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UK School bans pupils from eating Marmite... because it 'contains too much salt'
Daily Mail (UK) 9 Oct 2008
It was a decision that left a bad taste in the mouth - a school has banned its pupils from eating Marmite because it contains too much salt. Youngsters have been tucking into Marmite on toast at the village school's breakfast club since the start of term. But parents were left puzzled when their children were stopped from eating the popular spread. Parents of children at Pontrhydfendigaid primary school in Cardiganshire, West Wales, hit out at the 'nanny state', saying saying generations of her family had grown up with Marmite.

One mother said: 'It's ridiculous. We have it at home all the time - not everyone likes it but my kids love it. 'The dinner ladies said they were no longer able to serve the children with Marmite on their toast, because of its salt content. 'But it seems strange they can serve the toast with jam and marmalade which are full of sugar. It is the nanny state going too far.' A school spokesman said they had begun serving Marmite, a British favourite since 1902, in the breakfast club but it was now off the morning menu after the salt content was highlighted. He said the food served at school breakfast clubs are based on Welsh Assembly Government guidelines - and Marmite is not included.