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The Bill and Ben Party

The Bill and Ben Party
New Zealand

Currently Running For

Prime Minister/Deputy Prime Minister
The Bill and Ben Party

Current Office

Shonky Productions Ltd. (Church Basement)
Friday Night


Detailed Info

Plural (They)
January 1
Political Views:
In early 2008 while frustrated with not only the current political options but Eddie Murphy’s latest choices in movies, Ben came up with the idea of having a political party. He mentioned it to Bill, who thought it sounded like a very lame theme for a function and maybe people would be much more into a 70’s themed party or something. Some confusion followed but that was soon cleared up and they both decided that they should run for parliament. Bill had always fancied himself as a long distant runner placing 3rd in the Bay 10k Under 12 Champs in 1990 and Ben was happy to follow him in his beat up Nissan Sunny (mainly because he's lazy), so it was decided. Bill and Ben would run for parliament!
The Bill and Ben party wanted their policy to be “New Zealand’s lowest food prices” but the Pak n Save Supermarket chain had already beaten them to it. Currently a legal battle rages and the Bill and Ben party hope to offer you cheaper cheese by the end of the year.
About Me:
Unlike other political parties that promise so much and deliver so little, the Bill and Ben Party promise to promise nothing. And yes, we do realise that by promising no promises we are actually making a promise, but that’s the only promise we’re going to make. We promise.
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Jon wrote at 6:23pm
Also the due to the electroal finance bill the previous message was, Authorised by the 'We want to party, party' Good times @ Government House, Wellington. ‘Strong proven leadership, No wait that’s Labour, Humm... Choose a brighter future, F it John’s got that one... Arr... Hey shorty it’s ya birthday!' Yep that’ll do
Jon wrote at 6:22pm
I know the Bill and Ben party has promised to promise nothing but I’m planning a political party of a similar mantra’s to yours the ‘We want to party, party’ and think that there could be a good alliance between our groups.

The, ‘We want to party, party’ only really has one policy that is to throw wicked parties at government house a couple of times a year.

Crime, Education, Health, Economy we figure will pretty much sort themselves out or can be left till tomorrow.

There is a high probability that I’ll be to drunk / hung-over to ever get round to registering this group the but if I make it to parliament I’ll be happy to support you on confidence and supply…That is unless John or Helen is willing to get me a Jet in which case you guys a screwed.
Sam wrote at 3:57pm
Haha just checked out Helen Clarks sight, (NOT HOT), and if facebook supporters are any indication of votes then you'll beat out helen no sweet! Helen 3500, Bill and Ben 5000!
Tarsha wrote at 3:22pm
im so pushing for ya guys. im sick of old farts and ugly manshes. can u plase make acc cover SExidents. it is a accvident u no:)
Michael wrote at 2:54pm
I tend to agree with Miles below - WHEN you win. Ok, for me, win is anything over 5%. Scarily, I think you guys might just do it...


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The Bill and Ben Party wrote a note.

Today at 12:26pm
Unbeknown to us here at The Bill and Ben Party, if we get into parliament there will be less politicians in New Zealand. And that's worth a vote, surely. It's a little confusing, but is explained well in the article linked below.

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Yesterday at 4:43pm

The Bill and Ben Party wrote on their own wall.

Yesterday at 1:51pm
November 3

The Bill and Ben Party wrote a note.

Monday at 3:38pm
We all know the election coverage on Saturday night will be a bit of a snore. It will be flippin boring actually. But not any more! Introducing Bill and Ben's election night drinking game.
October 29

The Bill and Ben Party updated their profile. They changed Currently Running For.

Oct 29th at 2:04am
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How not to vote in 2008

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