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Public Address Radio (RSS)

Russell Brown and Damian Christie talk to Tom Cotter about TVNZ's new-look website and the broadcaster's plans for its online future.

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Current status: Holidays

Whether you're surfing or stuck in a call centre, we'd like to hear from you for the next few weeks. File a dispatch, have a rave or lay a complaint about where and what you're at. It's like Twitter, but less demanding!

Public Address Cafe (RSS)

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9:32PM on 21 Jan 09
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8:56PM on 21 Jan 09
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8:31PM on 21 Jan 09
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7:56PM on 21 Jan 09
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5:57PM on 21 Jan 09
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5:39PM on 21 Jan 09
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2:59PM on 21 Jan 09
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2:45PM on 21 Jan 09
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3:40PM on 19 Jan 09
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3:37PM on 19 Jan 09
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