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Sunday 12 October 2008

 Team Emirates: the states that brutalise their glbt citizens
Posted in: Features  22nd June 2007
As we thrill to the NZ challenge for the America's Cup, spare a thought for the legalised brutality meted out to homosexuals in the country that financed 'our' challenge.

 Backgrounder: Murder and manslaughter
Posted in: Features  14th June 2007
For the benefit of non-lawyer glbt readers, here's a general and brief guide to criminal law on murder and manslaughter.

 'Understandable' assaults, 'justifiable' murders
Posted in: Features, True Stories  11th June 2007
When gay men like Jim Curtis and Robert Hunt are attacked or killed in NZ the defence is often that the crime was 'understandable' or even 'justifiable' due to the victim's sexuality.

 Obituary: Rev. Jerry Falwell (1933-2007)
Posted in: Features  17th May 2007
The Reverend Jerry Falwell was a loathsome figure who presided over the rise of the anti-gay US Christian Right, a Reaganite who claimed a Teletubby was gay.

 "There is no lack of vision here" - Maryan Street
Posted in: Features  28th March 2007
Gay Nat MP Chris Finlayson described Labour MP opinion pieces on as negative and visionless. That was unfair, says Rainbow Labour's Maryan Street.

 Chris Finlayson - National’s only out gay MP speaks out
Posted in: Features  22nd March 2007
“The recent opinion pieces of the Labour MPs and found them negative and visionless… I think readers deserve a better quality of debate from their politicians.”

 Charles Chauvel demands action from Winston Peters
Posted in: Features  12th March 2007
A horrifically anti-gay law is under consideration in Nigeria. Rainbow Labour MP Charles Chauvel demands action from our Minister of Foreign Affairs.

 Tim Barnett in Poland and Russia
Posted in: Features  27th February 2007
Catching up with local gay activists and senior politicians, Rainbow Labour MP Barnett had a busy and thought-provoking time in Warsaw and Moscow.

 Farewell, Georgie Girl
Posted in: Features  19th February 2007
The Valedictory Party for Georgina Beyer was a chance to reflect upon - and celebrate - our tranny icon’s incredible journey in Parliament.

 Georgina Beyer – Goodbye Beehive, Hello Spotlight!
Posted in: Features, True Stories  18th February 2007
Our very own world-famous transsexual politician Georgina Beyer has left Parliament and is hopping straight into a starring role on stage. UPDATE: SHOW CANCELLED!

 Beyer's full speech: "The greatest moment of my life"
Posted in: Features  15th February 2007
Georgina Beyer departs Parliament: "I am so glad that I have been able to redeem my more lurid past and practice the proper rights of being a citizen of this country."

 Radio Live's John Tamihere – He’s at us again!
Posted in: Features  8th February 2007
“Children should not be exposed to an unnatural lifestyle through adoption,” claims Tamihere, continuing his attacks on gays and lesbians on his talkback show.

 Chris Carter’s New Year wish
Posted in: Features  11th January 2007
"We are fortunate to live in one of the most tolerant nations on the planet. Many envy our reform of laws and regulations that once discriminated against GLBT NZers."

 Georgina Beyer: The woman behind the politician
Posted in: Features, True Stories  5th January 2007
Everyone's favourite dancing tranny MP discusses weight loss, her new look, loneliness, and tearfully reveals the debt she hopes she's repaid to the gay community.

 Georgina Beyer: New futures for a consumate politician
Posted in: Features  28th December 2006
As she prepares to leave Parliament, NZ's most glamorous glbt MP reflects on her political career so far, milestones along the way, and it aint over yet!