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Closing the Trans-Tasman Gap

By John Fox

It will take us roughly a century and a half to close the income gap with Australia, assuming present rates of growth continue...
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Maxim Institute is running our 2008 NZ Votes political debates which allow candidates and MPs to challenge each other and cut through the spin. Come along to find out more about how the electoral system works, and hear from the candidates themselves. Visit the NZ Votes website to find the debate nearest to you.

Watch the promo video to see what happens at an NZ Votes Debate


Governing for the Good

The first paper in Maxim Institute's Tax Discussion Series, Governing for the Good: What does it really mean? has been released. The paper asks "What is the role of the government?" and makes the case that it is to protect the common good of a society from harm.
Read Governing for the Good: What does it really mean?

Education Policy Paper

Maxim Institute has released an education policy paper which recommends, among other things, setting professional standards for teachers and setting literacy and numeracy benchmarks.
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Breakthrough New Zealand?

On 3 November 2008 at 6.00 pm Maxim Institute will be hosting "Breakthrough New Zealand" a lecture by Dr Samantha Callan, RSVP is essential.
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Thought about giving it up?

Have you put any thought into how you can use your extra tax cut dollars to help someone other than yourself? A website run by the Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church has some great ideas for how you can put these extra dollars towards helping your community.
Find out more at the Give It Up website

NZ Votes Political Debates

"We're excited about the potential of these debates to assist voters to hear directly from those looking for their vote," says Greg Fleming, Maxim Institute's CEO.
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"Parliamentary Recklessness"

"New Zealand has stripped safeguard after safeguard away from its legislative process," argued visiting constitutional law expert Professor Jeremy Waldron at Maxim Institute's Annual John Graham Lecture.
Listen to "Parliamentary Recklessness"