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Brothel shares kindy building
The Dominion Post 14 October 2008
The owners of a Wellington brothel are running another sex parlour in an apartment building they share with a childcare centre. The childcare centre, Early Years, is on the first floor of the apartment building in inner-city Leeds St and caters for up to 60 children under six. The sex parlour is on the fourth floor. Owners Li Dan and her husband, Jason Shao, live in the apartment building and also run The Lovely Lilly brothel in Mt Victoria. Neighbours of The Lovely Lilly have taken Wellington City Council to the High Court over its decision to grant it resource consent.

The childcare centre's owner, Kidicorp, became aware of the brothel when told by The Dominion Post last week. Kidicorp licensee Fiona Hughes said yesterday she had spoken to the council to see whether the brothel had a right to operate in the building. "Most businesses seem to have issues with the type of people that might be attracted. We just don't believe we have any legal avenues [to stop them]." Ms Hughes said staff at the centre had been told and parents would be notified, but finding out about the brothel through the media was not ideal.