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Recent News Media Releases

* Life's too fast for kids
Fast-paced living -- too little sleep, too many gadgets, too much sugar, too many demands and too little family support -- is making children overly anxious
* Anti-halloween parties on the increase
Ghosts and ghouls are getting the boot at a growing number of anti-Halloween celebrations
* Brothel shares kindy building
The owners of a Wellington brothel are running another sex parlour in an apartment building they share with a childcare centre
* Family break-ups may lead to poverty cycle
An Australian Government report highlights the role that family breakdown plays in putting children at risk of poverty.
* Nats outline truancy crackdown
National Party leader John Key has unveiled plans to crack down on school truancy by prosecuting the parents of errant pupils
* United Future has "got rid of" anti-gay MPs
United Future has got rid of its anti-gay MPs and is now comfortable with once-contentions legislation, such as Civil Unio
* Motherhood 'makes women brainier and can protect them from degenerative diseases'
Becoming a mother 'remodels' the female brain giving lifelong improvement in mental agility
* Early puberty causes school sex education 'national crisis'
A top research scientist is calling for high-level action from schools and health authorities to help children cope with the early onset of puberty
* UK School bans pupils from eating Marmite...
because it 'contains too much salt', but high sugar jam is still ok!
* Maternity services 'on low priority'
Maternity services have been given low priority in New Zealand's health system


* Prostitutes and Playschool Don't Mix 14 Oct 08
* It's not just about tax cuts - Family First releases policy check list 13 Oct 08
* Sex and Puberty Education Is Family Territory 12 Oct 08

* Wellington City Council Sneaky and Undemocratic on Nudity Bylaw 30 Sep 08
* Bradford Encourages Parents to Carry On Smacking 29 Sep 08
* Another Smacking Poll - Same Response 29 Sep 08


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Happily Never After: Study Reveals TV Favors Non-Marital Sex
How Hollywood Favors Adultery and Promiscuity Over Marital Intimacy on Prime Time Broadcast Television READ MORE

Let kids be kids
Bob McCoskrie - published in latest issue of Investigate Magazine
The cotton wool culture is denying the child’s right to be a child. READ MORE


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