel, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF34J 05/08 02:12pm
Legel, PaulaSubmission on structure of Auckland - both regional and loca ... ONL7DV9TL 04/20 06:39pm
Leggat, Alistair GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF4V8 05/08 02:12pm
Legge, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF3YS 05/08 02:12pm
Leigh, Daphne Ellen MarySubmissionMAN-7EF43U 05/08 02:12pm
Lendrum, Brian SydneySubmissionMAN-7EF3K5 05/08 02:12pm
Lennox, Heather MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3Z7 05/08 02:12pm
Leonard, BillyAuckland unification, with a twistONL7DW2QV 04/21 12:36pm
Leonard, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF39W 05/08 02:12pm
Leqeta, RusiateSubmissionMAN-7EVSV8yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Leslie, KateSubmissionMAN-7EF3X2 05/08 02:12pm
Levene, MarkSubmissionMAN-7EF3JY 05/08 02:12pm
Lever, Ronald HaroldSubmissionMAN-7DX4JF 04/22 02:07pm
Levien, IanSubmissionMAN-7EF3JB 05/08 02:12pm
Levin, Rubin & Peta auckland governanceONL7DWQGA 04/22 07:09am
Lewenz, ClaudeLong FormONL7DX7B3 04/22 04:30pm
Lewis, MandySubmissionMAN-7EF3FDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Lewis, Owen W.G & Joy H.ASubmissionMAN-7EF4NM 05/08 02:12pm
Lewis, P ESubmissionMAN-7EF4YM 05/08 02:12pm
Lewis, R JSubmissionMAN-7EF4YN 05/08 02:12pm
Liley, Jackson & MarySubmissionMAN-7EF36E 05/08 02:12pm
Lilly, GrantSubmissionMAN-7EF549 05/08 02:12pm
Limeburners Bay VineyardsSubmissionMAN-7EF3QXyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Limmer, EveSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZUyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Lim, PamelaSubmissionMAN-7EF547yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Linaker, LuellaSubmission to the Royal Commission on Auckland's GovernanceONL7DX55Vyes Auckland City04/22 02:39pm
Linberg, WayneSubmissionMAN-7EF39Qyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Lindan, LouiseSubmissionMAN-7EKVEHyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Lindberg, Don & LynneSubmissionONL7DVVEY 04/21 11:23am
Lindley, KaySubmissionMAN-7EF36X 05/08 02:12pm
Lin, Frank objectionONL7DS94K 04/17 06:02pm
Lingard, SheilaSubmissionMAN-7EF52G 05/08 02:12pm
Linnell, AmandaSubmissionMAN-7EF4KT 05/08 02:12pm
Linnell, AmandaSubmissionMAN-7EVSV6yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Living Communities Incsee attachedONL7DVTSMyes Auckland City04/21 09:59am
Living Communities Trustsuper cityONL7DP6VS 04/14 04:09pm
Livingstone, AllisonSubmissionMAN-7EKVE8yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Livingstone, Jen Auckland Governance -word doc attachedONL7DS4G8yes Auckland City04/17 02:05pm
Local Authority Property Association (Inc)Local Authority Property Association Submission to Royal Com ... ONL7DT5GN 04/18 02:57pm
Local Government Centre, Aut UniversitySubmission From Local Government Centre, Aut UniversityONL7DX5N3yes Auckland City04/22 03:05pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Local Government Centre, Aut UniversityThe Future Governance Of The Auckland RegionONL7DX66Yyes Auckland City04/22 03:32pm
Lochner, LanceSubmissionMAN-7EF38Lyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Loe, GavinSubmissionMAN-7EVSVM 05/23 09:09am
Logan, AlvinSubmissionMAN-7EF37E 05/08 02:12pm
Logan, GavinAuckland GovernanceONL7DXGRP 04/23 12:34am
Logan, RossSubmissionMAN-7EF4PB 05/08 02:12pm
Long Bay - Okura Great Park SocietySubmission from the Long Bay - Okura Great Park SocietyONL7DV5EE 04/20 02:53pm
Lopdell House Society Inc. on behalf of Lopdell House GallerySubmissionONL7DX68V 04/22 03:35pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Loraneer, JulieSubmissionMAN-7EF43Z 05/08 02:12pm
Lorch, JimSubmissionMAN-7EVSUXyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Lord, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EKVJL 05/13 11:18am
Lord, JenniferSubmissionMAN-7EF3UDyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Lorens, BrigitteSubmissionMAN-7EF38G 05/08 02:12pm
Lorimer, GailFragmentation and connectedness within systemsONL7DW8RL 04/21 05:44pm
Lough, SimonForm Of Governance- Auckland. Areas Of Focus And What Would ... ONL7DX224yes North Shore City04/22 12:00pm
Lough, SimonIn Addition To - Form Of Governance...Submitted 12Noon 22Nd ... ONL7DX2XMyes North Shore City04/22 12:47pm
Lovegrove, KamaleshSubmissionMAN-7EF4KX 05/08 02:12pm
Lovegrove, Shivanii SharynSubmissionMAN-7EF4U7yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Lovelock, JackIntroductionONL7DR5EG 04/16 02:53pm
Lovett, JeannineSubmissionMAN-7EF3SS 05/08 02:12pm
Lowe, David One Auckland pleaseONL7CWVET 03/21 12:22pm
Lowen, RSubmissionMAN-7EF37T 05/08 02:12pm
Lowry, HelenSubmissionMAN-7ELVJZ 05/14 11:29am
Luce, Norman AlfredSubmissionMAN-7EF3QL 05/08 02:12pm
Ludlam, Jennifer KaySubmissionMAN-7EF4MNyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ludlam, JudithSubmissionMAN-7EF43G 05/08 02:12pm
Luff, JenSubmissionMAN-7EKVJF 05/13 11:18am
Lulham, KenniaSubmissionMAN-7EF44A 05/08 02:12pm
Lumsden, Peter ASubmissionMAN-7EF52Fyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Lumsder, SallySubmissionMAN-7F3VEL 05/29 11:22am
Lunti, Keita & GayeSubmissionMAN-7EF3A9 05/08 02:12pm
Luo, PeterSubmissionMAN-7DX4HX 04/22 02:07pm
Lush, ChrisSubmissionMAN-7EKVFAyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Lush, CoralieSubmissionMAN-7EVSZ9 05/23 09:09am
Lush, KSubmissionMAN-7EVSYC 05/23 09:09am
Lush, RobinSubmissionMAN-7EF3UJ 05/08 02:12pm
Lush, RobinSubmissionMAN-7EVSW7 05/23 09:09am
Lusk, John & BarbaraAuckland GovernanceONL7DVDQ8 04/20 09:58pm
Lydford, BerylStaus of the current city coucils in AkldONL7DSB5R 04/17 07:46pm
Lynch, DeborahSubmissionMAN-7EF3XL 05/08 02:12pm
Lynch, JudithSubmissionMAN-7EF3XM 05/08 02:12pm
Lynds, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3H5 05/08 02:12pm
Lynn, Kevin JohnSubmissionMAN-7DX4JG 04/22 02:07pm
Lyon, Ralph EdwardSubmissionMAN-7EF399 05/08 02:12pm
Lyons, RodAmalgamation of RodneyONL7DW4RC 04/21 02:19pm
Lyons, RodneyRates & staff numbersONL7DW4LQ 04/21 02:12pm
Lyons, RodneyFuture Council Make UpONL7DW4PK 04/21 02:16pm
Lythe, BrianGovernance Structure and Electoral System.ONL7DVDD6yes Waitakere City04/20 09:41pm
Lyttle, DebSubmissionMAN-7EVSW2 05/23 09:09am
Mabey, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF4NZ 05/08 02:12pm
Mabry, Carolinelocal decision makingONL7DVD5Q 04/20 09:29pm
Macalincag, PanchoSubmissionMAN-7EF3AQ 05/08 02:12pm
Macaree, DeirdreSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZR 05/08 02:12pm
Macclement, Bera Angharad ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF4RSyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Macclement, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4S5yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Macdonald, MichaelSubmissionONL7DX4YZyes Auckland City04/22 02:31pm
Macdonald, Rev. D. F.Ageism and its Impact on Auckland 2020 and BeyondONL7EG4MF 05/09 02:13pm
Macdonald, Sybil Joan Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW5RLyes Auckland City04/21 03:11pm
Mace, Joy Royal Commission of Inquiry into Auckland's GovernanceONL7DXG32yes North Shore City04/22 11:58pm
Macfarlane, AlisonAuckland GovernanceONL7DWDFH 04/21 09:44pm
Macfarlane, BruceAdministrative Structure Based On CommunitiesONL7DV4BL 04/20 01:57pm
Macfarlane, StuartGoverning AucklandONL7DW3CU 04/21 01:08pm
Mack, BSubmissionMAN-7EF382 05/08 02:12pm
Maclachlan, HildaSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZN 05/08 02:12pm
Maclean, A SSubmissionMAN-7EF3BP 05/08 02:12pm
Maclean, AndrewAuckland City – future GovernanceONL7DX478 04/22 01:50pm
Macleod, Donald NormanRoyal Commission of Inquiry on Auckland Governance - local r ... ONL7DVENE 04/20 10:47pm
Macneil, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EVSYG 05/23 09:09am
Macneil, JosephSubmissionMAN-7EVSX5 05/23 09:09am
Macpherson, ClunyGovernanceONL7DWTVJyes North Shore City04/22 10:04am
Macpherson, Robert AngusSubmissionMAN-7EF3C7 05/08 02:12pm
Macpherson, Stewart DouglasSubmissionMAN-7EF3C2 05/08 02:12pm
Macrae, GraemeAuckland Governance changesONL7DJS9Byes Auckland City04/10 08:40am
Macrae, Mr A ESubmissionMAN-7EF36C 05/08 02:12pm
Macrae, RossSubmissionMAN-7EF53T 05/08 02:12pm
Madarasz. B.A, B.Soc.Sci, Dip.Tch(Sec), JudithSubmission From Waiheke IslandONL7DWFMDyes 04/21 11:36pm
Madeley, SubmissionMAN-7EF4ZH 05/08 02:12pm
Madgwick, WilmaSubmissionMAN-7EF3L2 05/08 02:12pm
Madsen Lawrie Consultants LtdSubmissionMAN-7EF4T7 05/08 02:12pm
Madsen, ChristineRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWEF5 04/21 10:35pm
MAFIA (Many Affected Friends In Aotearoa)SubmissionMAN-7DX4J7yes North Shore City04/22 02:07pm
Magnusson, DaveSubmissionMAN-7EF3RX 05/08 02:12pm
Magsons Hardware LimitedRoyal commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DV74D 04/20 04:19pm
Mahamu, JoSubmissionMAN-7EVSXZ 05/23 09:09am
Mahon, Kevin Cyril Amalgamation of the Regional Council with the seven territor ... ONL7DXBXWyes Auckland City04/22 08:28pm
Mahony, AndreaSubmissionMAN-7EF4LA 05/08 02:12pm
Mahurangi East Residents & Ratepayers Association IncorporatedSubmissionMAN-7EF38Zyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Maidment, Jennifer MargaretRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DUKXR 04/20 03:17am
Mainstreet Manager: Wendy Casperson, St Heliers Bay Village AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF4UG 05/13 11:11am
Majorana, PhylsSubmissionMAN-7EF3NK 05/08 02:12pm
Mak, Kam Submission regarding Auckland GovernanceONL7DX99J 04/22 06:10pm
Malan, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EKVLT 05/13 11:18am
Malloy, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7DX4J6 04/22 02:07pm
Maloney, HeatherSubmissionMAN-7EF3TPyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Mangawhai/Pakiri Environmental Kaitiaki TrustSubmissionMAN-7F32A2yes Auckland City05/28 12:12pm
Mangere Community BoardDocument attachedONL7DW4BNyes Manukau City04/21 01:57pm
Mangos, TerryAuckland GovernanceONL7DW3N6 04/21 01:23pm
Mannes, ChristinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4Z2 05/08 02:12pm
Manning, KathrynSubmissionMAN-7EF37Z 05/08 02:12pm
Mann, KarenSubmissionMAN-7EF3D5 05/08 02:12pm
Mansfield, Michael CharlesSubmissionMAN-7EF44V 05/08 02:12pm
Manual, NeilSubmissionMAN-7EF35U 05/08 02:12pm
Manuel, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF35T 05/08 02:12pm
Manukau City CouncilManukau City Council submissionONL7DX5RByes Manukau City04/22 03:10pm
Manukau City Councillor - Personal SubmissionPersonal Submission - Michael Williams, Manukau City Council ... ONL7DWRX4yes Manukau City04/22 08:24am
Manukau City Councillor for HowickSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX5WXyes Manukau City04/22 03:19pm
Manukau LodgeSubmissionMAN-7EF3QE 05/08 02:12pm
Manukau Volunteer CoastguardnoneONL7DU9X3 04/19 06:44pm
Manurewa Community BoardSupport For 3 City Model. Manurewa Community Board Paper Fol ... ONL7DX5UJyes Manukau City04/22 03:16pm
Maori Department, University of AucklandMaori representationONL7DP2BXyes Auckland City04/14 12:15pm
Maori Whaea.Royal Commission Inquiry Auckland.ONL7CESZX 03/05 10:19am
Margetts, Dean EdgarAucklands GovernanceONL7DL349 04/11 12:54pm
Margetts, GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF42R 05/08 02:12pm
Maria, HSubmissionMAN-7EKVEZyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Marinovich, Mate MichaelSubmissionMAN-7DX4J9yes Waitakere City04/22 02:07pm
Marjoribanks, Ewen CameronSubmissionONL7DWBZ5 04/21 08:30pm
Mark, Allison ElizabethRodney District CouncilONL7DWSEY 04/22 08:49am
Marks, John Back to the Future ONL7DX6J9 04/22 03:50pm
Mark, WihiriaSubmissionMAN-7EF3DS 05/08 02:12pm
Marlon Barleyman Memorial Cottage Rural Women NZ Awana, AdministratorSubmissionMAN-7EF4V5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Marquart, KurtSubmission to Governance of Auckland RegionONL7DX7X4yes North Shore City04/22 05:02pm
Marriott, KatySubmissionONL7DWCDLyes North Shore City04/21 08:50pm
Marris, MichaelStructural Issues ONL7DX4G5yes Auckland City04/22 02:04pm
Marshall Qsm Jp, Wilma Auckland GovernanceONL7DP555 04/14 02:38pm
Marshall, ChrisAuckland GovernanceONL7DX44Byes North Shore City04/22 01:46pm
Marshall, Gary RoySubmissionMAN-7EF3VT 05/08 02:12pm
Marshall, GayleSubmissionMAN-7EF3VN 05/08 02:12pm
Marshall, Lucy CarlileSubmissionONL7DWCLC 04/21 09:01pm
Marshall, MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3Y2 05/08 02:12pm
Marsters, IreneCommunity BoardsONL7DRACP 04/16 07:06pm
Martin, AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZQ 05/08 02:12pm
Martin, Anne BarclayLocal Body Governance of Auckland . ONL7DP6AN 04/14 03:38pm
Martin, BrettOpposition to the proposed ARC merger with Franklin areaONL7DWEWN 04/21 11:00pm
Martin, John & JanSubmissionMAN-7EF4KY 05/08 02:12pm
Martin, MarieSubmissionMAN-7EVSWG 05/23 09:09am
Martin, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3JMyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Martin, Ray & LesleyFranklin/Auckland CityONL7DR9T5 04/16 06:38pm
Martin, StephenGovernanceONL7DX8ZG 04/22 05:57pm
Martin, SueSubmissionMAN-7EF3GX 05/08 02:12pm
Mason, Barrie & FaySubmissionMAN-7EF3NZ 05/08 02:12pm
Mason, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF3JRyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Mason, DavidResponsiveness and responsibilityONL7DV6FV 04/20 03:46pm
Mason, StuartAuckland GovernanceONL7DRQZT 04/17 07:37am
Massey Community Board of Waitakere City CouncilAuckland Region GovernanceONL7E5DQWyes Waitakere City04/28 09:59pm
Massey & Birdwood Settlers Assn IncAuckland governanceONL7E9HFEyes Waitakere City05/03 01:09am
Masters, HectorSubmissionMAN-7EF3D7 05/08 02:12pm
Masters, RangiamohiaSubmissionMAN-7EF3D8 05/08 02:12pm
Matakawau Ratepayers & Residents AssnSubmissionMAN-7EF3UQ 05/08 02:12pm
Mather, Eric EdwardSaving PapakuraONL7DW62D 04/21 03:25pm
Matheson, BelindaRoad Safety and Sustainable Transport in the Auckland RegionONL7DW27V 04/21 12:09pm
Matheson, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF396yes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Matheson, Donald & YvonneSubmissionMAN-7EF4QN 05/08 02:12pm
Matheson, LindaAmalgamation of Similar Services across CouncilsONL7DRDNS 04/16 09:56pm
Matheson, Teresa LouiseLocal GovernmentONL7DRSLP 04/17 08:58am
Mathew, SubmissionMAN-7EF4XD 05/08 02:12pm
Mathieson, Danielle KirstyAmalgamation of Auckland CityONL7DV2FP 04/20 12:21pm
Matiatia Action GroupSubmissionMAN-7EF4TYyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Matich, John DouglasSubmissionMAN-7EF394 05/08 02:12pm
Matson, AllanSubmissionMAN-7EV4FXyes Auckland City05/22 02:04pm
Matters-Walker, LindaSubmissionMAN-7EKVKL 05/13 11:18am
Matterson, Matthew & MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF36Y 05/08 02:12pm
Matthews, Donald LindsayAuckland Regional GovernmentONL7E63QR 04/29 01:27pm
Matthews, RogerWhat are the real issues and futures facing Auckland and wha ... ONL7DWEAC 04/21 10:27pm
Maungakiekie Community Board (Auckland City)Maungakiekie Community Board Submission to the Royal Commiss ... ONL7DWTTFyes Auckland City04/22 10:00am
, MauritiaSubmissionMAN-7EVSYV 05/23 09:09am
Maxwell, DayneSubmissionMAN-7EF3QM 05/08 02:12pm
Maxwell, EvaSubmissionMAN-7EF3QPyes 05/08 02:12pm
Maxwell, Noel WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF3HE 05/08 02:12pm
Maxwell, Patricia AudreySubmissionMAN-7E78RT 04/30 05:09pm
Maxwell, Patricia AudreySubmissionMAN-7EF34G 05/08 02:12pm
Maxwell, Winifred RemaSubmissionMAN-7EF3HF 05/08 02:12pm
Mayall, StephenThe merging of Auckland city councils is bad for Papakura.ONL7DVRGM 04/21 08:00am
Mayes, David And JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q3yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mayes, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EMTVFyes Auckland City05/15 10:03am
May, Kathryn & KevinSubmissionMAN-7EF37V 05/08 02:12pm
Maynard, Angela MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3L4 05/08 02:12pm
Mayn, CatherineSubmissionMAN-7EF36B 05/08 02:12pm
May, SimoneAuckland GovernanceONL7DPRGT 04/15 08:01am
Mc Gregor, CarolSubmissionMAN-7ELV8W 05/14 11:13am
Mc Innes, PetersubmissionONL7DWCX7 04/21 09:18pm
Mc Ivor, MillicentSubmissionMAN-7EKVJB 05/13 11:18am
Mc Ivor, ShonaSubmissionMAN-7EF52N 05/08 02:12pm
Mcalister, Kathleen RosemarySubmissionMAN-7EF3CF 05/08 02:12pm
Mcalwee, Anthony Charlesuckland GovernanceONL7DX5ZK 04/22 03:24pm
Mcalwee, PipRodney District & Auckland Regional CouncilONL7DX3FR 04/22 01:13pm
Mcanultz, JudillSubmissionMAN-7EF42J 05/08 02:12pm
Mcara, Sally AnnRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DVV6C 04/21 11:09am
Mcbride, Barbara And KevinSubmissionMAN-7EF4WE 05/08 02:12pm
Mccallum, PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EF3WW 05/08 02:12pm
Mccallum, RobertSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DU7TW 04/19 04:57pm
Mccann, SueSubmissionMAN-7EVSYU 05/23 09:09am
Mccarthy, Desmond & NgaireSubmissionMAN-7EF3K4 05/08 02:12pm
Mccarthy, HelenOne AucklandONL7DWU5U 04/22 10:17am
Mccartie, Doug & PatSubmissionMAN-7EF3WN 05/08 02:12pm
Mccauley, LisaStronger Regional body with TLA representation, and four cit ... ONL7DN5S5 04/13 03:12pm
Mcclean, ValerieSubmissionMAN-7EF3KM 05/08 02:12pm
McConnell Property LtdRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX45Myes Auckland City04/22 01:48pm
Mcconnell, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3WZyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mccord, Colin CampbellSubmissionMAN-7EF39R 05/08 02:12pm
Mccoubrie, JuneRoyal Commission Auckland GovernanceONL7DX756 04/22 04:21pm
Mccrary, Patricia AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF4TDyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mccray, David FredSubmissionMAN-7EF4W8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mcculloch, Alan MortonSubmissionMAN-7EF4T8yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Mccullough, DouglasSubmissionMAN-7EKVERyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Mcdonald, ThereseLeave the Rodney community like it is!!!!!!!ONL7DX277 04/22 12:08pm
Mcdougall, MSubmissionMAN-7EF3XJ 05/08 02:12pm
Mcdowell, JackSubmissionMAN-7EF4UM 05/08 02:12pm
Mcgeachen, MarkAmalgamation of Papakura DistrictONL7DRC7Z 04/16 08:41pm
Mcgee, Judy & KevinSubmissionMAN-7EF4P5 05/08 02:12pm
Mcginley, JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF4T5yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Mcgivern, NancySubmissionMAN-7EF35K 05/08 02:12pm
Mcgrath, Barbara FaySubmissionMAN-7EF3NC 05/08 02:12pm
Mcgray, Alan & Dorothy Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWUHC 04/22 10:35am
Mcgregor, Andrew HughProvision of infrastructure in Rodney DistrictONL7DX28H 04/22 12:10pm
Mcgregor, DavidSubmission by David McGregor and Rebecca Mary MackyONL7DX6ZGyes 04/22 04:15pm
Mcgregor, Evan ForbesSubmissionMAN-7EF4LK 05/08 02:12pm
Mcgregor, MaggieRegional and local governance structure ONL7DWDQ3 04/21 09:58pm
Mcgregor, PeterSubmission by Peter McGregorONL7DW9ZQ 04/21 06:49pm
Mcguinness, ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF4PLyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mcintosh, TonyAuckland GovernanceONL7DCDEE 04/03 10:43pm
Mcintyre, RachelleSubmissionMAN-7EVT2S 05/23 09:10am
Mcivor, MatthewAuckland Governance SubmissionONL7DWVMU 04/22 11:34am
Mckae, WayneSubmissionMAN-7EF3SU 05/08 02:12pm
Mckenzie-Rex, CarolStrengthen regional and local level government - and cut out ... ONL7DX5BM 04/22 02:48pm
Mckenzie, Bruce AllastairSubmissionMAN-7EF3NRyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mckenzie, CynthiaRoyal commissionONL7DWRBU 04/22 07:53am
Mckenzie, Guy & AdeleSubmissionMAN-7EF3HD 05/08 02:12pm
Mckenzie, WillSee attachedONL7DXA9Cyes 04/22 07:01pm
Mckeown, F MSubmissionMAN-7EF34D 05/08 02:12pm
Mckeown, GregRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX5L9yes Auckland City04/22 03:02pm
Mckeown, Jeannette ChristinaRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DP87Y 04/14 05:16pm
Mckinley, Constance RoseSubmissionMAN-7EF3XH 05/08 02:12pm
Mclaren, Corinne M.SubmissionMAN-7EMVCPyes Auckland City05/15 11:19am
Mclarin, PhyllisSubmissionMAN-7EF43E 05/08 02:12pm
Mclean, LesleySubmissionONL7DX6MDyes Rodney District04/22 03:55pm
Mclean, Maureen Annette (Maud)SubmissionMAN-7EF3EXyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mcleod, Cedric & Dianne Submission Royal Commission on auckland GovernanceONL7DWB9Byes 04/21 07:52pm
Mclvor, ShonaSubmissionMAN-7EVSVC 05/23 09:09am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Mclvor, ShonaSubmissionMAN-7EVSWE 05/23 09:09am
Mcmains, TimSubmissionMAN-7EKVGEyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Mcmillan-Rourke, S.SubmissionMAN-7EVSY6 05/23 09:09am
Mcneill, S ESubmissionMAN-7EF378 05/08 02:12pm
Mcpherson, Ian Bruce Auckland GovernanceONL7DX3FByes North Shore City04/22 01:12pm
Mcqueen, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF4V3 05/08 02:12pm
Mcquilkan, Hannah SylviaSubmissionMAN-7EF55D 05/08 02:12pm
Mcrae, LoganSubmissionMAN-7EF42A 05/08 02:12pm
Mctaggart, AlisonGoverning the Auckland regionONL7DWCJT 04/21 08:58pm
Mcvey, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7DX4JA 04/22 02:07pm
Mcwatt, Bishop Robert PonsfordSubmissionMAN-7EF3PHyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Mead, AdamSubmissionMAN-7EF44L 05/08 02:12pm
Meadows, JasonSubmissionMAN-7EF52X 05/08 02:12pm
Meager, LyndsaySubmissionMAN-7EVSZMyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Meale, Helen& DavidGreater Auckland Authority supportONL7DWVF8yes Franklin District04/22 11:23am
MediatorSubmissionMAN-7EF3PSyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Meek, JuliaSubmissionMAN-7EF4TLyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Meere, KateLocal decision makingONL7DVSUY 04/21 09:11am
Mee, WarrenSubmissionMAN-7EF35R 05/08 02:12pm
Mehaffy, BryanSubmission With AttachmentsMAN-7FJTTJyes Auckland City06/13 10:00am
Meier, Sandra LeanneSubmissionMAN-7EF3ELyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Meiklejohn, LesleySubmissionMAN-7EKVK5 05/13 11:18am
Meiklejohn, MaggieSubmissionMAN-7EKVK4 05/13 11:18am
Mellars, John RussellSubmissionMAN-7EF3QFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Melling, RebeccaSubmissionMAN-7EF376 05/08 02:12pm
Melrose, ColleenSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZK 05/13 02:10pm
Melrose, O.TSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZL 05/13 02:10pm
Member of Clarks Beach Wharf Assn Ratepayers Assn (Franklin District Council)SubmissionMAN-7EF52E 05/08 02:12pm
Member Royal Forest & Bird Protection Soc Convenor - West Coast Marine Park Working GroupSubmissionMAN-7EF3JL 05/08 02:12pm
Member Save The PlanetSubmissionMAN-7EF54Ayes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mendoza, TrentSubmissionMAN-7EF4VD 05/08 02:12pm
Mendra, KatrinaSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Hyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Menzies, LouiseSubmissionMAN-7EVSWH 05/23 09:09am
Menzies, LouiseSubmissionMAN-7EVSYZ 05/23 09:09am
Meridian Planning Consultants LimitedLocal Government ReorganisationONL7DX6AKyes 04/22 03:38pm
Meyer, HelgaSubmissionMAN-7EVSVP 05/23 09:09am
Mgrtyn, DaSubmissionMAN-7EVSV2 05/23 09:09am
, MichelaSubmissionMAN-7EKVBSyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Mickell, Anna AmalgamationONL7DWB9V 04/21 07:53pm
Mid North branch of Forest & BirdMid North branch of Forest & Bird sumission on Auckland Gove ... ONL7DUPN2 04/20 06:27am
Middleton, Lesley RobynsubmissionONL7DWTVM 04/22 10:04am
Middleton, Lynn Desmond Save PapakuraONL7DWU2U 04/22 10:12am
Mikhailiadis, Anne FrancesSubmission to the Royal CommissionONL7DT8RR 04/18 05:45pm
Milas, AnthonySubmissionMAN-7EF52H 05/08 02:12pm
Miles, JenniferSubmissionMAN-7EF4PS 05/08 02:12pm
Miles, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EKVL4 05/13 11:18am
Milina, Nick & JoyceSubmissionMAN-7EF3A4 05/08 02:12pm
Militant MothersSubmissionMAN-7EF3SQyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Miller, IanLocal Governance - get rid of the administrative duplicationONL7DW5SUyes Waitakere City04/21 03:13pm
Miller, JlSubmissionMAN-7EF3J6 05/08 02:12pm
Miller, Neil See long form response below.ONL7DX5QM 04/22 03:09pm
Miller, Rodney William KerryRoyal CommissionONL7DWTAHyes Auckland City04/22 09:33am
Miller, Rosalie GraceRoyal CommissionONL7DWTG3 04/22 09:42am
Miller, SusanSubmissionMAN-7EF4LN 05/08 02:12pm
Miller, TonyStructure. ONL7DUSXE 04/20 09:15am
Miller, William HenrySubmissionMAN-7EF4NK 05/08 02:12pm
Milligan, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF4SP 05/08 02:12pm
Mills, Patricia AnnFranklin joining with Auckland CouncilsONL7D433M 04/29 05:06pm
Mills, Patricia MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4WGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mills, StephenAuckland Governance and it's role in local politics particip ... ONL7DQCBA 04/15 08:46pm
Mills, Stephen JohnsubmissionONL7DWDYTyes 04/21 10:12pm
Minchin, Graeme EdwardgovernanceONL7DQUSTyes 04/16 10:50am
Ministry for Culture and HeritageMinistry for Culture and Heritage submission, as part of wid ... ONL7ECVWY 05/06 11:48am
Ministry Of HealthSubmissionMAN-7F52EM 05/30 12:20pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Ministry of TransportMinistry of Transport & LTNZ Submissions to Royal Commission ... ONL7ED3SB 05/06 01:30pm
Minto And Summers, John And BronwenSubmission on Auckland governanceONL7DWDLE 04/21 09:52pm
Mitchell, DavidAuckland governaceONL7DQSV2 04/16 09:12am
Mitchell, Huia JeanAuckland GovernanceONL7DVD7Xyes Papakura District04/20 09:32pm
Mitchell, Jocelyn MSubmissionMAN-7EF37Q 05/08 02:12pm
Mitchell, LarrySubmissionMAN-7EF4XY 05/08 02:12pm
Mitchell, Larry. N.Rodney District ReorganisationONL7CPLPRyes Rodney District03/14 04:56am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Mitchell, SamSubmissionMAN-7EKVD4yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Mitchell, WinnieSubmissionMAN-7FC4GK 06/06 02:05pm
Mitchener, Anne-MarieSubmissionMAN-7EF3LG 05/08 02:12pm
Mitchener, Cynthia GraceSubmissionMAN-7EF3LE 05/08 02:12pm
Mitchener, Kathryn MarieSubmissionMAN-7EF3LD 05/08 02:12pm
Mittermeier, Anna & ConradSubmissionMAN-7EF3E2 05/08 02:12pm
Mockridge, BryanThe Seven Sections Of The Long Response FormONL7DWCUXyes Auckland City04/21 09:15pm
Mockridge, Bryan Long Response Form completedONL7DWCR4yes 04/21 09:08pm
Mockridge, WilliamSubmission On Auckland's GovernanceONL7DX684 04/22 03:34pm
Monahi, TeresaSubmissionMAN-7EVSW9yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Moore, Angela & RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF37N 05/08 02:12pm
Moore, CharmaineSubmissionMAN-7EF36S 05/08 02:12pm
Moore, ColinAuckland Local GovernmentONL7DWDH4 04/21 09:47pm
Moore, Margaret Isobel McdonaldSubmissionMAN-7EF3W8yes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Moore, NicolaSubmissionMAN-7EKVEPyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Moore, Stephen Need for ratepayers charter and cost control provisionsONL7DQ9XSyes Auckland City04/15 06:46pm
Moore, William GeorgeAuckland GovernanceONL7DVAUM 04/20 07:32pm
Moorhead, BrianRoyal Commission submissionONL7DX394yes Rodney District04/22 01:02pm
Morgan, Colleenfranklin unitary governance.ONL7DRTZX 04/17 10:11am
Morgan, Dennis MoncurStructure of the new Auckland City ONL7D55AV 03/27 03:47pm
Morris, DorothySubmissionMAN-7EF3NL 05/08 02:12pm
Morris, JordanSubmissionMAN-7DX4HP 04/22 02:07pm
Morris, Liselotte EmmaSubmissionMAN-7EF3FT 05/08 02:12pm
Morrison, NeviSubmissionMAN-7EVSZE 05/23 09:09am
Morrison, RaewynConsider it essential to have a regional decision making age ... ONL7DWAV9 04/21 07:33pm
Morrison, SarahSubmissionMAN-7EVU8Lyes Auckland City05/23 10:19am
Morris, Thelma FaySubmissionMAN-7EF3A7 05/08 02:12pm
Mors, Leonardus Johannes JacobusAuckland GovernanceONL7DSEU4 04/17 10:56pm
Mors, Maria AnnaGovernanceONL7DSEQF 04/17 10:50pm
Mortin, Richard & FleurSubmissionMAN-7EF4MQ 05/08 02:12pm
Morton, Robert PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3N4yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Moss, DSubmissionMAN-7EVT25yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Moss, VivienneSubmissionMAN-7EF4YF 05/08 02:12pm
Mountfort, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EVSZVyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Moverley, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZC 05/08 02:12pm
Moyle, WendySubmissionMAN-7EF52S 05/08 02:12pm
MR & RR McNaughten Farming Partnership K.T.R (Family) TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF4PYyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Mrkusich, Lewis JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3DPyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Mt Eden Maungawhau Village Centre SocietyRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX69L 04/22 03:36pm
Mt Eden Planning Group Inc.Mt Eden Planning Group SubmissionONL7DX87Yyes Auckland City04/22 05:16pm
Mt Eden Village Mainstreet Business AssociationAuckland City ONL7DP48E 04/14 01:52pm
Mudford, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF3EF 05/08 02:12pm
Mudford, Diane JoySubmissionMAN-7EF3EG 05/08 02:12pm
Muher, NicholaSubmissionMAN-7EF3Y8 05/08 02:12pm
Muir, AlexSubmissionMAN-7EKVECyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Muir, EricRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWDR6 04/21 10:00pm
Muir, MatthewSubmissionMAN-7EKVJ4 05/13 11:18am
Muir, Nicholas EdwardAlign the bureacratic before the politicalONL7D4UPA 03/27 11:45am
Muir, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EKVD2yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Mullane, Mrs PSubmissionMAN-7EF36J 05/08 02:12pm
Muller, Ingawhy I think the structure of Auckland Governance has to chan ... ONL7DXAHEyes Auckland City04/22 07:14pm
Muller, IngaSubmissionMAN-7EF53Ayes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Muller, MichelleAgainst the proposed 'Super Council'ONL7DWSVD 04/22 09:12am
Munns, Pauline & JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF36K 05/08 02:12pm
Munro, Duncan CraigUrban boundaryONL7DQVGH 04/16 11:25am
Muramastu, AkikoSubmissionMAN-7EKVDFyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Murphy, A TSubmissionMAN-7EF3J4 05/08 02:12pm
Murray, JackLocal Body AmalagamationONL7DX6NW 04/22 03:58pm
Murray, Roger InnesSubmissionMAN-7EF3CC 05/08 02:12pm
my dollar billmasonic symbleONL7DW6TB 04/21 04:05pm
Mydlowski, Steven LeslieIntroduction & Current GovernanceONL7DX47M 04/22 01:51pm
Nadeley, JoySubmissionMAN-7EF4ZG 05/08 02:12pm
Narayan, John RSubmissionMAN-7EF389 05/08 02:12pm
Nash, Julie DeniseNo to regional GovernanceONL7DHUWN 04/09 10:57am
Nash, Polly (Pauline) R.SubmissionMAN-7DX4JS 04/22 02:07pm
Nash, R D And P JSubmissionMAN-7EVSYQ 05/23 09:09am
Nash, Rd And PdSubmissionMAN-7EKVJU 05/13 11:18am
National Council of Women Manukau BranchRoyal Commission GovernanceONL7DT5FLyes Manukau City04/18 02:55pm
National Council of Women of New ZealandSubmissionMAN-7EF4SE 05/08 02:12pm
National Rural Fire AuthorityEnlarged Rural Fire District OpportunityONL7DD4PX 04/04 03:17pm
NCW Papakura-Franklin BranchGovernance of AucklandONL7DWD9Z 04/21 09:35pm
Needham, StephanieSubmissionMAN-7EF428 05/08 02:12pm
Neil Gaught (Consulting) LtdWaitakere EnterpriseONL7DT74T 04/18 04:20pm
Neill, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF3HS 05/08 02:12pm
Neil, LorraineSubmissionMAN-7EF4QB 05/08 02:12pm
Neilson, RaewynSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Uyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Nelson, ESubmissionMAN-7EKVET 05/13 11:17am
Nelson, GavinSubmissionMAN-7EKVCGyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Netball Counties Manukau RegionSport in the Counties Manukau RegionONL7DWVG7yes Manukau City04/22 11:25am
Netke, WolfgangSubmissionMAN-7EF39V 05/08 02:12pm
New Lynn Community BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF3TA 05/08 02:12pm
New Zealand Council of Trade UnionsThe CTU submission is attached.....ONL7DWTAQyes Auckland City04/22 09:33am
New Zealand Institute of Architects - Urban Issues Group (AKL Branch) + Auckland BranchThe Importance of Quality Urban DesignONL7DW2WCyes Auckland City04/21 12:45pm
New Zealand Labour Party - Auckland/Northland RegionNZLP ANRC SubmissionONL7DW6JN 04/21 03:51pm
New Zealand Planning InstituteNew Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI)/NZPI (Auckland Branch) ... ONL7DX6ALyes Auckland City04/22 03:38pm
New Zealand Retailers AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3M9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
New Zealand Retailers Association IncSubmission to The Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DT428yes Auckland City04/18 01:42pm
New Zealand Water & Wastes AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF55T 05/08 02:12pm
Newbold, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF39G 05/08 02:12pm
Newborn, SusiSubmissionMAN-7EKVLX 05/13 11:18am
Newell, BrideySubmissionMAN-7EVSXJ 05/23 09:09am
Newell, PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EVSXH 05/23 09:09am
Newell, QuiniliSubmissionMAN-7EVSXK 05/23 09:09am
Newman, James Arthur Council AmagamationONL7DQ5DE 04/15 02:51pm
Newman, MarySubmissionMAN-7EF4YD 05/08 02:12pm
Newman, StephenAuckland GovernanceONL7DW877 04/21 05:15pm
Newmarket Business Association Auckland Governance - submission from the Newmarket Business ... ONL7DX2PByes 04/22 12:34pm
Newnham, AlecSubmissionMAN-7EF3JNyes 05/08 02:12pm
Newton, AngelaSubmissionMAN-7EKVJP 05/13 11:18am
Newton, Diane MerrylSubmissionMAN-7EF3ET 05/08 02:12pm
Newton, IainSubmissionMAN-7EF3EU 05/08 02:12pm
Nga Iwi Katoa TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF4QEyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Ngai Tai Umupuia Te Waka Totara TrustMaori IssuesONL7DX6PLyes 04/22 03:59pm
Ngapo, DianaSubmissionMAN-7EF4WN 05/08 02:12pm
Ngapo, KSubmissionMAN-7EVSUYyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Ngapuhi Ki Waitemeta Te Taurahere O Ngaphui Kite TongaSubmissionMAN-7EKVLYyes Papakura District05/13 11:18am
Ngati Karewa Ngati Tahinga Trust (MAORI SUBMITTER)Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7E75E5yes Franklin District04/30 02:52pm
Ngati Maru RunangaSubmissionMAN-7EF4U3yes 05/08 02:12pm
Ngati Paoa Ngati Paoa submission to the Royal Commission ONL7E76T9yes Auckland City04/30 04:05pm
Ngati Paoa Whanau Trust, NgaiTai Ki TamakiThis submission supports the establishment of Maori seats on ... ONL7DX639yes Manukau City04/22 03:26pm
Ngati Tamaoho TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF4RH 05/08 02:12pm
Ngati Whanaunga Ki WharekawaSubmissionMAN-7EP3U5 05/16 01:32pm
Ngati WhatuaSubmissionMAN-7EV52G 05/22 02:34pm
Ngati Whatua Nga Rima o KaiparaSubmissionMAN-7EF4RX 05/08 02:12pm
Ngati Whatua Nga Rima O KaiparaUpdated Ngati Whatua Nga Rima O Kaipara Submission With Full ... ONL7ELF6Jyes Rodney District05/13 11:12pm
Ngati Whatua O OrakeiSubmissionMAN-7EVST5yes Auckland City05/23 09:08am
Ng, FrancisSubmissionMAN-7EF38Syes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Nicholls, Elizabeth AnneRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6ZC 04/22 04:14pm
Nicholson, LeonSubmissionMAN-7EF3AA 05/08 02:12pm
Nicholson, Robert GSubmissionMAN-7DX4KP 04/22 02:07pm
Nicol, Robert WilliamBureaucracy and "Parish pump politics"ONL7DPU5W 04/15 10:17am
Nielsen, JeffSubmissionMAN-7EF3LUyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Nissen, Peter BSubmissionMAN-7EF3MF 05/08 02:12pm
Niue, LukeThe very important role of Community BoardsONL7DRUDL 04/17 10:29am
Niven, R BSubmissionMAN-7EF3NW 05/08 02:12pm
Norcott, Alan & Suzanne VictoriaAmmended email submissionONL7DX3AF 04/22 01:04pm
Norman, Arthur SydneySubmissionMAN-7EF3SH 05/08 02:12pm
Norman, IsaacSubmissionMAN-7EKVJD 05/13 11:18am
Norman, JillCommunity Councils or Empowered Community Boards EssentialONL7DW2PF 04/21 12:34pm
Norman, StellaSubmissionMAN-7EKVFW 05/13 11:18am
Norris, Violet MaySubmissionMAN-7DX4JH 04/22 02:07pm
North Shore Branch F & BSubmissionMAN-7EF4WUyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
North Shore City CouncilNorth Shore City Council submissionONL7DX67Yyes North Shore City04/22 03:34pm
North Shore Cricket Club IncSports Clubs and the need to retain and strengthen Community ... ONL7DWBHX 04/21 08:06pm
North Shore Events Centre TrustRegional FacilitiesONL7DWUP9 04/22 10:45am
North Shore Heritage ForumSubmissionMAN-7EF523yes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
North Shore Rodney Ethnic Council Network For Proc Chinese CommunitiesSubmissionMAN-7EF3LPyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
North Shore United A.F.C.North Shore SoccerONL7DWEBP 04/21 10:29pm
North, DoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF4Y5 05/08 02:12pm
North, J BSubmissionMAN-7EF4YQ 05/08 02:12pm
Northland Chamber of Commerce and Industry INCRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX58Q 04/22 02:44pm
Northland Regional CouncilSubmissionMAN-7EF3TQ 05/08 02:12pm
Northland Town Planners LtcGovernanceMAN-7FN79Eyes Auckland City06/16 04:27pm
Norton, MauriceSubmissionMAN-7DX4KTyes North Shore City04/22 02:07pm
Nottage, RobertA region-wide authorityONL7DJ7VP 04/09 05:00pm
Nu'u, IngaRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7D94DZ 03/31 03:01pm
Nu'u, KerensiaSubmissionMAN-7EF43Fyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Nu'u, MichaelKeep Papakura LOCAL!ONL7DWVLG 04/22 11:31am
Nugsinhe, JanneheSubmissionMAN-7EF4SR 05/08 02:12pm
NZ Business RoundtableSubmission on the Governance of the Auckland RegionONL7DX2ZFyes Auckland City04/22 12:50pm
NZ Council for Infrasructure DevelopmentNZ Council for Infrastructure Development SubmissionONL7DZ8PXyes Auckland City04/24 05:42pm
Nz Institue Of SurveyorsSurveying Issues For AucklandMAN-7FX97Y 06/25 06:07pm
NZ PoliceSubmissionONL7EESCL 05/08 08:45am
Nz Social Credit Association (Inc)Binding Citizens Initiated ReferendaONL7ENSMF 05/16 08:59am
NZFG.W MWWL Grey Power USASubmissionMAN-7EF4NS 05/08 02:12pm
NzrpgSubmission AttachedONL7DX26Kyes Auckland City04/22 12:07pm
NZYouth development trustcovenance involving youthONL7DX542yes Auckland City04/22 02:36pm
N.Z Institute of Architects IncSubmissionMAN-7EF3T7 05/08 02:12pm
N.Z.Maritime Trust; etc.This Charitable Trust Board wishes to support submissions of ... ONL7DWFC5yes North Shore City04/21 11:21pm
O'brien, P SSubmissionMAN-7EF3XS 05/08 02:12pm
O'brien, Sharon AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF3EPyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
O'connell, Helen MarieSubmissionMAN-7EVSX6 05/23 09:09am[Replication or Save Conflict]
O'connell, Helen MarieSubmissionMAN-7EVU7X 05/23 10:19am
O'connor , Jan Governance for North Shore CityONL7DX8CHyes North Shore City04/22 05:23pm
O'connor, AnitaSubmissionMAN-7EF3GT 05/08 02:12pm
O'connor, CoralSubmissionMAN-7EF4YR 05/08 02:12pm
O'connor, DorothyAmalgamating Papakura Council with anotherONL7DX9XP 04/22 06:45pm
O'connor, Jacqueline Amalamation of Papakura DistrictONL7DXA6D 04/22 06:56pm
O'connor, MarkSubmissionMAN-7EF3GY 05/08 02:12pm
O'connor, MervynSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZB 05/08 02:12pm
O'donnell, StephenConsiderations for the Royal CommissionONL7DUTNG 04/20 09:52am
O'dowd, RichardRegional Governing BodyONL7CLVCC 03/11 12:18pm
O'ferrall, JohnSubmissionONL7EEVNW 05/08 11:35am
O'grady, Kevin JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4R6 05/08 02:12pm
O'grady, Maeve FaySubmissionMAN-7EF4KU 05/08 02:12pm
O'hara, Neil JosephSubmissionMAN-7DX4JX 04/22 02:07pm
O'neill, Brian & IreneAuckland GovernanceONL7DB4JKyes North Shore City04/02 03:08pm
O'neill, RachelGovernanceONL7DX3WA 04/22 01:36pm
O'reilly, DeniseSubmissionMAN-7EF4XX 05/08 02:12pm
O'reilly, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4XS 05/08 02:12pm
O'shea, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF3F4yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
O'shea, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EF3QNyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
O'shea, MickeySubmissionMAN-7EF3MUyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
O'sughrue, Gilbert DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF55G 05/08 02:12pm
O'sullivan Beeve, GeralineSubmissionMAN-7EKVJT 05/13 11:18am
O'sullivan, Kathleen MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3QZ 05/08 02:12pm
O'sullivan, MarySubmissionMAN-7EF4QW 05/08 02:12pm
O'toole, Patricia JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF3EV 05/08 02:12pm
O Tua'a Sina-Sina-O-Samoa (Nz) Welfare Council Inc.The Elderly Samoan People: Tua'a Sina-SinaMAN-7JE4JE 09/12 02:08pm
Oakley, BridgetSubmissionMAN-7EKVC8yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Oale, CSubmissionMAN-7EVSUZyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Oale, GarjSubmissionMAN-7EKVC6yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Obrien, ChristineSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX2U3 04/22 12:41pm
Ockelford, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF3K7 05/08 02:12pm
Ode, GeriSubmissionMAN-7EKVEEyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Official Bay Heritage Protection Society IncorporatedGovernance for Protection of Auckland's Built HeritageONL7DX4R6yes Auckland City04/22 02:19pm
Oga, NicolaRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DVEKR 04/20 10:42pm
Ogle, Douglas LeslieSubmissionMAN-7EF4QU 05/08 02:12pm
Oldfield, John Samuelcommon standards and servicesONL7DX3JP 04/22 01:17pm
Oliver, John CharlesSubmissionMAN-7EF3VSyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Oliver, PamSubmissionMAN-7EF39E 05/08 02:12pm
Oliver, WayneSee Short Response FormONL7DX4EC 04/22 02:02pm
Olsen, Jonathan Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DQ6PWyes Auckland City04/15 03:59pm
On behalf of Foodstuffs (Auckland) LimitedSubmission on behalf of Foodstuffs (Auckland) LimitedONL7DX3KNyes Auckland City04/22 01:19pm
One Auckland TrustOne Auckland Trust Submission to the Royal Commission on Auc ... ONL7DW842yes Auckland City04/21 05:10pm
One Auckland TrustOne Auckland TrustONL7EMSMXyes 05/15 09:00am
Onehunga Business AssociationSubmission from Onehunga Business Association ONL7DW775yes Auckland City04/21 04:24pm
Onetangi Residents AssociationLocal Government in the Auckland RegionONL7DW5JDyes Auckland City04/21 02:59pm
Onewhero Citizens and Ratepayers AssociationRoyal CommissionONL7DW3SHyes Franklin District04/21 01:30pm
Onewhero/Tuakau Communtiy BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF4VVyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
ONTRACKSubmission from ONTRACKONL7DY79F 04/23 04:27pm
Orange, Josephine submissionONL7DX6NN 04/22 03:57pm
Orbinston, EricSubmissionMAN-7EVSZD 05/23 09:09am
Orewa Ratepayers President Association (Inc)SubmissionMAN-7EF4ZV 05/08 02:12pm
Orr, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF3HC 05/08 02:12pm
Oruawharo Marae Trust & HapuSubmissionMAN-7EF522yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Osborne, Christopher RobertSubmissionONL7DWCWQ 04/21 09:17pm
Osborne, Peter And ValerieImproving the Governance of Auckland for the futureONL7DWE5V 04/21 10:20pm
Osborn, S JSubmissionMAN-7EF3TN 05/08 02:12pm
Oshea FarmsSubmissionMAN-7EF43Yyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Oshea, Colleen AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF43X 05/08 02:12pm
Oswald, BonnieSubmissionMAN-7EF4XK 05/08 02:12pm
Oswald, DennisSubmissionMAN-7EF4XE 05/08 02:12pm
Otara Community BoardRoyal Commission submission - Otara Community Board (resent)ONL7EJVACyes Manukau City05/12 11:15am
Otoole, Cherie Joan EllenSubmissionMAN-7EF3F9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Overton, ValerieSubmissionMAN-7EF37C 05/08 02:12pm
Owairaka Vineyard ChurchCity GovernanceONL7DQQCD 04/16 07:02am
Owen, Joan Margaret + Richard AnthonySubmissionMAN-7EF3Q6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Owen, Kathryn JillSubmissionMAN-7EF4NC 05/08 02:12pm
Paati, Eru TaipariTreaty Of WaitangiMAN-7EP6Q4 05/16 04:00pm
Pacific Island Advisory Committee - Manukau CityPiac Submission To The Royal Commission On Auckland Governan ... ONL7DX3CTyes Manukau City04/22 01:08pm
Pacific islands board Auckland City ( PIBAC)SubmissionMAN-7EF4V4yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Pacific Sector Council (NZLP Auckland Region)PACIFIC SECTOR COUNCIL - (NZLP Auckland Region). ONL7DX6CDyes Manukau City04/22 03:41pm
Packaging Council of New Zealand (Inc.)Solid Waste Management in the Auckland RegionONL7DX5PFyes Manukau City04/22 03:07pm
Paddy, Brian Johnfranklins futureONL7DRTUP 04/17 10:02am
Paker, Phillip & DorisSubmissionMAN-7EF3A8 05/08 02:12pm
Pakuranga Community Board See attached submissionONL7DR87Myes Manukau City04/16 05:16pm
Pallick, Henry CecilSubmissionMAN-7EF44Byes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Palmer, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF35Q 05/08 02:12pm
Palmer, KennethSupport of reformsONL7DX6K9yes Auckland City04/22 03:52pm
Palmer, Stephen & AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF42T 05/08 02:12pm
Panckhurst, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF3J2 05/08 02:12pm
Paniora, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF4X9 05/08 02:12pm
Panmure Community Action GroupPanmure Community Action Group submission on Auckland Govern ... ONL7DWVSKyes Auckland City04/22 11:41am
Papakura Citizens Advice BureauSubmissionMAN-7EF3PT 05/08 02:12pm
Papakura ClubSubmissionMAN-7EF3YLyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Papakura Community TrustPapakura District CouncilONL7DVAGT 04/20 07:13pm
Papakura District CouncilPapakura District Council SubmissionONL7DW3UJyes Papakura District04/21 01:33pm
papakura family medical clinic Amalgamating papakura with other councilsONL7DNEGA 04/13 10:37pm
Papakura Netball CentreRetaining local identity and representation.ONL7DWBN3 04/21 08:12pm
Papakura Pacific Islandes Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New ZealandSubmissionMAN-7EF4NX 05/08 02:12pm
Papakura Senior Citizens Club IncSubmissionMAN-7EF4PA 05/08 02:12pm
Papakura Town Centre AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF43A 05/08 02:12pm
Pape, A.RSubmissionMAN-7EF3R8 05/08 02:12pm
Paramjit, Kaur BollaSubmissionMAN-7EF43M 05/08 02:12pm
Parata, CatileyaSubmissionMAN-7EF37W 05/08 02:12pm
Pareta, TonySubmissionMAN-7EKVBQyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Parfitt, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EF3DB 05/08 02:12pm
Parisan & Herber, Mark & KahmeelahSubmissionMAN-7EF54Hyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Parker, AllanSubmissionMAN-7DX4J8 04/22 02:07pm
Parker, DavidFranklin District CouncilONL7CMAW3 03/11 08:34pm
Parker, JovitaSubmissionMAN-7EF3J7 05/08 02:12pm
Parker, Norman JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4NN 05/08 02:12pm
Park, Rebecca & BusterSubmissionMAN-7EF3CP 05/08 02:12pm
Parnell Community CommitteeSubmissionMAN-7EF3KZyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Parnell Community TrustSubmission from Parnell Community TrustONL7DX638yes 04/22 03:26pm
Parris, Bryan Royal Commission on Auckland Governance ONL7DVDC3 04/20 09:39pm
Parrish, Glenn RichardAuckland City Royal Commission investigationONL7DX48Q 04/22 01:53pm
Parry, ChrisSubmissionMAN-7EF3UA 05/08 02:12pm
Pascoe, R JSubmissionMAN-7EF3AW 05/08 02:12pm
Pashwood, RobertSubmissionMAN-7EKVCLyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Patel, AjaySubmissionMAN-7EF3EJ 05/08 02:12pm
Paterson, Barbara Gay RedversSubmissionMAN-7EF3AT 05/08 02:12pm
Paterson, Berhard IanSubmissionMAN-7EF55H 05/08 02:12pm
Paterson, Claire ElizabethGovernance of AucklandONL7DR8WL 04/16 05:52pm
Paterson, GerhardSubmissionMAN-7EVSW5yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Paterson, Ian DouglasSubmissionMAN-7EF4M8 05/08 02:12pm
Paterson, RSubmissionMAN-7EF3AS 05/08 02:12pm
Paterson, SusanThis Submission in a personal capacityONL7DW379yes Auckland City04/21 12:59pm
Patten, RobertSubmission For Retaining Franklin District ONL7D85GR 03/30 03:57pm
Patton, Kirsty & MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EF3HAyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
, PaulieSubmissionMAN-7EKVHNyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
, PaulieSubmissionMAN-7EVSZWyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Pauling, AlexiaDemocracyONL7DX6Q5 04/22 04:00pm
Paul, Shona Deidre-LeeRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWTPR 04/22 09:54am
Payne, DerekOne and ManyONL7DV6HJ 04/20 03:49pm
Payne, Raymond FrederickSubmissionMAN-7EF3FQyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Payne, Val & ChrisSubmissionMAN-7EF43Q 05/08 02:12pm
Peace, Sherry & AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF3DW 05/08 02:12pm
Peace, SusanSubmissionMAN-7EF3MR 05/08 02:12pm
Peach, Graham & MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF3G7yes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Pearce, Lionel DouglasSubmissionMAN-7EF446 05/08 02:12pm
Pearce, Michael & FrancesSubmissionMAN-7EF3R6 05/08 02:12pm
Pearman, MarieAuckland GovernanceONL7DX66T 04/22 03:32pm
Pearson Revel, C.JSubmissionMAN-7EKVJJ 05/13 11:18am
Pearson, SandyRodney District council - to remain as is.ONL7DSADL 04/17 07:08pm
Peart, Janice & Derek HenrySubmissionMAN-7EF43L 05/08 02:12pm
Peat, L BSubmissionMAN-7EF34M 05/08 02:12pm
Peat, SueSubmissionMAN-7EF4WZ 05/08 02:12pm
Peddie, StevenAuckland GovernanceONL7DQSVX 04/16 09:13am
Peebles, RoySubmissionMAN-7EF3A5 05/08 02:12pm
Pegrum, C.VSubmissionMAN-7EF3XC 05/08 02:12pm
Pellow, Judith Mary & Glenys & ChristopherSubmissionMAN-7EF4PF 05/08 02:12pm
Penetito, KatarainaSubmissionMAN-7EKVBPyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Penrae, CalumSubmissionMAN-7EF4MMyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Per C. Webster, Devonport Community House CrecheSubmissionMAN-7EF4WF 05/08 02:12pm
Percy, J. C.SubmissionMAN-7EVSW6 05/23 09:09am
Pereira, CherylSubmissionMAN-7EF3YNyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Pereira, Roberta CatherineSubmissionMAN-7EF3WGyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Perkins, Henry Edward HayesSubmissionMAN-7DX4HW 04/22 02:07pm
Perkins, Richard ThomasRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DQ4UZ 04/15 02:25pm
Perrott, PhillipSubmissionMAN-7EF3JTyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Perry, Michael David ShaunSubmissionMAN-7EF3JD 05/08 02:12pm
PersonalSubmissionMAN-7DX4JJ 04/22 02:07pm
personal submissionPukekohe not AucklandONL7CLT73 03/11 10:28am
Personal SubmissionRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - Submission - A R B ... ONL7DT639yes Auckland City04/18 03:26pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Peter, AuneseSubmissionMAN-7EF384 05/08 02:12pm
Peters, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF52V 05/08 02:12pm
Peters, NoelAuckland GovernanceONL7DPT5Z 04/15 09:26am
Peters, Vernon HenaySubmissionMAN-7EKVD8 05/13 11:17am
Petousis, PeterNO! TO SUPER CITYONL7DU8AY 04/19 05:21pm
Petrie, Williams James & JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF3YX 05/08 02:12pm
Pewerley, Margaret AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF43D 05/08 02:12pm
Pfiszter, GSubmissionMAN-7EF39L 05/08 02:12pm
Phanshell, PheeSubmissionMAN-7EF4RUyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Phare, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF3YEyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Phillipps, DavidAuckland governance reform.ONL7CM6UY 03/11 05:07pm
Phillips, George AlexanderOne Auckland CityONL7DSU5W 04/18 10:17am
Phillips, John, Janet AnneSubmission on Auckland Local GovernmentONL7DUU3C 04/20 10:13am
Phillips, NealSubmissionMAN-7EF3U7 05/08 02:12pm
Phillips, William ColinSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q9 05/08 02:12pm
Philpott, GrantAnswers to the questionsONL7DN4RR 04/13 02:20pm
Phyllis, AlexanderSubmissionMAN-7EVSVN 05/23 09:09am
Picard, LuissaSubmissionMAN-7EKVF4yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Pickett, Ken And Cherrillauckland governenceONL7DRR95 04/17 07:48am
Picking, RonaldSubmissionMAN-7EF3E6 05/08 02:12pm
Pigeons Lodge B & B & Century 21 Real Estate SalesSubmissionMAN-7EF3F3yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Pigeonslodge at Century 21 Real EstateSubmissionMAN-7EF3F2yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Piha Ratepayers and Residents AssociationSubmission from Piha Ratepayers and Residents AssociationONL7DX28Xyes Waitakere City04/22 12:11pm
Pilcher, ColleenGovernance of AucklandONL7DWEAF 04/21 10:27pm
Pilcher, MurraySubmissionMAN-7F3UYR 05/29 11:00am
Pilchev, Murray NeilSubmissionMAN-7EF53Hyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Pilkington, Margaret AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF4LL 05/08 02:12pm
Pinder, Peter John RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3W9yes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Piritahi MaaeSubmissionMAN-7EF4TUyes Auckland City05/13 11:02am
Piritahi Marae CommitteeSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
PlaNetFor a GACONL7DQ2GGyes Auckland City04/15 12:23pm
Plowman, Kenneth NormanAuckland GovernanceONL7DK5SQ 04/10 03:13pm
Pockett, SusanLocal Government redesignONL7DBR27 04/03 08:37am
Pohoiwi, TraceySubmissionMAN-7EKVHGyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Pohutukawa Coast Community Association IncSubmission from PCCAONL7DWBMS 04/21 08:12pm
Pollock, TeresaSubmissionMAN-7EF3K9 05/08 02:12pm
Polzer-Debruyne, AndreaChanges in Auckland RegionONL7DS66V 04/17 03:32pm
Pomeroy, CarolynPlease keep local governance local!ONL7DWVXC 04/22 11:49am
Poole, Anthony Richard (Tony)Submission to the Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW6N7yes Auckland City04/21 03:57pm
Pooley, P TSubmissionMAN-7EF383 05/08 02:12pm
Pope, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EVSZP 05/23 09:09am
Popie, BernieSubmissionMAN-7EKVBJyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Pople, DarylSubmissionMAN-7EF3XW 05/08 02:12pm
Pople, JessicaSubmissionMAN-7EF44F 05/08 02:12pm
Pople, JessicaSubmissionMAN-7EF4SU 05/08 02:12pm
Port of Tauranga LimitedSubmission on Auckland Governance AttachedONL7DX6BSyes Auckland City04/22 03:40pm
Port Waikato Resident & Ratepayers AssociationShort Form ResponseONL7DWBSJyes 04/21 08:20pm
Portage & Waitakere Licensing Trusts and West Auckland Trust Services LtdPortage & Waitakere Licensing Trust SubmissionONL7DVVX5yes Waitakere City04/21 11:48am
Ports of Auckland LimitedPorts of Auckland Limited SubmissionONL7DWVBD 04/22 11:17am
Posselt, NoelineSubmissionMAN-7EF3V5 05/08 02:12pm
Potter, DorelleSubmissionMAN-7EKVLW 05/13 11:18am
Pottinger, JanSubmissionMAN-7EF43B 05/08 02:12pm
Potts, RebeccaSubmissionMAN-7EF4NFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Poulsen, AnnBoundary between Locan and Regional GovernanceONL7DW5S6 04/21 03:12pm
Poverty Action CoalitionSubmissionMAN-7EF393 05/08 02:12pm
Powell, Ian DenisSubmissionMAN-7EF4TWyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Powell, JackAuckland GovernanceONL7EM77F 05/14 04:24pm
Powell, KatrinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4LE 05/08 02:12pm
Powell, NigelSubmissionMAN-7EF529 05/08 02:12pm
Powell, Tony & Eileen4 plus 1 ONL7DW8FQ 04/21 05:29pm
Power, LeonieSubmissionMAN-7EF3SY 05/08 02:12pm
P, PhilipSubmissionMAN-7EF3K3 05/08 02:12pm
Prager, LisaSubmissionMAN-7E78ZByes 04/30 05:09pm
Prager, LisaSubmissionONL7EEUENyes Auckland City05/08 10:31am
Prasad, JohnAKL Governance ChangesONL7D93MZ 03/31 02:23pm
Pratt, Elfried EmmaSubmissionMAN-7EF3JZ 05/08 02:12pm
Pratt, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZJ 05/08 02:12pm
Preece, NickSupport for central Governance of AucklandONL7DSUDY 04/18 10:30am
Preston-Thomas, CliveLocal Government for North West AucklandONL7DH4AT 04/08 01:56pm
Preston, Jacqualy & JayneSubmissionMAN-7EF4M6 05/08 02:12pm
Preston, PSubmissionMAN-7EF3Y4 05/08 02:12pm
Price, C.SubmissionMAN-7EKVGC 05/13 11:18am
Price, MSubmissionMAN-7DX4KN 04/22 02:07pm
Priestley, CurtisSubmissionMAN-7EF539 05/08 02:12pm
Pringle, David And PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EF3B7 05/08 02:12pm
Pringle, KirstySubmissionMAN-7F46RY 05/29 04:03pm
Pritchard, MichaelPart II Long Form ResponseONL7DWU77yes 04/22 10:19am
PrivateTimed retention of Papakura as a separate City.ONL7DS63Z 04/17 03:27pm
Private CitizenSubmissionMAN-7DX4JR 04/22 02:07pm
Private individualsThe need to retain unique characteristics of component regio ... ONL7DNTPY 04/14 09:55am
Progressive Panmure Business AssociationRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW44Tyes Auckland City04/21 01:46pm
Property Council New ZealandPlease see attached Property Council New Zealand submission.ONL7DX6F9yes 04/22 03:45pm
Prosper AustraliaDon't let land speculators do to Auckland what they did to M ... ONL7DWJD6 04/22 01:57am
Public Affairs Committee New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women (North Shore)Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DW34A 04/21 12:54pm
Public Service AssociationSubmission of the Public Service AssociationONL7DX526yes Waitakere City04/22 02:33pm
Pukekawa Ratepayers AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3GByes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Pukekohe and Waiuku Netball CentresRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWVHAyes Franklin District04/22 11:26am
Pukekohe Business AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3PJyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Pukekohe Citizens and Ratepayers Association IncGovernanceONL7DWDKRyes Franklin District04/21 09:51pm
Pune, M K & MSubmissionMAN-7EF4MU 05/08 02:12pm
Purdy, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EF4S7 05/08 02:12pm
Purdy, GwendaSubmissionMAN-7EF4LW 05/08 02:12pm
Pusaloa, Meriana KerehitinaSubmissionMAN-7EF3X7yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Putt, Brian WilliamSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6RXyes Auckland City04/22 04:03pm
Pye, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF374 05/08 02:12pm
Pyne, MervynAuckland GovernanceONL7DS24P 04/17 12:04pm
Qsd LtdSubmission On Auckaldn GovernanceONL7DSF6Hyes 04/17 11:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Quine, W J & J ESubmissionMAN-7EF36R 05/08 02:12pm
Quinn, DuncanSubmissionMAN-7EVSZG 05/23 09:09am
Q.S.MSubmissionMAN-7EF3B9 05/08 02:12pm
Rainbird, Leonard AnthonySubmissionMAN-7EF4V6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Rainbow's End and Rivers-Environmental Group Inc (REaREG)SubmissionMAN-7EF4V2yes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Raiwhara, Connie & Lennard & JasonSubmissionMAN-7EF3S2 05/08 02:12pm
Rally New ZealandSubmissionMAN-7EF3TLyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ramarama Rate PayerSubmissionMAN-7EF3WFyes Franklin City05/08 02:12pm
Ramsay, Graeme WilliamSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q6 05/08 02:12pm
Ramsay, RaymondsSubmissionMAN-7EKVE7yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Randell, Christopher Owain Submission To Royal Commission on Auckland Governance ONL7DVEQT 04/20 10:50pm
Ranfully, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EKVBRyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Ransom, TomSee belowONL7DWEC5yes 04/21 10:30pm
Rate payerUnited AucklandONL7CGEWT 03/07 12:00am
RatepayerAuckland Local Governamnt reorganisationONL7DP2WD 04/14 12:45pm
Ratepayer of Rodney DistrictWider Auckland Council ONL7DWSKG 04/22 08:56am
Ratepayer & Business OwnerSubmissionMAN-7EF54R 05/08 02:12pm
Ratepayers Great BarrierSubmissionMAN-7EF4UC 05/08 02:12pm
Rattray, SusanneSubmissionMAN-7F3VGS 05/29 11:26am
Raven, Eliza JaneRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWU89 04/22 10:21am
Rawhiti, TamaPapakuraONL7D8D24 03/30 10:23pm
Rawhiti, TamaSubmissionMAN-7DX4K9 04/22 02:07pm
Ray, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF42S 05/08 02:12pm
Razorback Commercial FurnitureSubmissionMAN-7EF3MS 05/08 02:12pm
Read, BrianAuckland GovernanceONL7DX7UCyes Papakura District04/22 04:58pm
Read, Colin And ElaineSubmissionONL7DWU9Q 04/22 10:23am
Read, FaithSubmissionMAN-7EF44Y 05/08 02:12pm
Rea, LouiseSubmissionMAN-7EF4TKyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Reed, BrianAotea Great Barrier IslandONL7DWSY5 04/22 09:16am
Reed, Graeme NoelSubmissionMAN-7EF4VQ 05/08 02:12pm
Reed, Lynette LorisSubmissionMAN-7EF3PZyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Reed, RaewynSubmissionMAN-7EKVDDyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Rees, NigelSubmissionMAN-7EKVJM 05/13 11:18am
Reeve, Alan Mark & Jenness MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4L2 05/08 02:12pm
Reid-Gray, IsanaSubmissionMAN-7EKVK3 05/13 11:18am
Reid, ChrisGovernanceONL7DWEPA 04/21 10:48pm
Reid, MurrayGovernanceMAN-7FMV9L 06/16 11:14am
Reid, Murray ScottGovernance of Franklin District Council areaONL7DRU9V 04/17 10:23am
Reid, Peter Governance.ONL7DWT4T 04/22 09:24am
Reid, Ross RonayneAuckland amalgamation.ONL7DQ3Q2 04/15 01:26pm
Reilly, LeeAuckland GovernanceONL7DV8WA 04/20 05:52pm
Reilly, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EVSZB 05/23 09:09am
Reinink, JuneSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZJ 05/08 02:12pm
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Waiheke Worship GroupSubmissionMAN-7EF3U2yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Remuera Community Committee IncRemuera Community Committee Inc Society's submission on Auck ... ONL7DX3NJyes Auckland City04/22 01:24pm
Remuera U3A Current Affairs GroupSubmissionMAN-7EF4UA 05/08 02:12pm
Renaissance Aotearoa FoundationPlease see attached PDFONL7DX6P4yes Auckland City04/22 03:58pm
Rendle, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF3CJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Rennie, AdrianaSubmissionMAN-7EKVFG 05/13 11:18am
Rennie, AdrienneSubmissionMAN-7EKVGN 05/13 11:18am
Rennie, AdrienneSubmissionMAN-7EVT26 05/23 09:09am
Rennie, JaneSubmissionMAN-7EVSX2 05/23 09:09am
Rennie, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EKVD7 05/13 11:17am
Rennie, T CSubmissionMAN-7EF432 05/08 02:12pm
Resident - RatepayerSubmissionMAN-7EF3KHyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Resident Ratepayer-Rodney District-22 yrsSubmissionMAN-7EF4URyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Retired - Member Remuera CCSubmissionMAN-7EF3DH 05/08 02:12pm
Retired Councillor, Ratepayer Franklin DistrictSubmissionMAN-7EF3WHyes Franklin City05/08 02:12pm
Reuben, Frances KaySubmissionMAN-7EVSYT 05/23 09:09am
Reuben, Stuart RSubmissionMAN-7EVSWN 05/23 09:09am
Revell, Elizabeth MaryGreater AucklandONL7DRUK7 04/17 10:38am
Reynalds, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF55K 05/08 02:12pm
Reynolds, JeremyMy submissionONL7DAD99 04/01 10:34pm
Rhodes, AdrianRoyal Commission on Auckland GoveranceONL7DRSK5 04/17 08:56am
Rhodes, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EVSWY 05/23 09:09am
Rhodes, Bernard UrquhartWaiheke Island needs independenceONL7DP8CZyes Auckland City04/14 05:24pm
Rhodes, J ISubmissionMAN-7EF4Z4 05/08 02:12pm
Rhodes, YachiyoSubmissionMAN-7EF3RE 05/08 02:12pm
Rhodin, Laurel MSubmissionMAN-7EF3GR 05/08 02:12pm
Ria Piritahi MaraeSubmissionMAN-7EF3FEyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ribons, WendySubmissionMAN-7EVT2Tyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Rice, AinslieLocal GovernanceONL7DVRZ7 04/21 08:27am
Richards, HeatherSubmissionMAN-7EF4LT 05/08 02:12pm
Richards, HughSubmissionMAN-7EVSZ4 05/23 09:09am
Richards, JSubmissionMAN-7EVSV3 05/23 09:09am
Richards, JosephineSubmissionMAN-7EF39Ayes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Richards, MarkSubmissionMAN-7EKVCH 05/13 11:17am
Richardson, AngelaSubmissionMAN-7EF354 05/08 02:12pm
Richardson, L PSubmissionMAN-7EF35F 05/08 02:12pm
Richards, P MSubmissionMAN-7EF372 05/08 02:12pm
Richards, RobertSubmissionONL7DWE3N 04/21 10:17pm
Richards, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EVSVL 05/23 09:09am
Richter, SteffiSubmissionMAN-7EF38D 05/08 02:12pm
Riddell-Harvey, SheilaDiscussion on FDC and the Royal commissionONL7DT6PF 04/18 03:59pm
Riddell, John GodfreySubmissionMAN-7E78WN 04/30 05:09pm
Riddick, Janet M & Peter JDemocracyONL7DWCCB 04/21 08:48pm
Riegstra, MSubmissionMAN-7EF3SR 05/08 02:12pm
Rifford, KenSubmissionMAN-7EKVBFyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Rigold, TamsinThe importance of a greater regional focus within Auckland's ... ONL7DX6PX 04/22 03:59pm
Rikona, TekuraSubmissionMAN-7EF3YY 05/08 02:12pm
Rikys, PitaSubmissionMAN-7EF53Byes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Rikys, PitaSubmissionMAN-7EKVFVyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Rikys, PitaSubmissionMAN-7EVU87yes Auckland City05/23 10:19am
Riley, Michael And Annet Box.ONL7CXNSK 03/22 06:43am
Riley, NormaSubmissionMAN-7EVT2R 05/23 09:10am
Riley, YvonneSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DRUG9 04/17 10:33am
Rimene, Diane BeverleyRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWTV2 04/22 10:03am
Rimmer, Tim & AnnaSubmissionMAN-7EF4WQyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Ringer, BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF4UTyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Ritchie, David AlanSubmissionMAN-7EF55N 05/08 02:12pm
Ritchie, IanSubmissionMAN-7EF53M 05/08 02:12pm
Ritchie, Walter JamesSubmissionMAN-7EF3U9yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Rivere, JenniferSubmissionMAN-7EF3YU 05/08 02:12pm
R, MichelleProviding New Perspective In Order To Help Auckland Become A ... ONL7DY5ENyes Franklin District04/23 02:53pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Robbie, AnnAmalgamation of councilsONL7DPSEY 04/15 08:49am
Robb, JohnLocal GovernmentONL7D5DMS 03/27 10:54pm
Roberts, JeffSubmissionMAN-7EF4NE 05/08 02:12pm
Roberts, M ASubmissionMAN-7EF3V6 05/08 02:12pm
Robertson, Donald JamesSubmissionMAN-7EF3TJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Robertson, HeidiSubmissionMAN-7EF3BW 05/08 02:12pm
Robertson, JanSubmissionMAN-7EKVCXyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Robertson, JanSubmissionMAN-7EKVFUyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Robertson, MareeSubmissionMAN-7EF3HV 05/08 02:12pm
Robertson, RaewynSubmissionMAN-7EF3AJ 05/08 02:12pm
Roberts, Shane Auckland GovernanceONL7DTU6K 04/19 10:18am
Roberts, Susan MarieAuckland GovernanceONL7DTUAU 04/19 10:25am
Roberts, Winfred MSubmissionMAN-7EF3Z5 05/08 02:12pm
Robinson, BarrySubmissionONL7DW98A 04/21 06:08pm
Robinson, Belinda AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF3R3 05/08 02:12pm
Robinson, DavidFuture Shape Of AucklandONL7CEUEV 03/05 11:31am
Robinson, MargaretSmaller Local CouncilsONL7DWSTK 04/22 09:09am
Robitzsch, MaxFewer Councils: NO - More power to the ARC: YESONL7CLE9W 03/10 11:27pm
Robson, Ian GarlandSubmissionMAN-7EF34P 05/08 02:12pm
Robson, Shireen AlisonSubmissionMAN-7EF34N 05/08 02:12pm
Roche, Denise MareeHauraki Gulf Islands want more local democracy. Regional co ... ONL7DW8FLyes 04/21 05:28pm
Rodney District CouncilRodney District Council submissionONL7DX4ZEyes Rodney District04/22 02:32pm
Rodney Economic Development TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF3KEyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Rogers, DeniseSubmissionMAN-7EF423 05/08 02:12pm
Rogerson, D S & V ASubmissionMAN-7EF39M 05/08 02:12pm
Roigard, SteveSubmissionMAN-7EVSW3 05/23 09:09am
Rombouts, ZenaLocal Government Arrangements to the Royal Commission on Auc ... ONL7DV6KV 04/20 03:53pm
Ronald, Richard JamesOne Council to serve allONL7DQ4TP 04/15 02:23pm
Rooijakkers, GerardSubmissionMAN-7EF3DQyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Roper, Keith BeresfordAuckland governanceONL7DJECE 04/09 10:31pm
Rosebank Business Association SUBMISSION TO THE ROYAL COMMISSION ON AUCKLAND GOVERNANCE ON ... ONL7DX34Byes Auckland City04/22 12:54pm
Rose, Christine & StephenSubmissionMAN-7EF3DJyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Rose, J WSubmissionMAN-7EF38X 05/08 02:12pm
Rose, JaneSubmissionMAN-7EKVHPyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Rose, KyrieSubmissionMAN-7EKVEGyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Ross, ColleenAuckland GovernanceONL7DWSZL 04/22 09:19am
Rouse, PaulAmalgamation into a Super CityONL7DT8P8yes 04/18 05:41pm
Rowie, William JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3FR 05/08 02:12pm
Rowland, RichardSubmissionMAN-7EVSZH 05/23 09:09am
Rowley, Richard PhillipAuckland Local GovernmentONL7DW3EZ 04/21 01:11pm
Rowntree, FrancesAucklandONL7DX7ZG 04/22 05:06pm
Royal Forest and Bird Society, South Auckland BranchReinventing Auckland: Submission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX2VN 04/22 12:44pm
Royal Forest & Bird Protection SocietyImpact of Auckland Governanceon Environmental ManagementONL7DX4D9yes 04/22 02:00pm
Roy, John & ValerieSubmissionMAN-7EF4P8 05/08 02:12pm
Ruck, GeoffreySubmissionONL7DWREW 04/22 07:58am
Rudd, KirstenSubmissionMAN-7EVSWS 05/23 09:09am
Rudd, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EKVLV 05/13 11:18am
Ruggiero, AriannaSubmissionMAN-7EKVF2yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Russell, DianneSubmissionMAN-7EF386 05/08 02:12pm
Russell, Iain CameronGeneralONL7DX29M 04/22 12:12pm
Russell, Ian AlexanderRefer attached Word documentONL7DS8KV 04/17 05:35pm
Russell, KyleeOn Auckland GovernanceONL7DTBHB 04/18 08:05pm
Russell, Lola ElaineSubmissionMAN-7EF3BGyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Russell, NicoleSubmissionMAN-7EF3HP 05/08 02:12pm
Russell, Shaun Franklin wish to remain a seperate district as the current s ... ONL7DTBM2 04/18 08:11pm
Ruth, ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF4Y7 05/08 02:12pm
Ruth, EleanorSubmissionMAN-7EF4Y8 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Rutherfurd, LucilleSubmissionMAN-7EF3WKyes 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Ruth, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4Y9 05/08 02:12pm
Rutland, Michael DavidSubmissionONL7DWGSA 04/22 12:35am
Rutledge, William GeraldAuckland GovernanceONL7DC2DS 04/03 01:18pm
Ryan, FrankSubmissionMAN-7EF3G6 05/08 02:12pm
Ryan, Kathleen CeciliaPersonal submissionONL7DWDNPyes Auckland City04/21 09:56pm
Ryan, SusanSubmissionMAN-7EF355 05/08 02:12pm
Ryburn, Wayne Richard Retention of Rodney District and local governance in generalONL7DW3A5 04/21 01:04pm
Ryden, JoyceSubmissionMAN-7EVST9 05/23 09:08am
Ryder, MartinSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6NH 04/22 03:57pm
Sadler, LizSubmissionMAN-7EVSYW 05/23 09:09am
Sailer, TinaSubmissionMAN-7EF3FC 05/08 02:12pm
Saint, OliverSubmissionMAN-7DX4J5yes Auckland City04/22 02:07pm
Sale, GordonSubmissionMAN-7EKVJN 05/13 11:18am
Salisbury, LisaWider Auckland CouncilONL7DWTGX 04/22 09:43am
Salmon, John BradburySubmissionMAN-7EF4PMyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Salmons, Carl JarrodSubmission - Auckland Local Governance - Franklin DistrictONL7DU7T6 04/19 04:56pm
Sampson, Gwendoline MSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZW 05/08 02:12pm
Sander, Evelyn Auckland GovernanceONL7DRCRV 04/16 09:10pm
Sanders, DoreenSubmissionMAN-7EF3AM 05/08 02:12pm
Sanders, IreneSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZP 05/08 02:12pm
Sanders, MartinSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZN 05/08 02:12pm
Sanderson, MichelleAuckland GovernanceONL7DX3EX 04/22 01:11pm
Sandspit Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc.The most important issue for the Royal Commision to address.ONL7DQW59 04/16 11:58am
Saraswati, DianaSubmissionMAN-7EF3MM 05/08 02:12pm
Saul, David JamesAuckland Governance ONL7DTSMP 04/19 09:00am
Sauni, Kathleen MaySubmissionMAN-7EF3A2 05/08 02:12pm
Save PapakuraSAVE PAPAKURAONL7DX5NN 04/22 03:06pm
Save PapakuraSave PapakuraONL7DX6K6 04/22 03:52pm
Saxon, L ASubmissionMAN-7EVT2Xyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Scahill, CliveBinding ReferendumONL7EMTV7 05/15 10:03am
Scheepstra, HenkSubmissionMAN-7EF3HN 05/08 02:12pm
Scherer, GinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4L9 05/08 02:12pm
Schmetzer, PaulSubmissionMAN-7DX4JQ 04/22 02:07pm
Schoen, DorothyThe diificulty upholding council bylawsONL7CTBDX 03/17 08:59pm
Schollitt, DereisSubmissionMAN-7EF3WY 05/08 02:12pm
Schuler, MarisaSubmissionMAN-7EVSYE 05/23 09:09am
Schulze, VeraSubmissionMAN-7EF4TA 05/08 02:12pm
Scott, Anne RSubmissionMAN-7EF4UE 05/08 02:12pm
Scott, Edward ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF4TFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Scott, GraemeRefer to attached pdf file [1 page]ONL7DW5NJyes Auckland City04/21 03:06pm
Scott, JanSubmissionMAN-7EVSZNyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Scott, Janice IsobelSubmissionMAN-7EF3CNyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Scott, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF3FA 05/08 02:12pm
Scott(Ma Anthropology), M.CarolSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DNVRF 04/14 11:39am
Scrooby, DSubmissionMAN-7EF435 05/08 02:12pm
See Above., Kristin Lewis And Thomas GreveAuckland Governance.ONL7DWTR2yes Auckland City04/22 09:56am
Sefton, PeterLocal GovernmentONL7DQ4E2 04/15 02:01pm
Seifert, TraceyRodney District CouncilONL7DF3MR 04/06 01:22pm
Selwyn, TimGovernance structures, mandating and service/jurisdiction de ... ONL7DX7E7yes Auckland City04/22 04:35pm
Senn, Doreen MaudeSubmissionMAN-7EF3BD 05/08 02:12pm
Seven Manukau City CouncillorsMinority Submission of Seven Manukau City CouncillorsONL7DWRTSyes Manukau City04/22 08:18am
Seys, MargaretPapakura's independenceONL7DX3BY 04/22 01:07pm
Sharp, DlSubmissionMAN-7EKVHByes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Sharpe, Brenna And DavidSubmission from B and D SharpeONL7DX969 04/22 06:05pm
Sharpe, John"Everything is Designed": the need for centralised decision ... ONL7DWVBTyes 04/22 11:18am
Sharp, Graeme GeorgeSubmissionMAN-7EF4W4 05/08 02:12pm
Sharp, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF42L 05/08 02:12pm
Shaw, JohnAuckland GovernanceONL7DUAPT 04/19 07:24pm
Shaw, Nathan AllanDo not support super-city nor regional infrastructure compan ... ONL7DX8S7 04/22 05:45pm
Shaw, Norrie & MarieSubmissionMAN-7EF35S 05/08 02:12pm
Shaw, VikkiSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZH 05/08 02:12pm
Shayer, SigridsubmissionONL7DX2XLyes Auckland City04/22 12:47pm
Shearer, CraigRevoew of GovernanceONL7DX54Ayes Waitakere City04/22 02:37pm
Shearman, Geoff Rating levels and GovernannceONL7DS27F 04/17 12:08pm
Shears, JohnSubmissionONL7DW9G2 04/21 06:20pm
Shencer, BrendaSubmissionMAN-7EF3RU 05/08 02:12pm
Shepherd, ChristineRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance SubmissionONL7DWEBSyes Waitakere City04/21 10:30pm
Shepherd, ChristopherSubmissionMAN-7EF3HJ 05/08 02:12pm
Shepherd, Dennis And ValerieLocal governmentONL7DX4RDyes Rodney District04/22 02:19pm
Sherwood, Nina MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF35L 05/08 02:12pm
Shi, YuyiProposal for Auckland GovernanceONL7DX6EW 04/22 03:45pm
Shoebridge, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EF4QP 05/08 02:12pm
Shoebridge, Pam Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7D4686 03/26 04:34pm
Shore Youth CouncilYouth voiceONL7DWULByes North Shore City04/22 10:40am
Shorter, LucSubmissionMAN-7EKVBVyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Short, Maxwell RexSubmissionMAN-7EF38Yyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Shorttand, DanielSubmissionMAN-7EKVBZyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Shotton, Robert CSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZP 05/08 02:12pm
Shove, Geoffrey B & Elaine ASubmissionMAN-7EF3UU 05/08 02:12pm
Shuck, Stacey AnneWORD.doc file attachedONL7DX3XA 04/22 01:38pm
Silver, WarickSubmissionMAN-7EF3YB 05/08 02:12pm
Simmons, JoeSupport for 1 councilONL7DPUNT 04/15 10:44am
Simmons, JoeAddendum to my earlier submissionONL7DRSXW 04/17 09:16am
Simms, AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF3J8 05/08 02:12pm
Simons, John AnthonySubmissionMAN-7EF3W4 05/08 02:12pm
Simperingham, LizSubmissionMAN-7EKVL3 05/13 11:18am
Sim, PingReply to submission questions.ONL7D63QA 03/28 02:26pm
Simpkin, Raymond HerbertSubmissionMAN-7EF3NJ 05/08 02:12pm
Simpson, AlanAuckland GovernanceONL7DWFAS 04/21 11:19pm
Simpson, AlisonSubmissionMAN-7EF3BT 05/08 02:12pm
Simpson, AndrewShort Form Response to the Call for Submissions on Auckland ... ONL7DX27C 04/22 12:08pm
Simpson, BrentSubmissionMAN-7EKVH8yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Simpson, Desley Support for Community BoardsONL7DWSG9 04/22 08:51am
Simpson, Diana VictoriaSubmissionMAN-7EF3KAyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Simpson, Eric & GlenisSubmissionMAN-7EF35Z 05/08 02:12pm
Simpson, IanSubmissionMAN-7EKVGDyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Simpson, Ralph BSubmissionMAN-7EF4Z5 05/08 02:12pm
Simpson, RichardAuckland Governance Structure and PowersONL7DX7VEyes Auckland City04/22 04:59pm
Sims, Evonn WendySubmissionMAN-7EF3ZX 05/08 02:12pm
Simson, JuliaFranklin District Council does not belong with Auckland.ONL7DUUFH 04/20 10:32am
Sinclair, AlistairSubmissionMAN-7EF44M 05/08 02:12pm
Sinclair, DavidDeveloping a world class sustainable Auckland will be a majo ... ONL7DX6L2 04/22 03:53pm
Sinclair, HSubmissionMAN-7EF3SN 05/08 02:12pm
Sinclair, James (Jim) Royal Commission HearingONL7DU8YGyes Manukau City04/19 05:55pm
Sinclair, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF44N 05/08 02:12pm
Sinclair, JohnSubmissionMAN-7DX4J3yes Auckland City04/22 02:07pm
Singh, ArunjeevSubmissionMAN-7EF3GCyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Singh, BhadorSubmissionMAN-7EF42N 05/08 02:12pm
Singh, CynthiaSubmissionMAN-7EF3FV 05/08 02:12pm
Sisson, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3F8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Sisters of Mercy RanuiSubmissionONL7DW4ZT 04/21 02:33pm
Skelton, HariataSubmissionMAN-7EF35E 05/08 02:12pm
Skidmore, D & JSubmissionMAN-7EF3GZ 05/08 02:12pm
Skinner, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EKVBMyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Skinner, Peter & NicolaSubmissionMAN-7EF44Hyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Skinner, Raymond JosephGeneralONL7DX24F 04/22 12:03pm
Skipwath, C SSubmissionMAN-7EF4YE 05/08 02:12pm
SkyCabs International LtdSubmission on the Form of Auckland's GovernanceONL7DX3YRyes Auckland City04/22 01:40pm
Slee, LaurenceSubmissionMAN-7EF3PA 05/08 02:12pm
Sluiters, HendrinaSubmissionMAN-7EF44T 05/08 02:12pm
Smagg, HarleenSubmissionMAN-7EF4M3 05/08 02:12pm
Smale, Ms VSubmissionMAN-7EF363 05/08 02:12pm
Small, Terry & JudySubmissionMAN-7EF3U8 05/08 02:12pm
Smillie, IanRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DN42V 04/13 01:43pm
Smirnov, AlexeyAuckland province issueONL7DX2VPyes North Shore City04/22 12:44pm
Smith & Moseley, Lloyd Smith & Nick MoseleySubmissionMAN-7EF3FFyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Smith, Asubmission Auckland GovernanceONL7DDU27 04/05 11:11am
Smith, AlfieSubmissionMAN-7EF52K 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, AndyAUckland governanceONL7D926T 03/31 01:07pm
Smith, AnneRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance.ONL7DWSSF 04/22 09:07am
Smith, Augustine Godwin Rural EnvironmentONL7DTV8D 04/19 11:12am
Smith, Darryl LeslieEVIDENCE OF DARRYL L SMITH, JP, BSc, MPhil, Dip Th, MNZCSONL7DX4N5yes Auckland City04/22 02:14pm
Smith, DonnaSubmissionMAN-7EKVFSyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Smith, Douglas Robert Efficiently Structured Bureaucratic & Democratic Local Gover ... ONL7DUQYT 04/20 07:35am
Smith, D.A.ASubmissionMAN-7EF3XY 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, EnidSubmissionMAN-7EF364 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, FionaSubmissionMAN-7EF436 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, GSubmissionMAN-7EF42X 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, Gregory Paul GodwinSave Papakura from becoming part of the Auckland City Counci ... ONL7DTUUG 04/19 10:53am
Smith, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF434 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, JulietMy SubmissionONL7DWBNH 04/21 08:13pm
Smith, Kenneth JamesSubmission from Ken SmithONL7DT3KR 04/18 01:19pm
Smith, LisaSubmissionMAN-7EKVEMyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Smith, MalcolmSubmissionMAN-7EF4UYyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Smith, Malcolm EdwardSubmissionMAN-7EF35M 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, MareeSubmissionMAN-7EF437 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF356 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, Mary PSubmissionMAN-7EF3Z8 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, MihiSubmissionMAN-7EKVHLyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Smith, QuentinSubmissionMAN-7EF44K 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, Thomas EdwinDe-amalgamateONL7DW48U 04/30 11:11am
Smith, WarwickSubmissionMAN-7EF4PT 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, WarwickSubmissionMAN-7EF4UH 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, William Arthur & Rose LillianSubmissionMAN-7EF3HM 05/08 02:12pm
Smith, WyntonOne Super CityONL7CG2JY 03/06 01:27pm
Smit, Peter AdrianusSubmissionMAN-7EF3WB 05/08 02:12pm
Smit, RenataThe ARCs proposal for a single unitary authority supported b ... ONL7DWUC9 04/22 10:27am
Smits, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EF34Syes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Smotnova, DashaSubmissionMAN-7EVSV5yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Smyth, JonSubmissionMAN-7EF3H9yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Sneddon, KarynSubmissionMAN-7EVSWM 05/23 09:09am
Snell, PaulineSubmissionMAN-7EVSZZyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Snells Beach Ratepayers and Residents AssocSubmissionMAN-7EF4RC 05/08 02:12pm
Snow, TerryThe Big and the Small PicturesONL7DX4ET 04/22 02:02pm
Snow, TerryBreaking Up And Amalgamating CouncilsONL7DX64P 04/22 03:29pm
Soane ContractingSubmissionMAN-7EF4QMyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Soljak, KatySubmissionMAN-7EKVCCyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Somenschein, HeikeSubmissionMAN-7EF4WH 05/08 02:12pm
Somerville-Ryan, Richard BrucePersonal Submission R B Somerville-RyanONL7DWV73yes Auckland City04/22 11:10am
Sommerfield, J.WSubmissionMAN-7EKVKQ 05/13 11:18am
Sorensen, HanneSubmissionMAN-7EF3MD 05/08 02:12pm
Sorrenson, RichardsubmissionONL7DX5DSyes Auckland City04/22 02:52pm
South Titirangi Ratepayers & Residents AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF4PXyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Southall, SteveCity structureONL7DBD4V 04/02 10:27pm
Southern Local Government Officers Union IncSubmissionONL7DW3NM 04/21 01:24pm
Southhead Residents and Rate Payers AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3WRyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Spalding, Viv & NoelSubmissionMAN-7EF365 05/08 02:12pm
Spark, Mr & Mrs DSubmissionMAN-7EF3AB 05/08 02:12pm
Speak, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF433 05/08 02:12pm
Speedy, Katherine Louise TuckRepresentationONL7DWC9W 04/21 08:44pm
Spelman, TonySubmissionMAN-7EF3P3yes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Spence, Allan MurdochRestructuring of Auckland Regional and local GovernmentONL7DQ6LY 04/15 03:55pm
Spence, AndrewSubmissionMAN-7EMTYE 05/15 10:08am
Spence, Andrew And MayaAuckland GovernanceONL7DWD3Eyes 04/21 09:25pm
Spence, ChristinaSubmissionMAN-7EF3L6yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Spencer-Inight, Sylvia GraceSubmissionMAN-7EF3M2yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Spencer, CathySubmissionMAN-7EF52J 05/08 02:12pm
Spencer, Judy Auckland GovernanceONL7DX67Dyes 04/22 03:33pm
Spencer, KellySubmissionMAN-7EVT22yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Spencer, Ralph MoretonWaiheke And Auckland GovernanceMAN-7GL5JB 07/16 02:59pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Spick, Robert DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4NYyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Spielhaupter, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EVT2L 05/23 09:10am
Spielhaupter, UweSubmissionMAN-7EVSWD 05/23 09:09am
Spiller, John RossRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DUGEN 04/20 12:17am
Spill, JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZD 05/08 02:12pm
Sport and Recreation New ZealandSubmission of SPARC to the Royal Commission on Auckland Gove ... ONL7E974N 05/02 04:20pm
St Heliers/Glendowie Resident's AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF4UVyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
St Mary's Bay AssociationRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWU96 04/22 10:22am
St Paul, Russell BruceSubmissionMAN-7EF3ENyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Stamp, A.PSubmissionMAN-7EVSXF 05/23 09:09am
Stamp, K MSubmissionMAN-7EVSXG 05/23 09:09am
Stanbridge, Colin William NashSubmissionMAN-7EF3LW 05/08 02:12pm
Stanners, ReeganSubmissionMAN-7EF3GQ 05/09 03:41pm
Stansfield, Johnas contained in the attached submissionONL7DV2WCyes 04/20 12:45pm
Stanton, MaggieSubmissionMAN-7EF4XB 05/08 02:12pm
Starrett Wright, Emily JaneLocal councils should stay. ONL7DSVYV 04/18 11:51am
Steel, IanAccountability, efficiency and affordability in local govern ... ONL7DW9MV 04/21 06:30pm
Stephens, JudithPapakura City Council remaining an independent councilONL7DRVAC 04/17 11:15am
Stephens, LindseySubmissionMAN-7EF3T4 05/08 02:12pm
STEPS (St Lukes Environmental Protection Society Incorporated) Governance of public assets and infrastructure - see attache ... ONL7DX6RWyes Auckland City04/22 04:03pm
Stevens, David JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3RG 05/08 02:12pm
Stevens, HamishSubmissionMAN-7EVU8Cyes Manukau City05/23 10:19am
Stevenson Group LimitedSubmissionMAN-7EF55Ayes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Stevenson, Charles CushnieSubmissionMAN-7EF3PWyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Stevenson, Elvene And BarryKeep Papakura separate, with its own councilONL7DX9WH 04/22 06:43pm
Stevenson, Mark And CarolSubmission to the Royal CommissionONL7DVUH7 04/21 10:35am
Stevens, RedSubmissionMAN-7EVSVU 05/23 09:09am
Stewart, Alan GodfreySubmissionMAN-7EF3MZyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, David SubmissionONL7DX278yes Auckland City04/22 12:08pm
Stewart, Donald BruceamalgamationONL7DS7WK 04/17 05:01pm
Stewart, GaryLocal means LOCALONL7DX6EMyes Waitakere City04/22 03:44pm
Stewart, JacquelineSubmissionMAN-7EF3CX 05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, Jerry MartinSubmissionMAN-7EF4TN 05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3CU 05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, LynneSubmissionMAN-7EF3DAyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, Mary And Liz Submission re Franklin District ONL7DWEYC 04/21 11:02pm
Stewart, PSubmissionMAN-7EF534 05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF438 05/08 02:12pm
Stewart, RyanUse the ARC proposal as a starting point - 1 greater authori ... ONL7DWAZZ 04/21 07:40pm
Stoffels, H MaggieSubmissionMAN-7EF37P 05/08 02:12pm
Stone, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EF3Z2 05/08 02:12pm
Stone, CarolynneSubmission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DU8DR 04/19 05:25pm
Stone, NancisubmissionONL7DWVPW 04/22 11:37am
Stone, Raewyn The future of the Auckland regionONL7E7A7Ayes Auckland City04/30 06:58pm
Stone, SusannePlease don't sacrifice democracy.ONL7DVBNEyes 04/20 08:13pm
Stonyer, AmeeraSubmissionMAN-7EF3SP 05/08 02:12pm
Storey, CharlieAuckland governance submissionONL7DSQUA 04/18 07:28am
Storey, Rae ElizabethOpinions and considerationsONL7DVLKD 04/21 03:49am
Storey, Rae ElizabethAdditions To My Submission Reference Number Onl7DvlkdONL7DW6U9 04/21 04:06pm
Strandfield, RSubmissionMAN-7EKVKV 05/13 11:18am
Stratful, MerieSubmissionMAN-7EF52M 05/08 02:12pm
Stratful, MerieSubmissionMAN-7EKVEK 05/13 11:17am
Stratful, MerieSubmissionMAN-7EKVG5 05/13 11:18am
Stratful, MerieSubmissionMAN-7EKVHJ 05/13 11:18am
Stratful, MerieSubmissionMAN-7EVT2K 05/23 09:10am
Strawbridge, DarylSubmissionMAN-7EVSXQ 05/23 09:09am
Strawbridge, RuthSubmissionMAN-7EF555yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Street, GayleneSubmissionMAN-7EF4SY 05/08 02:12pm
Stretton, Terry & SarahSubmissionMAN-7EF3E3 05/08 02:12pm
Strevens, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4WT 05/08 02:12pm
Strickson--Pua, LindaSubmissionMAN-7EKVDAyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Strong, Raymond George (Ray)submissionONL7DWURJyes Manukau City04/22 10:48am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Structured Plan Advocates NetworkRoyal Commission on auckland governanceONL7DN3WJyes Waitakere City04/13 01:36pm
Strudwick, JohnRoyal Commission of Inquiry into Auckland Governance Arrange ... ONL7EG357 05/09 12:56pm
Struyck, Juliabinding citizen initiated referendaONL7EM54L 05/14 02:37pm
Sturmey, Mike & JaniceSubmissionMAN-7EF3D2 05/08 02:12pm
Sumner, FayeAuckland GovernanaceONL7DV48T 04/20 01:53pm
Sundrick, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF3X6 05/08 02:12pm
Surtida, EleanorSubmissionMAN-7EF4SD 05/08 02:12pm
Susanne, StoneRef No ONL7DVBNEONL7DX6B6 04/22 03:39pm
Sutherland, SarahSubmission for GovernanceONL7DX6B5 04/22 03:39pm
Sutton, Ernest CharlesSingle Auckland City.ONL7DEUQL 04/06 10:47am
Sutton, HowardSubmissionONL7DWDT7yes Auckland City04/21 10:03pm
Swales, Donald HortonSubmissionMAN-7EF3M4yes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Swanson Residents + Ratepayers AssociationAuckland governanceONL7DX36A 04/22 12:58pm
Synnott, Greta Ellen MarySubmissionMAN-7EF3VZ 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Synnott, Joseph PatrickSubmissionMAN-7EF3FP 05/08 02:12pm
Szabo, Miklos Submission to the Royal CommissionONL7DWF5Xyes Auckland City04/21 11:11pm
Tahatai RetreatSubmissionMAN-7EVUAG 05/23 10:19am
Takapuna Community Board North Shore City CouncilSubmissionMAN-7EF4UWyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Takapuna Residents Assciation (Inc)SubmissionMAN-7EF3JV 05/08 02:12pm
Talbot, AndreeSubmissionONL7DWV6S 04/22 11:10am
Talbot, BeverlySubmissionMAN-7EF4MK 05/08 02:12pm
Talbot, Michael AlexanderSubmissionMAN-7EF43Vyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Tamaki Community BoardTamaki CB Royal commission submissionONL7DXCMSyes Auckland City04/22 09:03pm
Tamaki Ki Te Tonga DmcTamaki Ki Te Tonga District Maori Council And OthersONL7DWR3Ayes Manukau City04/22 07:39am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Tangauru, TereSubmissionMAN-7EF3XNyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Tant, ChristopherAuckland GovernanceONL7DR742 04/16 04:19pm
Tao, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EKVCK 05/13 11:17am
Tapa'i-Lavea & Talamaivao, Leatuao Larry & CherylSubmissionMAN-7EF3NYyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Tarling, Peter NicholasSubmissionMAN-7EN6E4yes North Shore City05/15 03:44pm
Tarpey, SallyAuckland GovernanceONL7DW7QN 04/21 04:52pm
Tasman-Jones, CliffordSubmissionMAN-7EF3QY 05/08 02:12pm
Taumata B Block Enviromental TrustRoyal Commision on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWU2Vyes 04/22 10:12am
Taupaki Residents & Ratepayers AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3DKyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Tavui, Eric (Lamai)SubmissionMAN-7EF3UPyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Tayler, SSubmissionMAN-7EF4QT 05/08 02:12pm
Taylor, AliceOne Greater Auckland for all.ONL7DX6C2 04/22 03:40pm
Taylor, CherylSubmission on Local GovernmentONL7DQSMY 04/16 09:00am
Taylor, CliveRe submission formatONL7DTBDM 04/18 07:59pm
Taylor, DarleneSubmissionMAN-7EF44D 05/08 02:12pm
Taylor, DinoSubmissionMAN-7EKVJE 05/13 11:18am
Taylor, GeraldineSubmissionMAN-7EF4VU 05/08 02:12pm
Taylor, Lawrencechange of opinionONL7DSEATyes Auckland City04/17 10:28pm
Taylor, Lawrence RichardGovernance and infrastructure of Greater AucklandONL7DNF9Yyes Auckland City04/13 11:18pm
Taylor, Mrs PSubmissionMAN-7EF39X 05/08 02:12pm
Taylor, PrueReform of Auckland's GovernanceONL7DX27S 04/22 12:09pm
Te Ara Rangato O Te Iwi O Ngati Te Ata WaiohuaSubmissionONL7E7UL2yes 05/01 10:40am
TE HA Leadership Group of Tamaki MakaurauTE WAKANUI Governance Model for AucklandONL7E7S7Jyes 05/01 08:37am
Te Kawerau A MakiSubmissionMAN-7EF3THyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Te Kupenga O Ngati HakoSubmissionMAN-7EP467 05/16 01:49pm
Te Ora O ManukauRoyal Commission On Auckland GovernanceONL7EBVHGyes Manukau City05/05 11:27am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Te Tao U o Reweti TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF4NTyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Te Tao U Wai 1146 Claimant TeamSubmissionMAN-7EVSUTyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Te Taumata RunangaTe Taumata Runanga SubmissionONL7DY7X8yes 04/23 05:02pm
Te Taurahepe O AoteaSubmissionMAN-7EF3ER 05/08 02:12pm
Te Taurahere O Aotea TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF3GMyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Te Uri o Hau Settlement TrustPlease see attachmentONL7DW5K8yes Rodney District04/21 03:01pm
Te Whanau O Waipareira TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF3CQyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Templeton, KateSubmissionMAN-7EF4XF 05/08 02:12pm
Templeton, TerreneeSubmissionMAN-7EF4XG 05/08 02:12pm
Tenablad, TomasSubmissionMAN-7EKVCNyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Terry, Dennis Auckland governanceONL7DV2ZV 04/20 12:50pm
Terry, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF527 05/08 02:12pm
Terry, NicolaSubmissionMAN-7EF4RZ 05/08 02:12pm
Terzaghi, Eric & BettySubmissionMAN-7EF3NVyes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Thacker, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EKVG2yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Thakurdas, AndrewPlease see attached documentONL7DUUQNyes Auckland City04/20 10:47am
THE BUCKLAND COMMUNITY CENTRE (INC)Auckland GovernanceONL7DN7P5yes Manukau City04/13 04:49pm
The Cornwall Park Trust Board (Inc)SubmissionMAN-7EF3PC 05/12 03:02pm
THE EDGE®THE EDGE® SubmissionONL7DX5KXyes Auckland City04/22 03:02pm
The Glenfield Community Centre IncSubmissionMAN-7EF3NX 05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
The Housing LobbySubmissionMAN-7EF3EAyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
The Korean Society of NZ Inc.submissionONL7DX62S 04/22 03:26pm
The Marketing TherapistRoyal Commission ONL7DP9UB 04/14 06:40pm
The New Zealand Refining CompanySubmission AttachedONL7DX6U4yes Auckland City04/22 04:06pm
The NZ Land Value Rating AssnSubmissionMAN-7DX4HZ 04/22 02:07pm
The Onehunga Enhancement SocietyThe goverance of critical infrastructure services through Au ... ONL7DSCQKyes Auckland City04/17 09:08pm
The Royal Nz Forest & Bird Protection Society Hauraki Gulf Islands BranchSubmissionMAN-7EF54V 05/08 02:12pm
The Salvation Army Social Policy & Parliamentary UnitSubmission to Royal Commission on Auckland Governance - Soci ... ONL7DX6KEyes Manukau City04/22 03:52pm
The Surveying CompanyAm I happy with the form of local government in Auckland?ONL7DW5FS 04/21 02:55pm
The Surveying CompanySubmissionONL7DY4LFyes Franklin District04/23 02:11pm
The Tree CouncilThe Tree Council's SubmissionONL7DX3HCyes Rodney District04/22 01:15pm
The University of AucklandThe University of auckland Submission to Auckland Royal Comm ... ONL7DWUPUyes 04/22 10:46am
The University of Auckland Business SchoolAuckland Governance StructureONL7E526Myes Auckland City04/28 12:07pm
Thode, Nancy EilaAmalgamation of TLAsONL7DX646 04/22 03:28pm
Thomas, Corrilene No amalgamation of all Councils in the Auckland Region to ma ... ONL7DK52Z 04/10 02:35pm
Thomas, DuaneSubmissionMAN-7EF3SL 05/08 02:12pm
Thomas, J.SubmissionMAN-7EF4RQyes 05/08 02:12pm
Thomas, T WSubmissionMAN-7EF42D 05/08 02:12pm
Thomas, Thelma VioletSubmissionMAN-7EF3CD 05/08 02:12pm
Thom, ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF4LD 05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, Alfred CharlesRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DQ6XS 04/15 04:12pm
Thompson, Alfred James & NoelenaSubmissionMAN-7EF42Y 05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, Isobel MSubmissionMAN-7EF4VTyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, James BSubmissionMAN-7EF3UN 05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EF3UL 05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, LorraineSubmissionMAN-7EKVEByes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Thompson, PamSubmissionMAN-7EF353 05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, Richard & LorraineSubmissionMAN-7EF558 05/08 02:12pm
Thompson, SimonSubmissionMAN-7EVSWZ 05/23 09:09am
Thompson, Susan ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF3GD 05/08 02:12pm
Thomson, Archie ErnestSubmissionMAN-7EF3KG 05/08 02:12pm
Thomson, FredaSubmissionMAN-7EF4MT 05/08 02:12pm
Thomson, JudySubmissionMAN-7EF3HT 05/08 02:12pm
Thomson, NeilSubmissionMAN-7EKVCJyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Thomson, R OSubmissionMAN-7EF3BN 05/08 02:12pm
Thornaby, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF43J 05/08 02:12pm
Thornbury, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EVSZ8 05/23 09:09am
Thornbury, R.PSubmissionMAN-7EVSVK 05/23 09:09am
Thornley, StephenSubmissionMAN-7EF38Kyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Thornton, AliceSubmissionMAN-7EF4LY 05/13 10:37am
Thornton, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EF4RE 05/13 10:29am
Thornton, EricSubmissionMAN-7EF4LX 05/08 02:12pm
Thornton, IanSubmissionMAN-7EF42U 05/08 02:12pm
Thornton, IsobelSubmissionMAN-7EF4LZ 05/08 02:12pm
Thornton, KiriSubmissionMAN-7EF4M2 05/08 02:12pm
Thuynsma, DeonLocal GovernanceONL7DR2TC 04/16 12:40pm
Thwaites, Barry & LynnetteAuckland Governance ONL7DX6AY 04/22 03:39pm
Timmins, WillAucklands proposed boundary shift.ONL7DS37H 04/17 12:59pm
Tirim, HSubmissionMAN-7EF4YC 05/08 02:12pm
Tisley Engineering (Consultants)SubmissionMAN-7EF3SCyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Titchener, MichellSubmissionMAN-7EF4TR 05/08 02:12pm
Titirangi Ratepayers And Residents Association IncSubmissionONL7DWFNMyes Waitakere City04/21 11:38pm
Titman, Derek Stephan RobertGeneral submissionONL7DWDCU 04/21 09:40pm
Tobias, ChrisReform! End the disaster that is the Auckland City as we kno ... ONL7DPU35 04/15 10:12am
Tobin, Priscilla Anne O'haraSubmissionMAN-7EF3DU 05/08 02:12pm
Toft, OleSubmissionMAN-7EF4WC 05/08 02:12pm
Tomlin, John PatrickSubmissionMAN-7EF3T3 05/08 02:12pm
Tomson, KateSubmissionMAN-7EVSW4 05/23 09:09am
Tong & Associates Ltd, Resource Managemetn ConsultantsPlease refer attachmentONL7DX4JFyes Auckland City04/22 02:08pm
Tonga Confederated Council Inc., Tonga College Old Boys Association, FreeWesleyan Church of Tonga in New Zealand Trust BoardSubmission on the Auckland Governance.ONL7DWER4 04/21 10:51pm
Tonga Confederated society NZGovernance, social responsibility and cultural understandingONL7DX2QDyes Auckland City04/22 12:35pm
Torbay Historical Society (Vice-President)SubmissionMAN-7EF3YP 05/08 02:12pm
Torpie, Kathleen"World Class" is measured by something more substantial tha ... ONL7DXAVHyes 04/22 07:33pm
Torrecillas, JoseSubmissionMAN-7EKVG9 05/13 11:18am
Tourism AucklandSubmission by the Auckland Tourism and Visitors TrustONL7DX677yes Auckland City04/22 03:33pm
Town Centre Development GroupGovernance for Auckland RegionONL7DWSDQ 04/22 08:47am
Traill, LisaSubmissionMAN-7EVSZYyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Transit New ZealandSubmissionMAN-7EF53C 05/08 02:12pm
Transurban LtdSee AttachedONL7DWV77yes Auckland City04/22 11:10am
Transurban LtdSee AttachedONL7DWVD4yes Auckland City04/22 11:20am
Travers, JoSubmissionMAN-7EKVGTyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Travers, Richard Papakura City Council ONL7DW4HK 04/21 02:07pm
Treadwell, BeatriceSubmissionMAN-7EVSXS 05/23 09:09am
Tremaine, RaewynSubmissionMAN-7EF3KX 05/08 02:12pm
Trenwith, Bryan Please let me know if the submission is not received.ONL7DNQUNyes Waitakere City04/14 07:29am
Triggs, RosSubmissionMAN-7EKVKG 05/13 11:18am
Tristram, CatherineFranklin District CouncilONL7CMAUT 03/11 08:32pm
Tryphena Bowling ClubSubmissionMAN-7EF3L8 05/08 02:12pm
Tryphena Rural WomenSubmissionMAN-7EF3L9 05/08 02:12pm
Tuakau and Districts Development Associationauckland Governance Franklin DistrictONL7DWBYF 04/21 08:29pm
Tuapikepike, PeterSubmissionMAN-7EF3H6 05/08 02:12pm
Tucker, MichaelSubmission of MW TuckerONL7DWSQ5yes North Shore City04/22 09:04am
Tucker, William NicholSubmissionMAN-7DX4JE 04/22 02:07pm
Tulleners, BeverlySubmissionMAN-7EF3RR 05/08 02:12pm
Tulleners, ZoeSubmissionMAN-7EF3RS 05/08 02:12pm
Tulloch, Thomas Andrew RamseySubmissionMAN-7EF3W3 05/08 02:12pm
Tupa’i-Lavea, Leatuao Larry and Talamaivao, CherylRepresentation of Pacific Peoples and minority groups in Loc ... ONL7ECSCPyes Waitakere City05/06 08:45am
Turbott, ChristopherRMAONL7DX2L7 04/22 12:29pm
Turley, E MSubmissionMAN-7EF36L 05/08 02:12pm
Turner, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EKVEJyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Turner, LouiseSubmissionMAN-7EF4MY 05/08 02:12pm
Turner, RhondaSubmissionMAN-7EF3VVyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Turner, RoyExtension to closing date for making submissionsONL7DTFJ6 04/18 11:31pm
Tutara, FrancieLocal knowledge and positive relationships must be retained ... ONL7DJT2M 04/10 09:20am
Tutt, Phillip ClarkeSubmission as attachedONL7DWVH2 04/22 11:26am
Twiss, TonyAuckland GovernanceONL7DZ9HNyes Auckland City04/24 06:23pm
Twomey, Maurice KembleSubmissionMAN-7EF3PMyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Tyler, AdrianAccess to decision making authorities is a dimension of heal ... ONL7DSBZH 04/17 08:31pm
U3A Devonport (150 members)Group submission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DU5E9 04/19 02:53pm
U, HeraSubmissionMAN-7EVT2M 05/23 09:10am
University of AucklandSocial issues relevant to Auckland governanceONL7DT662 04/18 03:31pm
University of Auckland Maori Involvement in Governance of the Auckland RegionONL7DVV9Nyes Auckland City04/21 11:14am
University of Auckland (PhD candidate)Criteria for a future-ready governance systemONL7DWETZ 04/21 10:55pm
Upton, Ian HolmsSubmissionMAN-7EF52U 05/08 02:12pm
Upton, Shirley Westwood Kia Ora Shirley Upton's submission to Royal commission on ... ONL7DX6ELyes Auckland City04/22 03:44pm
Urban Design ForumSee attached ONL7DW9YZ 04/21 06:47pm
Urlich, BrianneSubmissionMAN-7EKVJ3 05/13 11:18am
Urlich, MoeraSubmissionMAN-7EVSVW 05/23 09:09am
Urlrich, PatSubmissionMAN-7EKVJX 05/13 11:18am
Vallings, BrendonSubmissionMAN-7EF4US 05/08 02:12pm
Van't Hof, WinifredSubmissionMAN-7EF3RT 05/08 02:12pm
Van Camp, Coralie AnnSubmissionMAN-7EF3BCyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Van Dam, BrianDemocracy & accountability in regional governmentONL7DX5RSyes Manukau City04/22 03:11pm
Van Dam, EileenAccountable & democratic District and Regional councilsONL7DX5QGyes Manukau City04/22 03:09pm
Van Der Burg, CatharinaSubmissionMAN-7EF4N7yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Van Der Burg, John LouisSubmissionMAN-7EF44Gyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Van Der Heijden, HenryARC and Urban and Rural CouncilsONL7DWEUS 04/21 10:57pm
Van Der Hulst, CorneliaSubmissionMAN-7DX4JU 04/22 02:07pm
Van Der Lee, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EKVGAyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Van Der Loos, Maureen Franklin's futureONL7DX7J8 04/22 04:41pm
Van Der Mespel, W A & TSubmissionMAN-7EF38Hyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Van Der Voorn, MarcSubmissionMAN-7EF4SH 05/08 02:12pm
Van Der Voort, Leopold (Pim)SubmissionMAN-7EF3DG 05/08 02:12pm
Van Ginkel, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4NW 05/08 02:12pm
Van Ginkel, MargaretSubmissionMAN-7EF4T9 05/08 02:12pm
Van Huenen, TerenceSubmissionMAN-7EF3SJ 05/08 02:12pm
Van Lier, Frederikus Johannes Mariacouncil and leadershipONL7DY5NA 04/23 03:06pm
Van Rubendale, R WSubmissionMAN-7EVSYK 05/23 09:09am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Van Ryn, AudreyRoyal Commission on GovernanceONL7DX6NEyes Auckland City04/22 03:57pm
Van Ryn, BarbaraBinding ReferendaONL7EMRU2 05/15 08:19am
Van Wetering - Lonergan, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF4S2 05/08 02:12pm
Van Wijk, JanSubmissionMAN-7EF3K8 05/08 02:12pm
Van Wijk, Lorraine RitaSubmissionMAN-7DX4JL 04/22 02:07pm
Vanderwee, NoelSubmissionMAN-7EF35Y 05/08 02:12pm
Vardy, PaulSubmissionMAN-7EKVHY 05/13 11:18am
Vartzbed, AlexandrecommissionONL7DU9LA 04/19 06:27pm
Vazey, GeoffSubmissionMAN-7EF3B3 05/08 02:12pm
VectorElectricity And InfrastructureMAN-7LD5E9 11/14 03:53pm
Vence, RobertSubmissionMAN-7EKVHHyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Vermeolen, Morgan & EdnaSubmissionMAN-7EF4LFyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Vermont, Anita Freemasons at the highest levels of local government in Auck ... ONL7DV8NJ 04/20 05:40pm
Verner, Peter JosephGovernance of AucklandONL7DWTXH 04/22 10:07am
Versluys, HansSumbission from a private citizen on Waiheke IslandONL7DB6QL 04/02 05:00pm
Viaduct Harbour Holdings LtdViaduct has made submissions in response to all 5 questions ... ONL7DX6B7yes Auckland City04/22 03:39pm
Vickery, JanetSubmissionMAN-7EKVKR 05/13 11:18am
Vingae, MiroSubmissionMAN-7EKVF6yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Vingoe, ColleenSubmissionMAN-7EKVEXyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Vingoe, LeonieSubmissionMAN-7EKVEYyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Virtue, KarenSubmissionMAN-7EF3XDyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Vlaar, DeborahSubmissionMAN-7EF3YC 05/08 02:12pm
Vloet, Gary AnthonySubmissionMAN-7EF425 05/08 02:12pm
Volunteering Auckland TrustVolunteering and Citizen Involvement with Local GovernmentONL7DX22Cyes Auckland City04/22 12:00pm
Von Bassewitz, SheenaSubmissionMAN-7EF3P5 05/08 02:12pm
Vos, Penny JoySubmissionMAN-7EF55F 05/08 02:12pm
Vuryer, MagdalenaSubmissionMAN-7EKVEWyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Waddell, DSubmissionMAN-7EF4ZA 05/08 02:12pm
Waddell, MarySubmissionMAN-7EF4YT 05/08 02:12pm
Wadsworth, AdrianSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q5 05/08 02:12pm
Wadsworth, George TinsleySubmissionMAN-7EF3B4 05/08 02:12pm
Wagner, JSubmissionMAN-7EVSVX 05/23 09:09am
Wagner, Jennifer WendySubmissionMAN-7EF4VKyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Waiata Artist TrustCultural Understanding and community developmentONL7DX2K2yes 04/22 12:27pm
Waide, BeverlySubmissionMAN-7EF4R5 05/08 02:12pm
Waiheke BlueSubmissionMAN-7EF54M 05/08 02:12pm
Waiheke Community Art GallerySubmissionMAN-7EF3RD 05/08 02:12pm
Waiheke Community BoardWaiheke Community Board's SubmissionONL7DTVYVyes 04/19 11:51am
Waiheke Community BoardSubmissionMAN-7EF3VJyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Waiheke Community Board (Chairman)SubmissionMAN-7EF3R5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Waiheke Community Radio TrustWaiheke Community Radio Trust SubmissionONL7DWBXZ 04/21 08:28pm
Waiheke Community Radio TrustSubmissionMAN-7EF54Yyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Waiheke Fruit & VegeSubmissionMAN-7EVU9A 05/23 10:19am
Waiheke Island Community Planning Group IncSubmissionMAN-7EVU8Pyes Auckland City05/23 10:19am
Waiheke Island Sustainable Development Group (Wisdg)Hauraki Gulf Integrated Waters ManagementMAN-7EF3M8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm[Replication or Save Conflict]
Waiheke Island Toy LibraryWaiheke Island Toy Library SubmissionONL7DWDYAyes 04/21 10:11pm
Waikaretu Citizens & RatepayersSubmissionMAN-7EF4RNyes Franklin City05/08 02:12pm
Waikato District CouncilBeyond the BorderONL7DW7REyes Auckland City04/21 04:53pm
Waikato Raupatu Trustee Company Ltd (Waikato-Tainui)Waikato-Tanui Submission attachedONL7E8U97yes 05/02 10:22am
Waitakere City CouncilWaitakere City Council SubmissionONL7DX6BPyes Waitakere City04/30 02:48pm
Waitakere Community BoardWaitakere Community Board SubmissionONL7DWSVFyes Waitakere City04/22 09:12am
Waitakere EnterpriseWaitakere Enterprise SubmissionONL7DWUUFyes Waitakere City04/22 10:53am
Waitakere Ethnic BoardSubmission Mailed As Well Last WeekONL7E64Z3yes Waitakere City04/29 02:32pm
Waitakere Ethnic Board ( Inc)SubmissionMAN-7EF53J 05/08 02:12pm
Waitakere Pacific BoardSubmissionMAN-7MG27X 12/19 01:09pm
Waitakere Pacific Board IncorporatedSubmissionONL7E75ZByes 04/30 03:23pm
Waitakere Ranges Protection Society IncSubmissionONL7DX3H8yes 04/22 01:15pm
Waite, Jai & RebeccaSubmissionMAN-7EF4T2 05/08 02:12pm
Waiuku/Awhitu Community Board (Chair)WAIUKU/AWHITU COMMUNITY BOARD SUBMISSIONONL7DX37Eyes Franklin District04/22 12:59pm
Wakefield, Mary Innes & JamesSubmissionMAN-7EF4KP 05/08 02:12pm
Wakim, JanfrieSubmissionMAN-7EF3CW 05/08 02:12pm
Walker, A. J. (Tony)submission attachedONL7E94HUyes Auckland City05/02 02:07pm
Walker, David MurrayRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DWKL6 04/22 02:59am
Walker, NikiSubmissionMAN-7EKVF5yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Walker, NikiSubmissionMAN-7EKVGJyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Walker, PaulSubmissionONL7DX3GZ 04/22 01:15pm
Walker, SarahSubmissionMAN-7EF3BEyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Walker, Valda LavanaSubmissionMAN-7EF4QK 05/08 02:12pm
Walker, WayneSubmission on Royal Commission on AucklandONL7DX7ECyes 04/22 04:35pm
Wallin, LaraSubmissionMAN-7EKVFZyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Wallin, Larissa JaneSubmissionMAN-7EF3PVyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Walls, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EF36N 05/08 02:12pm
Walsh, Kathleen (Kathy)Seabird Coast, Firth of ThamesONL7DX7T8yes Franklin District04/22 04:56pm
Walsh, ToniAuckland GovernanceONL7DX5UR 04/22 03:16pm
Walters, James Richard Northern Rodney District not a part of Metropolitan Aucklan ... ONL7DR2V7yes Rodney District04/16 12:43pm
Walton, Jamie ReubenSubmissionMAN-7EF4PWyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Wanstead, LeighOne single city councilONL7CEUZE 03/05 12:01pm
Ward, BevSubmissionMAN-7EF4YJ 05/08 02:12pm
Ward, PatriciaSubmissionMAN-7EF3PF 05/08 02:12pm
Ware, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF34H 05/12 01:32pm
Ware, Brian HaroldSubmissionMAN-7EF3JX 05/08 02:12pm
Ware, Elaine JeanSubmissionMAN-7EF36A 05/08 02:12pm
Waring, AnthonyAuckland Governance SubmissionONL7DWTP4 04/22 09:53am
Wark, Marychange to local government structureONL7DU4D5 04/19 02:00pm
Warne, LaurenceSubmissionMAN-7EF3D9 05/08 02:12pm
Warner, Frederick RudolfFRANKLIN'S FUTUREONL7DS29V 04/17 12:12pm
Warren, BeverleySubmissionMAN-7EF4N2 05/08 02:12pm
Warren, PaulaGovernance arrangementsONL7DT7BG 04/18 04:31pm
Warren, VirginiaFranklin Rural AreaONL7DJ5TNyes Franklin District04/09 03:14pm
Warriner, RobWaitakere Enterprise SubmissionONL7DVU3Q 04/21 10:13am
Wartmanons, RachelSubmissionMAN-7EKVKP 05/13 11:18am
Washington, Susan Aka FlynnSubmissionMAN-7EF552yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Wash, Margaret ESubmissionMAN-7EF4MZ 05/08 02:12pm
Wassenaar, BrigittaPapakura AmalgamationONL7DEB9E 04/05 08:52pm
Wassenaar, OSubmissionMAN-7EF39S 05/08 02:12pm
Water Pressure GroupROGERNOMIC$ WRECKED AUCKLANDONL7EEV3Vyes Auckland City05/08 11:05am
Waters, BredanSubmissionMAN-7EF4T3 05/08 02:12pm
Waters, ElizabethRegional authority and strong community councils and small c ... ONL7DWTVQyes 04/22 10:04am
Watkins, DavidSubmissionMAN-7EVSZUyes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Watkins, MichaelSubmissionMAN-7EKVCWyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Watkins, TonyThe democratic alternativeONL7DWCBRyes Auckland City04/21 08:47pm
Watson, GrantStructureONL7DS8KU 04/17 05:35pm
Watts, MerielSubmissionMAN-7EVSWL 05/23 09:09am
Watts, NSubmissionMAN-7EF4MD 05/08 02:12pm
Webb, DesireeSubmissionMAN-7EF3DVyes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Weber, Dr Jeffrey Spare Us the Super CityONL7E55DAyes Auckland City04/28 02:51pm
Webster, BernadetteSubmissionMAN-7EF3XA 05/08 02:12pm
Webster, Geoffrey HaroldSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q8yes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Webster, ValdaSubmissionMAN-7EF3G3 05/08 02:12pm
Wedekind, Michael RichardSubmissionMAN-7EF55M 05/08 02:12pm
Weekes, JoSubmissionMAN-7EVSVZ 05/23 09:09am
Weekes, StuartSubmissionMAN-7EKVL5 05/13 11:18am
Weeks, GrahamSubmissionMAN-7EF4YK 05/08 02:12pm
Weeks, JuneSubmissionMAN-7EF4YL 05/08 02:12pm
Weeks, PeterCommunity BoardsONL7DX6J5 04/22 03:50pm
Weggery, DaveSubmissionMAN-7DX4K8 04/22 02:07pm
Weggery, DaveSubmissionMAN-7MFW5X 12/19 12:59pm
Weir, ArnoldSubmissionMAN-7EF443 05/08 02:12pm
Weir, NikkiSubmissionMAN-7EF42K 05/08 02:12pm
Weitzel, CarolSubmissionMAN-7EF54Pyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Weldon, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF3FX 05/08 02:12pm
Weld, Suzanne MicheleSubmissionMAN-7EF4T4yes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
Wells, DjSubmissionMAN-7EF37J 05/08 02:12pm
Welsh, NoreenSubmissionMAN-7EVT2Wyes Auckland City05/23 09:10am
Wesney, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF4VF 05/08 02:12pm
West Auckland District Tramping ClubSubmissionMAN-7EF3CA 05/08 02:12pm
West Lynn Garden Society IncFuture of Auckland's governanceONL7CY6EK 03/22 04:44pm
Western Heights Residents & Ratepayers Ass'nAuckland GovernanceONL7DWUFEyes Waitakere City04/22 10:32am
Westwick, AnthonySubmissionMAN-7EF3DZ 05/08 02:12pm
Westwood, David NormanSubmissionMAN-7EF3EB 05/08 02:12pm
Whaanga, Paul & SueSubmissionMAN-7EF3EQ 05/08 02:12pm
Whall, BillSubmissionMAN-7EKVF8yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Whangateau Residents and Ratepayers Assn (Inc) Auckland Regional CouncilONL7DN44Q 04/13 01:46pm
Whangateu Harbour CareSubmissionMAN-7EF392yes Rodney District05/08 02:12pm
WHATIAKIPapakura-Tanga ONL7DVUH4yes Papakura District04/21 10:35am
Whenuapai Airbase Action Group IncDecision making by one Council which primarily afeects an ad ... ONL7DGAVQyes North Shore City04/07 07:33pm
Whibley, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF42F 05/08 02:12pm
Whitaker, KimSubmissionMAN-7EKVC4yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am[Replication or Save Conflict]
Whitaker, KimSubmissionMAN-7EKVHCyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am[Replication or Save Conflict]
White, Dorothy MerleSubmissionMAN-7EF4V7yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
White, Earl Save Papakura DistrictONL7DTAPByes Papakura District04/18 07:23pm
White, ElaineSubmissionMAN-7DX4JK 04/22 02:07pm
Whitefard, HelenSubmissionMAN-7EKVHMyes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
White, FionaSubmissionMAN-7EF35V 05/08 02:12pm
White, JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF35W 05/08 02:12pm
White, Murray IrwinSubmissionMAN-7EF3Q4yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
White, Rosalie GraceSubmissionMAN-7EF4N4 05/08 02:12pm
Whitmore, RobertSubmissionMAN-7EF3LJ 05/08 02:12pm
Whitmore, SandraSubmissionMAN-7EF37K 05/08 02:12pm
Whittake, JoanSubmissionMAN-7EKVJ8 05/13 11:18am
Whittaker, LmSubmissionMAN-7EKVKZ 05/13 11:18am
Whyte, John George HendraThe Commercial and Financial Slant of the Royal Commission D ... ONL7DX6NFyes North Shore City04/22 03:57pm
Wickolson, DbSubmissionMAN-7EF3UM 05/08 02:12pm
Widana, Anuraseveral areasONL7DVDJV 04/20 09:50pm
Wiggins, Kathleen JoyceRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWUJB 04/22 10:37am
Wigham, Len & JoSubmissionMAN-7EF39T 05/08 02:12pm
Wikara, MaggieSubmissionMAN-7EKVD3yes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Wilcox, Alan HenrySubmissionMAN-7EF3JPyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Wilcox, John LambertSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q7 05/08 02:12pm
Wilcox, Warren StuartSubmissionMAN-7EF3JSyes North Shore City05/08 02:12pm
Wilde, MaxSubmissionMAN-7EF3AU 05/08 02:12pm
Wildre, MSubmissionMAN-7EVT27yes Auckland City05/23 09:09am
Wilkie, Philip BoydLocal Government StructuresONL7DWD46 04/21 09:26pm
Wilkin, RaeSubmissionMAN-7EF3JKyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Wilkinson, BarbaraSubmissionMAN-7EVSX8 05/23 09:09am
Wilkinson, CarolineSubmissionMAN-7EF38B 05/08 02:12pm
Wilkinson, John ArthurSubmissionMAN-7EF37S 05/08 02:12pm
Wilkinson, Kay And ShaunGeneral Governance Of The Auckland RegionONL7D465G 03/26 04:30pm
Wilkinson, Kay And ShaunSubmission on the governance of AucklandONL7DWT58 04/22 09:25am
Wilkinson, Rosemary JMore power to the CommunityONL7DWS4Y 04/22 08:33am
Wilks, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EF4SG 05/08 02:12pm
Willetts, DavidRoyal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7DHVMY 04/09 11:34am
Williams, BerniceSubmissionMAN-7EF3ZA 05/08 02:12pm
Williams, ChrisSubmission - Royal Commission Local Govt.ONL7DX7TMyes Manukau City04/22 04:56pm
Williams, ChristineSubmissionMAN-7EF4P9 05/08 02:12pm
Williams, David & JulieSubmissionMAN-7EF3T6 05/08 02:12pm
Williams, JaneCommunities of Interest - Health and emergency servicesONL7DWFKX 04/21 11:34pm
Williams, Lynda AUCKLAND GOVERNANCEONL7DUTYSyes Waitakere City04/20 10:09am
Williamson, KeithAuckland GovernanceONL7DX3VG 04/22 01:35pm
Williamson, RobertAuckland GovernanceONL7DWSXX 04/22 09:16am
Williams, RossSubmissionMAN-7EF448yes Papakura District05/08 02:12pm
Williams, SamSupport of ARC preferred optionONL7DPTK3 04/15 09:47am
Williams, TonySubmissionMAN-7EF4WJ 05/08 02:12pm
Willmer, CharlesSubmissionONL7DWS4A 04/22 08:32am
Willoughby, RexSubmission on Aucklands GovernenceONL7DWUZT 04/22 11:02am
Wills, Ivan HarryRoyal Commission on Auckland Governance - SAVE PAPAKURAONL7DWUE8 04/22 10:30am
Wills, Margaret RuthRODNEY DISTRICT COUNCILONL7DWVPB 04/22 11:36am
Wilson, AliceMinistry for the Environment SubmissionONL7EK6G8 05/12 03:47pm
Wilson, AlisonLocal Government StructureONL7DWTCZ 04/22 09:37am
Wilson, Andrewnoise control abatement notices & general noise control poli ... ONL7DX68N 04/22 03:35pm
Wilson, AndrewBuilding Permits & Coc'sONL7DX6HL 04/22 03:49pm
Wilson, AndrewMaoridom Role In CouncilONL7DX6LR 04/22 03:54pm
Wilson, ColleenSubmissionMAN-7EF3VC 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, Erica JanetteSubmissionMAN-7EF52D 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, Geoffrey Keithrationalisation of local government structureONL7DV8KB 04/20 05:34pm
Wilson, George SydneySubmissionMAN-7EF4MJ 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, HCase for one cityONL7DWCNX 04/21 09:05pm
Wilson, JuneSubmissionMAN-7EF4X5 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, KatherineSubmissionMAN-7EF4LP 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, Raymond Noel & Margaret HelenSubmissionMAN-7EF3YG 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, Robert JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4SL 05/08 02:12pm
Wilson, Robin DavidPapakura District CouncilONL7D9UM8 04/01 11:41am
Wilson, Thomas NigelSubmissionONL7CPQTL 03/14 08:27am
Wilton, CarolineOne central council for AucklandONL7CNT2S 03/13 10:21am
Wilton, GarySubmissionMAN-7EKVCRyes Auckland City05/13 11:17am
Wilton, WendySubmissionMAN-7EF3AC 05/08 02:12pm
Windleborn, Denise & StaceyRodney DistrictONL7DWTDU 04/22 09:38am
Winterbottom, AllisonSubmissionMAN-7EVSVS 05/23 09:09am
Wiseley, Cedric Auckland GovernanceONL7ELRTL 05/14 08:18am
Wiseman, Anthony James AlexanderSubmissionONL7DX6PZ 04/22 03:59pm
Wiseman, JenniferCreating one Auckland CityONL7DX5UV 04/22 03:16pm
Wise, Victor RaymondSubmissionMAN-7EF3HQ 05/08 02:12pm
With support from the New Lynn Business AssociationSubmissionMAN-7EF3PQyes Waitakere City05/08 02:12pm
Withers, DougSuper City Proposal SubmissionONL7DECY6 04/05 10:20pm
Withers, SteveA Coherent and Democratic AucklandONL7DX367 04/22 12:57pm
Womens Health ActionSubmissionMAN-7EF543yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Wong Doe, Eugene & MutsumiSubmissionMAN-7EF3VX 05/08 02:12pm
Wonnacutt, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EF4XN 05/08 02:12pm
Wonnacutt, PaulaSubmissionMAN-7EF4XQ 05/08 02:12pm
Wood & PartnersPlanning & Auckland GovernanceMAN-7G44ZL 06/30 02:32pm
Woodall, MaureensubmissionONL7DX6S3 04/22 04:03pm
Woodall, RobinSubmissionMAN-7EKVG3yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Wood, Barry GordonAuckland GoveranceONL7DWRYE 04/22 08:26am
Woodcock, Bruce IanSubmissionMAN-7EF34L 05/08 02:12pm
Wood, Erica Rodney Governance under ARCONL7DW7HX 04/21 04:41pm
Woodgate, DennisSubmissionMAN-7EF3RQ 05/08 02:12pm
Woodhouse, AndyARCONL7DK39S 04/10 01:03pm
Woodhouse, Simon OwenRetain existing 7 territorial authorities with strengthened ... ONL7DX69Eyes Auckland City04/22 03:36pm
Wood, Ianupdated submissionONL7DX7AYyes Waitakere City04/22 04:30pm
Wood, Joan WatermanSubmissionMAN-7EF3T2 05/08 02:12pm
Woodley, AnneSubmissionMAN-7EKVH7yes Auckland City05/13 11:18am
Wood, MaureenSubmissionMAN-7EF3BV 05/08 02:12pm
Woods, BarrySubmissionMAN-7EF525 05/08 02:12pm
Woodside, JudeAuckland GovernanceONL7DX5P3 04/22 03:07pm
Woodward, Mary DaphneSubmissionMAN-7EF4Q3 05/08 02:12pm
Woolfield, TimFocus on Function and Requirements before Determining Struct ... ONL7DX4RY 04/22 02:20pm
Wooller, KimSubmissionMAN-7EF3Z6 05/08 02:12pm
Woolsey, BrianSubmissionMAN-7EVSUNyes Waitakere City05/23 09:09am
Wootton, John & RobynSubmissionMAN-7EF4UQyes Franklin District05/08 02:12pm
Wootton, YvonneSubmissionMAN-7EF449 05/08 02:12pm
Worsfold, Bill FrankRodney D.C. vs A. R. C.ONL7DVA2P 04/20 06:50pm
Worsnop, LauretteSubmissionMAN-7EF3MVyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Wragg, NatalieAuckland GovernanceONL7DX4SJ 04/22 02:21pm
Wright, Adrienne EdithSubmissionMAN-7EF4U4 05/08 02:12pm
Wright, AmandaSubmissionMAN-7EF52L 05/08 02:12pm
Wright, AngelaSubmissionMAN-7EF4W5yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Wright, Carole Ann\SubmissionMAN-7EF3N8yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Wright, David JohnSubmissionMAN-7EF4MP 05/08 02:12pm
Wright, Deanna Constance CampbellI believe there should be one Greater Auckland City CouncilONL7DW23H 04/21 12:02pm
Wright, DennisSubmissionMAN-7EVSYD 05/23 09:09am
Wright, Gary And LorraineSubmissionMAN-7EF3SW 05/08 02:12pm
Wright, Graham AllenGreater Auckland needs unified governance, management and se ... ONL7DR7NVyes Auckland City04/16 04:49pm
Wright, Helenlocal government structureONL7DWF5K 04/21 11:11pm
Wright, Joan ElizabethSubmissionMAN-7EF3ND 05/08 02:12pm
Wright, KaraMasonic Practice in Auckland local GovtONL7DW5XZ 04/21 03:21pm
Wright, Neil Alexander InglesSubmissionMAN-7EF3NN 05/08 02:12pm
Wright, Ronroyal commision on auckland.ONL7DW367 04/21 12:57pm
www.waiheke.tvSubmissionMAN-7EF3R7yes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm
Wyatt, Jeda ColleenSubmissionONL7DX6JC 04/22 03:50pm
Wylde, RaineliaSubmissionMAN-7EF54F 05/08 02:12pm
Wylie, Emily AliceSubmissionMAN-7E78S5 04/30 05:09pm
Wylie, Russell StuartSubmissionMAN-7EF3LXyes Manukau City05/08 02:12pm
Yates, Juliet Mai RepresentationONL7DU7VW 04/19 05:00pm
Yeoman, ClaireThe Future of Franklin CommunityONL7DX6N6 04/22 03:57pm
Young, CeliaAuckland Governance SubmissionONL7DX6HW 04/22 03:50pm
Young, J LSubmissionMAN-7EF42M 05/08 02:12pm
Young, Jeffrey BSubmissionMAN-7EF54N 05/08 02:12pm
Young, Jeffrey BSubmissionMAN-7EVSVB 05/23 09:09am
Young, John NewmanFuture for Auckland.ONL7DQVZU 04/16 11:53am
Young, LindaSubmissionMAN-7EF55C 05/08 02:12pm
Young, LindaSubmissionMAN-7EVSXM 05/23 09:09am
Young, MegganSubmissionMAN-7EVSYA 05/23 09:09am
Young, Pita And NSubmissionMAN-7EVSZR 05/23 09:09am
Yuan, QuanSubmissionMAN-7EF398 05/08 02:12pm
Yusingco, FernandoAuckland as it is and how it should beONL7DBS9Fyes Waitakere City04/29 04:08pm
Zaffre, TesshaSubmissionMAN-7EKVCP 05/13 11:17am
Zander, RolandSubmissionMAN-7EF34K 05/08 02:12pm
Zhang, Caseyoppose the single super-city ideaONL7DT536 04/18 02:35pm
Zhang, Frankagainst the super city ideaONL7DT56L 04/18 02:40pm
Zillig, AnjaSubmissionMAN-7EF4TX 05/08 02:12pm
Zwart, C.J.SubmissionMAN-7EVSTD 05/23 09:08am
Zwart, LydiaSubmissionMAN-7EF4X3 05/08 02:12pm
(Former local body CEO- 32 years at Management Consultant 6 years)SubmissionMAN-7EF3DX 05/08 02:12pm
(Indecipherable), MarianSubmissionMAN-7EVSX3 05/23 09:09am
(MAORI SUBMITTER)Royal Commission on Auckland GovernanceONL7E765Byes Papakura District04/30 03:30pm
(RAM) Resident Action MovementSubmissionMAN-7EF54Qyes Auckland City05/08 02:12pm