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Rationalisation is at hand! | Oct 10, 2008 11:20

Russell Brown's Hard News

For students of the form, the New Zealand Herald's editorial column has been extraordinary reading this week. It has writhed between denial and acceptance, faith and loss. Metaphorically, it has been conceived in a lonely hotel room under an accusing naked bulb. On Wednesday, under the grim shadow...

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We are all Chinese now | Oct 10, 2008 11:10

David Slack knows all about gruel

I have been busy writing some words for someone who wishes to buy a newspaper business, I have been taking my daughter on school holiday outings, I have been sitting at microphones in radio stations offering potted thoughts, I have been hanging out at film premieres and listening...

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Sport and Politics | Oct 09, 2008 19:36

Hadyn Green hates your favourite team

When you hear of sports and politics you will most likely think of those rather nasty times when New Zealand was touring South Africa and vice versa. You may think of recent cricket tours of Zimbabwe. You might think of Olympic boycotts. But in general you'll be thinking: sports and...

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Objects to Remember With | Oct 08, 2008 09:13

GUEST: Giovanni Tiso comes home

When Justine and I left Italy to come to New Zealand, my parents gave us a little bundle of heirlooms, including one that had nothing to do with the family or its history in a direct sense: a small ancient Roman oil-lamp. Its value isn't monetary, nor aesthetic - it...

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It's life Jim, but not as we know it . . . | Oct 07, 2008 17:04

Graham Reid's many things

While stepping carefully down Queen St the other day I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while. "God, I thought you were dead!" he said and, quick as a lad, I replied, "Really? So did you ring Megan to see if she was okay, or call a...

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Not Actually Blue at All | Oct 06, 2008 15:39

Emma Hart said so, that's why.

I've always liked tattoos. I guess because I knew a few guys with tattoos growing up, I've never had that expectation that they must be dangerous meat-heads. It wasn't something I ever had to learn. That I knew nice guys with tats, and bastards without them, wasn't surprising, it just...

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Heroes and Villains | Sep 29, 2008 16:07

Damian Christie - Cracker With Attitude

As you may recall, I wrote the other day about Air New Zealand losing my luggage. Well there's still no luggage, and still no word back from anyone nearer the top in response to their appalling customer service from "Milly" in Wellington. I know the blog has been forwarded on...

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Things that aren't true | Sep 28, 2008 11:18

Graeme Edgeler learns the lesson of history

1. Heavy objects and light objects fall at the same rate This is oft-repeated. It's a particularly ironic one – I've seen it used a number of times as an example of where common sense fails to properly explain the world. Thing is – of course – that it's not...

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Life at Paremoremo Boys' High | Sep 28, 2008 08:35

David Haywood has no fixed abode

A pair of fifth formers walked down the bus queue. They asked the same question to each of the new boys: "What class did they put you in?" It didn't occur to me to lie. "3A," I replied. One of the fifth-formers grabbed me by the bottom of my shorts...

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Sorry About That, Chief | Sep 25, 2008 04:10

Jolisa Gracewood is a bad mummy

When two bloggers meet, a cone of silence descends in order to facilitate the mutually assured non-destruction-of-privacy pact. Also so that we can hear each other over the children. Busytown was subject to a warm Southerly front on a recent weekend. And although it was wildly...

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Some light on Friday | Sep 20, 2008 14:59

Fiona Rae from the couch

How good is Friday Night Lights? Only one of the best things on US television, according to, which gave it a Buffy last year – that's their award for an underappreciated TV show. I love it too, and it's fun to contrast and compare Lights with Gossip...

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My Imaginary Journey | Feb 03, 2006 09:27

A.R.D FAIRBURN in a strange land

If Rex Fairburn had been writing now he would surely have been a blogger. Not one whose work fell easily on the "left" or the "right", but assuredly one who would not shrink from a good argument. "He always wanted a scrap …" wrote Denis Glover and Geoffrey Fairburn on...

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